Lab Profile Feature - How to get started

Lab Profile Feature - How to get started

EasyRx now includes a cool Lab Profile page for commercial labs to showcase information about their business. This page was designed to help market your lab to both existing customers using EasyRx as well as other practices that are considering using a new lab. It will allow you to setup a 'lab profile' to provide information about your lab such as contact info, an 'about' section, and even highlight featured appliances you are promoting.

Note: This features does not apply to in-house labs.

To get started, login to your EasyRx Lab account. 

Select the [Configure] menu item at the top of your Dashboard page.

On the following page, scroll down and select the option [Profile]

Or from the menu drop down, choose Profile Page:

From this page, you can highlight your mouse over any of the boxes to see which fields can be edited. Let's start with the first box. Here you can edit your profile's lab logo photo and add/update contact information.

Next, you have the ability to add images to an image carousel that is visible to those viewing your lab profile. You can add up to 3 different images and add text that will appear at the bottom of each image. To edit/add these photos, highlight the box and select the [Edit Carousels] button.

On the Edit Carousels page, follow the gif below. 

Once you save your changes, you can move to editing your About section. Here you are able to add some content to explain anything about your lab--such as your history, what makes your lab special, fun facts, etc. When you edit this field, you will notice a cool new Text Editor that floats. You can drag the text editor tool around to fit your screen so you can conveniently position it while you are editing your About section. You will have the ability to Bold, Underline, Italicize, and access various formatting options including adding images / links. You can keep it sweet and simple or play with the different editor options to fancy up your About section.  

Once you are done, as always, be sure to click [Save].

Finally, you can edit your Featured Appliances box. Highlight your mouse over the box to see the [Add New] button. 
When you click [Add New] a new window will pop up to fill out. 

You will notice that the popup includes an ability to select a pre-existing template your lab has. This is important because once you've saved the appliance, a practice can click a "Create Rx" button next to your featured appliance to use it for their prescription. The template will be pulled into that customer Prescription Workspace so that they can submit it to your lab. If you do not have templates made, you can the "Create" button on where it states "New templates can be created here". Be sure when you are creating your templates that you assign them to all your practices so that they will have access should they see it on your Feature Appliances page. 

Nice work! Now you've got your Lab Profile page all squared away. You can preview your profile by going by clicking the sub-menu item called [Preview profile] as shown below. 

I need help with templates or this lab profile page 
No problem! Call us at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at

Do I have to provide pricing in the Feature Appliance?
We highly recommend it. You can type 0.00 if you do not want to display the cost, however it's our experience practices are much more likely to use your appliance if they recognize the cost up front. We also recommend featuring appliances that are already available, not ones that are 'coming soon'. 

Who all can see my EasyRx lab profile? 
All EasyRx Practice users. This means that you can use the Lab Profile to attract new business if, for example, a practice wants to use a different or additional lab.

Where can my practice(s) access my lab profile?
Simple- Once they've logged into their EasyRx account, they click the [Labs] menu item, then click the Profile link listed next to your lab name as shown below. 

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