OrthoTrac Integration - How to setup and use the EasyRx / Carestream (CS) OrthoTrac integration

OrthoTrac Integration - How to setup and use the EasyRx / Carestream (CS) OrthoTrac integration

As of July 2016, EasyRx offers integration with CS OrthoTrac Imaging software! 

The integration will offer users a fast way to import patient data into EasyRx with the click of a button. This includes importing the patients First and Last Name, Date of Birth, and External Patient ID number.

To get started, you will need to have an EasyRx Practice Standard OR Premium plan - see the FAQ at the end of this article on how to check your current plan type and upgrade if needed.

Please note: We highly recommend using Google Chrome for the best EasyRx experience. 

Obtaining the integration: To get the CS OrthoTrac integration, you will need to call the CS OrthoTrac Imaging Support number at (866)722.2567 Monday thru Friday from 8am - 5pm EST.  

When you speak with their support, please tell the support rep that there is an integration with EasyRx and OrthoTrac and that they should "search AskMe for 'EasyRx' with no space between Easy and Rx. The support rep should be able to locate their internal Knowledge Article they have access to with the instructions and files to install. If they have any issues, please tell the rep to reach out to Skip Gorman who is aware of the EasyRx integration with Carestream/OrthoTrac at their company. Please let the rep know which computers you need the integration installed on. Ideally it should be any computers at your office you anticipate using both EasyRx and OrthoTrac Imaging together.

The CS Support rep will do the work for you and afterwards, you will have the EasyRx button integrated in CS Orthotrac Imaging. You will be able to use this by clicking the EasyRx icon.

Using the integration from CS OrthoTrac Imaging
With a patient record open, click on the EasyRx icon on the toolbar as shown above. CS OrthoTrac Imaging passes the patient fields to EasyRx.

EasyRx takes the information passed from CS OrthoTrac and either finds the patient in EasyRx or adds a new patient record in EasyRx. 

Patient exists in EasyRx
The patient record opened is found in EasyRx, EasyRx opens the Manage Patient screen. From here you can view the prescription history, create a Rx or attach a STL file and so forth:

Patient not found in EasyRx:
-If the patient is not found it should tell you.

From this screen you can connect to an existing patient or create a new patient

If the patient does exist in EasyRx, but EasyRx was unable to automatically link to the patient, you can manually link the patient.  Click [Select Patient] under Connect Patient Records, lookup the patient and click [Connect]:

This will link the patient record in CS Orthotrac with the patient record in EasyRx. Going forward, the patient record will open automatically when opened using the integration. 

If the patient does not exist in EasyRx, click [Create] to add the patient.  EasyRx will add the patient record and update the fields in EasyRx.  And link the patient record in CS OrthoTrac with the patient record in EasyRx

Once the patient is manually linked or added, EasyRx opens to the Edit Patient screen.

  • The integration is a push integration, meaning Information is EasyRx is updated when the patient is opened from CS OrthoTrac and the EasyRx integration button is clicked.
  • In one click, users can add and view their patient's information in EasyRx. This saves valuable time to create new appliance prescriptions as well as being able to view a patient's appliance history in seconds! This integration is compatible with OPMS, OrthoWare, and OrthoTrac Classic software when used with CS OrthoTrac Imaging Software.

If you have questions or need help upgrading your account, call EasyRx at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at support@easyrxortho.com


How do I check my current plan or upgrade to the Standard or Premium plan?
You can do so from your account by clicking your user-name at the top right of the dashboard page, then click [billing information] as seen below. 

On the Billing Information page you will see your current plan, under the Plan Name. If it does not say Standard or Premium, you can easily upgrade by clicking [Change Plan] and select the Premium plan then be sure saveThat's it!

For your convenience, we prorate billing so you are only charged for the amount of prescriptions already submitted before your upgrade (if on the Per-Script plan) or the number of days into your current billing period (if on the Standard plan). So we got you covered if you transition to Premium!

That's it! After saving your newly selected plan: you are instantly upgraded and ready to use setup or use the integration if already installed!
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