"Exporting to Dr. Site" scan status under iTero integration

"Exporting to Dr. Site" scan status under iTero integration


This is what you'll want to do on the iTero scanner to clear up this issue with this new iTero status "Exporting to Dr. Site" that prevents scans from attaching. If you are saving the scans on your iTero as IRECORD or Invisalign + IRECORD you don't need to do anything differently when taking the scan, this is just something that has started happening with iTero that hopefully will be cleared up by them (more info below images).

After doing this it should then let you attach the new Case Order ID using the integration. If you already submitted the case to a Commercial Lab and the Lab hasn't checked it in yet you can view that Rx and click Unsubmit.

If a Commercial Lab has checked-in the case you can ask the Lab to unsubmit the existing Rxs in EasyRx and then try to attach these new iTero IDs to the Rx or you can make new Rxs, but if you do that I would just make sure that they don't charge you for duplicates.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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