Getting Started with EasyRx Practice - EasyVid Video Series

Getting Started with EasyRx Practice - EasyVid Video Series

Welcome to the EasyRx EasyVid Learning Series. Below we have video links to get you acclimated with your EasyRx account. Brew up your favorite cup of coffee or tea and dive into your EasyRx account!

Remember we are always here to help, need a recommendation on which video to watch or a more personal touch on helping?
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Current EasyVids

  • What EasyRx does in a nutshell
  • EasyRx Support Options
  • Setting up office locations
  • Adding / managing doctors
  • Connecting to your preferred lab(s)
  • Inviting a lab to sign up for EasyRx
  • Enabling iTero integration
  • Enabling 3shape TRIOS integration
  • Purpose of Alert Notifications
  • Creating and Editing Alert Notifications
  • Email and Pop-up notifications
  • Billing
    • Changing your EasyRx plan
    • Updating Payment information on file
    • Viewing and Downloading monthly EasyRx invoices 
  • Account Options (where to email Lab invoices, in-house notifications, etc)
  • Default Lab 
  • Email Address (Changing main login email address)
  • Password
  • Setting Clinical Staff
  • Creating and Managing User Accounts (individual logins for your staff)
  • Setting up and using EasyComments
  • Overview Dashboard Page
    • Filtering cases by date and status
    • What are the tabs listed on the left? (Rx's that are Saved, Checked-In, Shipped, Etc)
    • Clinical Notifications
  • How the Library works
  • Creating an Rx in EasyRx for a non-EasyRx lab
  • Navigating and Searching the Library
  • What are Parts, Appliances, and Templates?
  • Good information on how Templates are categorized
  • Explaining Blue and Pink Circles shown next to Template names in the Library
  • Using Appliances and Templates to quickly get cases designed
  • Where to Create Rx (dashboard and patients tab)
  • Create Rx Form: Choosing a lab to submit to and assigning optional fields
  • The Universal Library of Parts and Appliance
  • Clearing the canvas
  • Adding part onto canvas, moving / positioning parts
  • Selecting appliances and adding additional parts
  • Adding Part options
  • Creating and using Prescription Templates
  • Icons above the canvas (save rx, save as a template, adding a comment, settings acrylic color, changing date needed, changing lab, text annotation, freehand sketch, polyline sketch)
  • Setting Acrylic Colors and adding Acrylic Notes
  • Adding a Star Comment
  • Printing Rx as a PDF / uploading Rx into your Practice Management software (patient's chart)
  • Tabs below canvas in the Prescription Workspace
    • Parts Used
    • Resets (specifying extracts, IPR, and resets for non-aligner and non-IDB cases)
    • Uploads
      • Attaching STL and any file manually to the prescription
  • Checkout Page
    • All options on the checkout page
  • Submitting a case
  • Overview the Workflow bar
  • Where to access the Aligner Prescription form
  • How to fill out the Aligner Prescription form and important notes
  • Where to access the Indirect Bonding Prescription form
  • How to file out the Indirect Bonding Prescription form and important notes
  • Adding files / digital models to a Save or New Prescription
    • Uploading files / digital models after a case is submitted
    • Uploading files / digital models to the Patient Record in EasyRx
    • Viewing files previously attached to a prescription or patient record
  • Using the EasyRx 3D Feature
    • How to view a digital model
  • Using the STL File Scrubber (as of Sept 2017 / Scrubber is now call Optimize)
    • How the STL File Scrubber works 
    • Side-by-side example of a scrubbed model
  • Enabling the iTero / EasyRx Integration
    • Finding and using an iTero Case Order ID number
    • Adding ID on the Prescription Workspace or on the Checkout Page
  • Quick overview of the in-house lab feature
    • For Practice Premium accounts
    • How it works in a nut shell
  • Creating User Accounts for the In-House Lab
  • In-House Lab dashboard
    • Viewing cases
    • Updating workflow by checking in, completing cases
    • Viewing Digital Models and files
    • Adding comments and tags
      • How tags work
  • The comprehensive in-house lab video.  

  • A quick guide to submit Rx to a commercial or in-house lab
  • How to enable the TRIOS integration in EasyRx
  • Rules on how the integration works
  • TRIOS Recent Scans tab on the Dashboard
  • Previewing or Creating an Rx from a TRIOS scan

  • Tracking case working (when a case is Checked-in, Completed, Shipped)
  • Addressing Clinical Notifications - Important requests from your lab(s)
  • Setting up Alert Notifications (emails, push notifications) regarding important EasyRx activity
  • Marking cases as Received at your office(s) and Delivered to your Patients

  • Using the EasyRx Messaging Center
  • Checkout NEW EasyRx Dashboard filters!
  • Adding/review comments on submitted prescriptions
  • Requesting Repairs and Remakes
  • Leaving Rx Feedback 
    • Feedback filter options
    • Run filtered excel report on Feedback
EasyRx 3D Edit Tutorials - We made an easy to understand library just for 3D Edit tutorials!

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