Enabling and using the EasyRx / TOPSortho integration

Enabling and using the EasyRx / TOPSortho integration

If your practice users TOPSortho for your practice management, there is an available EasyRx integration to help shave around 10-20 seconds off EACH case you submit!

What is required to get the integration?

-An Active EasyRx Practice Standard, 3D Standard or Premium Subscription

-Your subscription/plan must be a Practice Standard, Standard + EasyRx 3D, or Premium. The integrations are not available if you are on a "Per Script" plan. If you'd like to see a web demo on how the integration works before upgrading, you can call sales at 1-888-340-3751 x1. Upgrading takes as little as 2 minutes.

How do I enable the integration?
You will need to contact TOPS by calling them at +1 770.627.2527

Phone support is available from 8:00am – 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

How long does it take for the integration to turn on?
Usually within a couple of days. You will know the integration is working by accessing the "off the charts" area of TOPS and clicking the "EasyRx" icon. If you are instead taken to an information page that describes EasyRx, the integration is not enabled yet. EasyRx support will notify you when the integration is ready.

Here is a link to a PDF how tops manages passwords:

Here is a link to a video on how tops manages passwords

How does the integration work?
When the integration is enabled, TOPS ortho will help establish the integration by providing the "keychain" info you need. This helps TOPS log you/your staff into the correct EasyRx login when your staff are needing to use the integration.

How does the integration work? 
This is the cool part: When you need to create a lab prescription, open TOPS with the patient, select "Off the Charts", then "EasyRx".

This will launch EasyRx in a web browser and auto-log you in. You will then be met with a "Create or Connect" page. EasyRx takes the information passed from TOPS and either find the patient in EasyRx or adds a new patient record in EasyRx. It eliminates the need to type the patient's First+Last Name, DOB, Next Appointment date, and TOPS Practice Management ID number.

Patient exists in EasyRx
The patient record opened is found in EasyRx, EasyRx opens the edit a patient screen. From here you can view the prescription history, create a Rx or attach a STL file and so forth:

Patient not found in EasyRx:
-If the patient is not found, the following screen is displayed

From this screen you can connect to an existing patient or create a new patient

If the patient does exist in EasyRx, but EasyRx was unable to automatically link to the patient, you can manually link the patient.  Click [Select Patient] under Connect Patient Records, lookup the patient and click [Connect]:

This will link the patient record in TOPS with the patient record in EasyRx. Going forward, the patient record will open automatically when opened using the integration. 

If the patient does not exist in EasyRx, click [Create] to add the patient.  EasyRx will add the patient record and update the fields in EasyRx.  And link the patient record in TOPS with the patient record in EasyRx

Once the patient is manually linked or added, EasyRx opens to the Edit Patient screen.

  • The integration is a push integration, meaning Information in EasyRx is updated when the patient is opened from TOPS and the EasyRx integration button is clicked. For example, if you make a new appointment for the patient in TOPS, you need to use the Integration button again for EasyRx to pull the patient's new appointment data into EasyRx.  As long as you open patients from TOPS first, you'll be fine.
  • The integration does not auto-update appointment dates for EasyRx prescription already [Saved] or [Submitted] to your labs.
  • The Next Appointment fields are only passed to EasyRx if the patient is opened from TOPS
  • If the current appointment for a specific patient in EasyRx is later than the appointment date in TOPS, the appointment information will not updated in EasyRx. This is intentional behavior in case your staff forgets to update the appointment in TOPS.
Need additional help?
Call our support at 1-888-340-3751 x2

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