Setting up and using the Dexis iOS Scanner integration

Setting up and using the Dexis iOS Scanner integration

Setting up and using the Dexis iOS scanner integration

EasyRx now integrates with the Dexis Scanner, where accounts can easily access their Dexis scans to attach to their Rxs. You will want to set up your Dexis IS Connect account, then your EasyRx account, and then send your scans to EasyRx when Exporting in IS ScanFlow.  All of this is shown below. 

Dexis Set Up:

Start from your Dexis IS Connect account and pair your account with EasyRx: 

Make sure to send your files to EasyRx from IS ScanFlow after scanning your patient:

EasyRx Set Up and Use:

Next, log into your EasyRx account as an Admin:

Go to your practice name at the top right corner of your dashboard > Account Settings > 3rd Party Integrations > Dexis Scanner > enable Dexis integration > and next to the doctor's name, input the doctor's Dexis email address > Save:

By entering your Dexis IS credentials, you consent to transfer your End-User data from the DEXIS IS Platform to the EasyRx Platform.

Once this information is added, you will see Dexis IS Recent Scans on your Dashboard, where you can Create Rx and have the files auto-attach to the Rx:

You can also access the list of Dexis scans from Model Source when editing an Rx:

Or, attach scans to the patient's EasyRx record.  Go to Patients > search for your patient > View > Look Up and Attach Scans:

That's it!  
By following these instructions, users can quickly set up the integration, sync scans to the dashboard, and easily attach scans to Rxs and/or patient profiles.

Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support if you have any questions:

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