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Focus Ortho software Integration KB

Focus Ortho, version now features integration with EasyRx. The integration allows you to send patient and appointment information directly to EasyRx..  The integration is built directly into the Appliance Tracker section and the add/edit appointment screen.  

 Below is a brief description of how the integration works: 

When checking out a patient, you should select an appliance for the Next Appointment. 

Once the appointment has been checked out with an appliance on it, this will create an entry in the Appliance Tracker for this appliance.  When you right click on the entry in the Appliance Tracker list you will have a Send to EasyRx option.   


Choosing the EasyRx option will launch EasyRx.  Add or open the patient and then add the appointment.   It also marks the appliance as “Sent to EasyRx” in the Appliance Tracker view. 

If you forget to add the appliance when checking out a patient, and have already made their Future appointment, you can edit the existing appointment and add the appliance there. When editing, you will notice an EasyRx button next to the appliance field.  Clicking the EasyRx button will launch the EasyRx  website just like it does in the Appliance Tracker screen and will add the sent to EasyRx flag in the Appliance Tracker.

Notes about the integration:

·         Currently there is no ability to send needed appointment information prior to the appointment being scheduled.  You can see that the appliance is needed in the Appliance Tracker and you can send the patient information to EasyRx, but no information about the appointment type will be sent.  EasyRx will open to that patient and you can create the Treatment there.  It will also mark the appliance as Sent to EasyRx in the Appliance Tracker

·         If you change anything about the appointment in Focus after it is sent to EasyRx, changes are not updated in EasyRx. You will need to manually update the appointment information in EasyRx.



New Option for the Appliance Tracker

We have had several offices ask to have notes appear on the treatment chart when an appliance status is changed in the Appliance Tracker.  If you would like to enable this feature, you now have a checkbox in Administration / Settings / Other, named “Add Appliance Tracker Status Notes to Treatment Chart”.  When this is checked, it will add a note to the Treatment Chart. 

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