Enabling the OrthoAnalyzer Integration

Enabling the OrthoAnalyzer Integration

Enabling the OrthoAnalyzer integration 

To complement our 3Shape Communicate integration and to continue to integrate EasyRx with the 3Shape ecosystem, we've added a new integration with their OrthoAnalyzer software.
The integration supports:
  • Entering the OrthoAnalzyer patient ID in EasyRx
  • Opening OrthoAnalyzer software from EasyRx

Enabling the integration

For practices go to Account Settings --> 3rd Party Integrations to enable the integration. 
For labs go to Account Settings --> Intraoral scanner integrations to enable the integration 

If 3Shape Communicate access is enabled, EasyRx displays a OrthoAnalyzer patient ID field.  You'll see the fields here:
  • in patient information in the demographic section 
  • in patient information, above the file list
For information to enable the 3Shape Communicate integration, go here:  Enable 3Shape / TRIOS integration 

On the machines where you have OrthoAnalyzer software installed and running, you can enable OrthoAnalyzer integration

NOTE: When 3Shape Communicate integration must be enabled to enable the OrthoAnalyzer integration.

When this is enabled,  the OrthoAnalyzer icon is displayed, allowing you to easily launch OrthoAnalyzer from EasyRx

-on the uploads tab when creating a rx

From any of these locations, you can enter the OrthoAnalyzer patient ID. 
Additionally, you can enable access to OrthoAnalyzer on the machines where OrthoAnalyzer is installed, providing easy / quick access to OrthoAnalyzer.  

Here is how the integration works:
  • If OrthoAnalyzer is opened from EasyRx and no OrthoAnalyzer patient ID is entered, OrthoAnalyzer will open
  • If a OrthoAnalyzer patient ID is entered OrthoAnalyzer will launch and pass patient ID to OrthoAnaylzer
  • If the patient ID is found in OrthoAnalyzer, that patient is opened in OrthoAnalyzr
  • If that patient ID is not found in OrthoAnalyzer, the patient will be added to OrthoAnalyzer
The integration is available for all practice and lab accounts.

As always, we're here to answer questions or help with setup.  

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