Magic Touch Integration

Magic Touch Integration

We have developed an integration with the Dental Lab software Magic Touch, which allows prescriptions and scans submitted to your Lab through EasyRx to appear in Magic Touch. Here's how it works:

  1. Initial Setup: You will need assistance from Magic Touch to complete the setup. They will provide you with the IP address or domain name shown in the last screenshot.
  2. Updating Cases: Once the setup is done, you can update the case in Magic Touch, and it will automatically update the Rx (prescription) in EasyRx. The case progress can be tracked using different statuses in EasyRx: Checked-in, Completed, and Shipped. If you mark a case as Shipped in Magic Touch, the shipment information will also be visible in EasyRx.

  3. API Setup: The integration needs to be set up in the API section of Magic Touch. This will allow you to create a Username and Password, which you will then enter into EasyRx. The Production URL will be "". If you have a testing account on qa, enter "" instead of "". If you don't have an EasyRx testing account, leave the Test URL field blank and uncheck the Test mode box.

  1. Entering Credentials: In the EasyRx Lab account, go to Configure > 3rd Party Integrations. Enter your Magic Touch Username and Password (the top one, not the CallBack). Also, enter your Magic Touch server  IP address as provided by your IT group or Magic Touch can provide this.

  1. Magic Touch ID: Finally, enter the Magic Touch ID in EasyRx for the Doctor and/or the Offices. If you are a doctor, you can have your own Magic Touch application, or you can operate under an Office's Magic Touch. To enter the Magic Touch ID, go to the Practices tab, click on View next to the Practice name, and then click on "Edit Name, Email or Doctors" or "Edit [Practice Address]" to enter the Magic Touch ID.

  1. Case Routing: When a case is sent to Magic Touch, it will look for the Doctor's ID first. If not found, it will search for the Practice location's ID. If still not found, it will continue down the list of locations until a Magic Touch ID is found. If no Magic Touch ID is found, the case will be filed under the EasyRx "fallback" name created in the first screenshot. This ensures that all cases have a designated place in Magic Touch.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Phone: 1.888.340.3751

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