The Enhanced Invisalign Tracking Lab

The Enhanced Invisalign Tracking Lab

We've added more features to the Invisalign Tracker Lab, to better support and track Invisalign cases.

-Practice Premium Subscription 
-A Invisalign Tracking lab set up and enabled on your system. Please contact support to set up your Invisalign Tracking Lab

We have made changes to both the Practice and Lab login

1.     Cases submitted to the Invisalign Tracker Lab now display a different Workflow Bar, specific to the Invisalign Workflow:

2.      The Workflow buttons are now clickable and the workflow buttons display on the left window pane:

3.       Working from the Invisalign Tracking Lab login, you can change the status of the case, including marking the case as Submitted

4.      We've added the "iTero Recent Scans" view to the Invisalign Tracker Lab login, to help you review iTero scans.  

5.      When editing a case, from a practice or Invisalign Tracker Lab login, you can enter a Invisalign Case Number.  This case number is displayed when viewing or printing the case:

Other enhancements to the Invisalign Tracker Lab

-The All Submitted tab has been renamed to All Cases.   
-The All Cases tab shows cases in the these statuses:
  1. Saved
  2. Scanned
  3. Submitted
  4. Shipped
  5. Received
-The Dashboard now shows the Status Column and you can now filter on Status:

-There following tab are removed, as they are not needed:
  1. Digital Submitted
  2. Physical Submitted
  3. Checked-In Cases

As always, we're here to help. Please contact us to enable your Invisalign Tracking Lab and for help.

The EasyRx Team