Recently added Parts and Appliances in EasyRx

Recently added Parts and Appliances in EasyRx

We are continually updating the the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances. As new parts or appliances are added, we'll update the list here. 
  • For Practices: New parts are active in the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances and the In-House Library of Parts and Appliances. 
  • For Labs: New parts are active in the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances and assigned to a default Parts Category. You should review the parts and assign to your preferred Parts Category.
Are you missing or need a part / appliance added? Email us first at to verify it doesn't already exist. If not, you can request a new part or appliance to be added. Download the attached PDF template to draw/sketch the part you require. Scan and email the completed form to We'll review and be in touch to discuss. 

NOTE:  The View the complete Parts and Appliance List, open the View Parts & Appliance Library on the Account Menu:

Changes posted December 14

Motion Essix -- 
The Motion Essix is a Essix with a "cut-out" window.  The "cut out" can be moved from the 4-7s. 

Mesialization with BENEfit

Distialization with BENEfit

Changes Posted December 7

New Part added: Alf Appliance:

New Part added: Labial Bow Clip

New Part added: Upper EXE with Spurs

  • The E-Arch now supports movements to the 7s. Also, we added a new part named Lower Spring Jet which is identical to the E-Arch
  • The Closed Loop Labial Bow can now be moved to the lower.

Changes Posted November 9

We added a few more parts this weekend:

Soldered V Hook.
We added several movements to the Soldered V Hook.

The hook can now be placed in the positions shown in the screen slot and flipped as needed.

Tandem Expander
You can now remove the upper or lower component of the Tandem Expander, as needed.  You can drag off the upper or lower or delete it from the Parts panel below. One remove, the following message is displayed.   Choose Sub-Part to remove either the upper or lower. 

Mushroom Spring
The Mushroom Spring now supports more movements.  It now supports movement to any combination from 1-1 to 8-8:

Bass Spring


The RPE now supports movements to the 4, 5s and 6s:

Resta Clasp

Part Changes November 2
Memotain Retainer
We added the Memotain Retainer to the AOA Parts Library. It is now available to all practices submitting cases to AOA:

Closed Loop Labial Bow

Part Changes October 27

Barme RPE

Tongue Crib - 3 Loops

Tongue Guard 

Part Changes October 20

We added new different colored Essix Retainers
  • Essix retainer - Blue
  • Essix Retainer - Green
  • Essix Retainer - Orange
  • Essix Retainer - Pink
  • Essix Retainer - Yellow


Part Changes October 10

Deimpactor Appliance

Contoured Labial Bow
We added a Part Option to draw the Labial Bow Contoured:

Hyrax RPE with Rests

Higgins Crossbow with Soldered Stops

Distal Jet with Tads

Bilateral Mandibular Pivots

Part Changes September 7

Front Cross Over Bow with Loop

Lingual Face Mask Hooks

Theroux Retainer - No Acrylic 


Rickonator Plus

Bonded RPE can now be moved to the 3s

Part Changes August 24

New Part:  Lower Lingual Wire and Upper Lingual Wire

The TPA w/ extensions can now be placed on the 7s:

Part Changes July 28, 2018

Tongue Thrust Inhibitor

Upper Lingual Holding Arch with loops

Transpalatal Arch with Acrylic Button 

Spring Aligner with 2 piece Acrylic - Upper and Lower 

Part Changes

  • Carriere Bar can now placed on the 3s, in addition to the 2s
  • The 3 x 3 Bonded Retainer has been renamed to Bonded Lingual Retainer
  • Distal Soldered Occlusal Rest can now be placed on the 6s

Part Changes Scheduled July 2, 2018

Upper Spring Aligner with 2 Piece Acrylic 

Lower Spring Aligner with 2 Piece Acrylic 

Part Changes and Additions June 2018
Crozat Clasp 

Hard Night Guard

Bilateral Distal Jet - can now be placed on the lower
NOTE: If you have this part added to a appliance, you'll need to remove and re-add the Bilateral Distal Jet to the appliance

3 x 3 Krouse can now be moved to the 4s

Part changes and additions May 2018
We've added two pontics with wires
  • Plastic Pontic with Wire
  • Fixed Pontic Wire

We've added Carriere Buttons to compliment the Carriere bar:

Tandem Expanser

Hook Rest - can now be placed 4s to 7s

E-Arch - can now be flipped to show the spring on the left or right

Occlusal Face Mask Hooks now go between the 2s and 3s

RPE with Reverse Headgear Hooks

Part changes and additions April 2018
We've added the new Envisium patented palatal appliance. For more information, visit

NOTE: This part is only available practices connected to the Envisum Connected Lab account.

Mara part can be placed only on upper / lower or both.
To do so, place the Mara on the prescription and remove lower / upper as needed.  When removing, choose remove sub-part:

Hang Expanser can now be moved to the 4s and 7s

New part RPE with Reverse Pull Headgear Hooks

Plastic and Fixed Pontic with Wire
We've added two new parts: Plastic Pontic with Wire and Fixed Pontic with Wire, the illustrate the wire being extended into the acrylic

Part changes and additions February 2018
Occlusal Facemask Hooks

Carriere Bar - with movement
Carriere Bar - with movement 2-3, 2-4, 2-5
Can be placed on upper and lower

Roncone RPE
Rear arms can be moved to the 7s

Modified Mushroom Spring -
Can now be moved to the lower.

Parts added December 2017

Modified Mushroom Spring

Halterman Extension can now be flipped to show on lingual

Bloor Spring can now be flipped to support placing on the buccal side.

Headgear in Acrylic can now be moved between the 5s, 6s and 7s

Continuous Rest can now be placed on Upper

Parts added November 2017

Fixed Palatal Expander

Fixed Palatal Expander w/ Hooks

HAAS Palatal Separator w/ Arms

VECS Palate Expander

Full Occlusal Coverage

Miranda TPA

Invisible Retainer - Upper and Lower

Tongue Spur
The Tongue Spur can now be placed on the upper and lower

10MM Buccal Tube - No Hooks
We've added a 10MM Buccal Tube

Parts added October 2017

Snap Lock RPE

Essix Retainer
Supported on both upper and lower

Parts added September 2017

Universal Pre-Activated Expander

Upper and Lower Miniscope Telescopic Herbst

Lingual Wire Template
The Lingual Wire Template can now be drawn in the middle of teeth.  Supports from 4s to 1s.

Parts added July 2017
Buccal Bar

Parts added June 2017
Roncone RPE

Parts added April 2017
Lingual Wire Template

Invisible Retainer -- 
We've added more flexibility to movement on the Invisible Retainer 

Theroux Retainer

Parts added March 2017
We've added a Crown Part, which can be placed on any tooth.

Lee Bow

Pop Off Ball Clasp

Parts added February 2017
The Soldered Ball Clasp can now be flipped mesially


Fixed Scalloped Lingual Retainer with Tray
Fixed Scalloped Lingual Retainer

Mara -- 

Parts added January 2017

Soldered Ball Clasp
: The part will automatically "flip" depending on what side of the arch it is placed- meaning the ball of the clasp will always face away from the midline.


Part Note:
 Some offices that want a Banded Bracket can simply use the Bracket part, then add a Band ontop of it! See example below.

Compact RPE 
You can now position the compact RPE on the 5's

Helical cross-over spring 

Halterman Extenstion 

Hybrid Cross Spring (combination of anterior finger spring and criss-cross spring)

Transpalatal Arch w/Offest - We've added more mobility to the TPA  - Bands can now be placed on different teeth on opposite sides of arch

TADs can now be placed in space on the prescription and a wire is available to drag the to appliance framework:

Parts added October, 2016:

New positioning available for the Posterior Bite Plate - positioning can now extend over the upper and lower 3s / canines

Bluegrass with Beads

Leaf Expander - Small - 6MM

Leaf Expander - Large  -10MM


Parts added September, 2016:


Hang Expanser

Intrusion TPA

Lingual Sheath

Headgear Tubes can now be placed on the 4 and 5s, in addition to the 6s and 7s.

April 15, 2016 - Existing part update
Fixed Lingual Retainer (for upper and lower) now has ability to extend to the 4s

April 8th, 2016 -- New Parts and Appliances added:

Spring Loaded Lingual Arch

Pontic Wing 
+has additional 'part option' to flip orientation

Arch Spring

Hang Clasp

Retraction Bar

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