Preserving Occlusion when saving EasyRx 3D Based Models

Preserving Occlusion when saving EasyRx 3D Based Models

EasyRx supports saving models in Occlusion.  

What does mean?
When models are saved in occlusion, the original bite registration is preserved so that the upper and lower STL files will maintain the occlusal relationship between the maxillary and mandibular scans. When models are not saved in occlusion, the occlusal plane will be adjusted to be parallel to the printer build plate.

  1. If you are basing the model with the intent to save and print the model, there is no need to save the model in occlusion.   By not saving the occlusion, the model will load parallel to the build plate in your printer software
  2. If you plan to base the model or label the model and transfer to third-party software, like aligner treatment planning software, you should save the upper and lower models in occlusion, and transfer these models to the third-party software.
  3. Models saved in occlusion can be viewed in occlusion in the EasyRx 3D Viewer, but models saved in occlusion can't be printed in occlusion from EasyRx.  If you need to print the models in occlusion, you'll need to transfer to third party software that supports creating and printing models in occlusion. For example, 3Shape software supports printing models in occlusion. 
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The EasyRx Team

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