Enabling the EasyRx -- Dolphin Treatment Card Integration

Enabling the EasyRx -- Dolphin Treatment Card Integration

Effective with version Dolphin Management version 9.6740 or higher,  the Dolphin -- EasyRx integration supports displaying a Comment entry in Treatment Card for each of the following events:
  • EasyRx prescription is submitted to a lab (commercial or in-house)
  • EasyRx prescription is marked unsubmitted from a lab (commercial or in-house)
  • EasyRx prescription is marked as delivered to the patient 
  • EasyRx prescription is marked as un-delivered from the patient. 
Screen shot of Dolphin Treatment Card with entries

Follow these steps to enable the integration:

Download Configuration File 

1. In EasyRx, go to Account Settings -- 3rd Party integrations and click Download Configuration File

This will download the file dolphin-tx-configuraton.json file, which will be imported into Dolphin to enable the integration:

The file will be downloaded to the default download folder of your browser -- usually this is c:\downloads.  

You'll need to know where the file is located so you can import the file into Dolphin
The file only needs to be downloaded one time. 

Setup Integration in Dolphin 
In Dolphin, go to Edit -- Treatment -- Treatment Card -- Integrations tab and click the Import Button:

Browse to the Folder where your exported the dolphin-tx-configuation.json file. If you are setting up the Dolphin integration on the same machine where you exported the file, the file will be in your browser default download folder, which is usually DOWNLOADS. Once you have highlighted the file, click [Open].

This will configure the integration field in the Dolphin Treatment Card.

If you highlight the filed and click edit, you can see the integration details.   Most of the information on this page should not be be changed. But, you can change the entry color and disable the field:

That is it! the Integration is now enabled. 

The Integration will display entries back to when the EasyrRx -- Dolphin integration was enabled and the patient was created via the integration.
Clicking the View button opens up that prescription in EasyRx

Here is more information on the Dolphin Treatment Card integration:

If you have questions or need help configuring the integration, please contact us.



The EasyRx Team