Creating an Indirect Bonding Prescription

Creating an Indirect Bonding Prescription

This guide outlines how to to access and create an Indirect Bonding Prescription in EasyRx.

Access the Indirect Bonding Rx form by going to [Create Rx], then on the Prescription Workspace, selecting the [Indirect Bonding] tab located below the canvas.

Once you click on [Indirect Bonding] tab, the Indirect Bonding Rx form is displayed: 

Creating a IDB prescription is easy!  Follow these guidelines:
  • Click the teeth to be bracketed. Optionally, use the Quick Sets to easily mark 7x7, 6x6, 5x5 or 4x4, upper and lower, as needed.
  • If needed, mark teeth to Extract, Extracted, Uncovered and Unerupted by clicking each selection and selecting the teeth. Once selected, the outline of the tooth is displayed in the appropriate color.  Red for extract, gray for extracted, dark blue for unerupted, green for uncovered.
  • You can mark IPR as well. Click "Activate IPR" and choose the appropriate space between teeth. Once a space is selected , you are prompted for the IRP measurement:

Finally, if you want a consultation call or 3D verification from the lab, click the check boxes at the top of the form.

Here is a sample screen shot of a completed IDB tooth chart:

  • Next, complete the dropdowns for Brackets, Wires, Trays and Treatment Goals.   Depending on which lab you are submitting your Prescription to, there will be different drop-down options for the Bracket Type, Archwire Sizes, and Transfer Trays. The Treatment Goals dropdowns are pre-set.
  • Optionally set Bracket Height by tooth via the Adjust Bracket Height option:
After completing the tooth chart, making the appropriate selections for each dropdown and completing the indirect bonding prescription, press [OK] at the bottom of the form or [X] in the upper right corner to save the prescription. You'll see the prescription reflected on the Prescription Workspace.
NOTE:  Any changes or modifications need to be made on the IDB Rx Form, not from the Rx Workspace.  

  • If you are a Practice Premium user, you can now also configure Indirect Bonding drop-down options as part of your In-House Lab! Here is how to configure IDB options for your in-house lab (Practice premium users only)
  • If you do not see any dropdown options for these fields when accessing the form, please contact your preferred lab to ask them to configure them. Some labs may or may not offer Indirect Bonding as part of their lab offerings. 
  • You can right click or long press on mobile devices on any tooth to access a right click menu for bracket type, and size.

I need additional help or can't find the form
No problem, give us a buzz at 1-888-340-3751 during regular business hours (8-5pm ET) or email us at

Can I see pricing for an Indirect Bonding prescription?
Depending on the lab you are submitting to, they may or may not provide pricing on their indirect bonding prescriptions. We encourage you to ask them to post pricing. You cannot set pricing if you are an in-house lab.

My lab does not appear to have their drop-down choices listed on the IDB form - how do I see them?
Odds are your lab has not yet provided the options you need. They are configured in the lab's EasyRx account. We are happy to reach out to help them configure this. give us a buzz at 1-888-340-3751 during regular business hours (8-5pm ET) or email us at support@easyrxort

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