Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2022

Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2022

Software Enhancements, Updates, and Bug Fixes - 2022

This is a summary of the exciting new changes and corrections introduced in 2022.  This KB is updated as each update is released.    If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword on this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

Visit the EasyRx Updates and Information KB Section in the Help Center to access all previous What's New KB articles

As always, we're available to help and answer questions.

The EasyRx Team

June 16

Enhancement: iTero integration tip for new users
We added a notice when users go to add iTero credentials.  Now when a new credential is added you will see message:
"Be sure to save your scans as '¡Record' or 'Invisalign + ¡Record'."

Enhancement: Medit scans can be filtered
Users who have the Medit integration can now filter by scans without Rx's

AAO Update

New Feature: EasyRx Digitize 

You can now convert plaster impressions to digital STL files and automatically attach to the EasyRx Prescription.   No mess, no labor, no fuss. 

We have added a new model source option: "Use EasyRx Digitize" 

After submitting the Rx EasyRx will create a UPS Shipping label that you can print out & also find as an attachment to the Rx.

The UPS Shipping label should be ready to print , the next step would be to put the shipping label in the shipping box. 

After EasyRx will attach your scanned models to the Rx within 48 hours of receiving the impression, EasyRx converts the physical impression to a STL file and attaches to the EasyRx case.

Enhancement: EasyRx 3D Command Center search and filter features

We have enhanced our 3D Command center so users can find all their uploaded cases based on what status they are under. 

Users can now filter by cases that are:
  1. Succeeded 
  2. Failed 
  3. Waiting 
  4. Not Processed 
  5. All statuses above
Users can also now mark those files as: 

  1. Ready to print
  2. Downloaded
  3. Printed

The 3D Command center scaling is dynamic now as well so it should scale to your monitors resolution to make the columns wider and easier to read.

Enhancement: iTero scans can be filtered by scans without Rx's 

Our new feature should allow users to find all the scans that do not have an Rx attached to them. 

Bug Fix: In-House lab Dashboard row highlights working again

The in-house lab dashboard should now display a green highlight again on rows that have digital attachments. 

Rows in gray are the ones that have a physical model attached to them. 

Bug Fix: Applying 2 Tads on one arch

When users would apply more than one Tad per arch the secondary Tad part was being removed by our parts checker. 

Apri 21

Practice users can set custom color Rx rows in their Practice Dashboard based on these date needed scenerios:

      - For cases that are past their date needed.
      - For cases that are not yet received and a certain number of days away from the date needed.
      - For cases that are received but not delivered.

    Users can set a custom color to a row to warn them that the Rx has gone it's passed Rx Date Needed by a custom number of days they wish to set:

    We have preserved our plaster or digital Rx attachment indicator by displaying a green border to the left of the Rx row. Below would be an example of a plaster case that was received , A Rx with a digital attachment case that has not yet been received & its passed its date needed.

    Practice Premium users can how update multiple Rx's at once from the In-House lab dashboard
    Now there should be bulk processing for:

          - Check-in status 
          - Completed (Cases must be checked-in first before using bulk Completed).
          - Printing Multiple Rx's at once

    April 7

    Enhancement: EasyRx Automated Services custom base height

    Users with EasyRx Automated Services can now select a custom basing height through on demand or automatic base files.

    There are 3 different options to choose from in regards to the custom base height:
    (the base heights results may increase depending on the models shape & tissue available)

    Enhancement: EasyRx Automated Services custom Gingival Margin Clearance

    User can now customize the distance from gingival margin to generate the trim line for trimming a retainer.

    Enhancement: EasyRx Automated Services Maxx trimming machine support
    We now support the Maxx Trimming machine with our PTS Trimming machine options.

    This will generate a file that has a solid base with 3 holes that the machine needs.

    (Reference of a model with a Maxx solid base)

    Enhancement: Labs can now require the patients gender.

    In our commercial labs Prescription Options configuration lab admins can require practices to specify the patients gender before submitting an Rx.

    Enhancement: The EasyRx Navigation logo is now responsive

    Our EasyRx Logo is now responsive , the logo to the top left hand corner should now move with the width of the applications width.

    Enhancement: Ortho 2 and Dolphin Rx Description change

    We have increased the amount of characters we send over to our practice management users who have practice management systems like Ortho 2 will see more details in the description of the Rxs.

    Enhancement: Magic touch cases that are written check-ins now process

    Written Rx Check-ins are now processed to Magic touch , before it would only process submitted cases.

    Enhancement: Medit authentication assistance
    Users with Medit scanners integrated to their EasyRx account , should now see a Re-authorize banner message when the Medit token is no longer valid. The Medit API refreshes its security token every couple of days for security , this means users have to re-authorize and retrieve a new one to see newer scans. The Medit setup for practices can be found in our 3rd party integrations.

    Enhancement: New Stats filters by Clinical Staff  or Lab Technicians
    The EasyRx Stats for Practice cases should now be able to filter for Staff.

    You can now filter by the Clinical Staff who Submitted or Scanned the model of the Rx.

    Bug Fix: Wave-Ortho showing wrong appointment time period

    Importing a patient using our Wave-Ortho integration would bring in the wrong appointment time by the wrong time period.
    I.E The appointment date would be 5/12 1:00 P.M but would be in EasyRx as 5/12 1:00 A.M.
    This is resolved now so the time periods import properly.

    New Part: Theroux Retainer, No Acrylic

    March 24

    Enhancement: Labs can now enter a Dental Registration Number

    We added a location under the Lab Profile For States like Washington who require a Dental Registration number on their Rx's.

    This registration number will show on the printed Rx:
    Some information related to this new feature from the state of Washington:
    "Each dental laboratory operating, doing business, or intending to operate or do business in this state must register with the department and pay the fee established pursuant to RCW 70.352.030 and 70.352.060."

    New Feature: Labs can now turn off the blank Rx warning before a practice submits 

    When a practice does not enter any Rx information they get a warning that they are about to submit a blank Rx.

    We have added a new Prescription Option that has a new option to not Display Blank Prescription Warning.

    Enhancement Request: Control if a user can be a recipient to EasyRx Messages 

    We added a new configuration page under practice/lab account settings/config : 

    Message Recipients that administrators can grant or remove a message recipient.
    This list should be populated by the current accounts users list who can login to the app. 
    When a user is removed or added to the messages list by checking on or off the check box here.

    When someone goes to create a message for that Practice or Lab the users available to receive a message should be only the ones with a check box enabled next to it on the list above. However removing the user from this list should not delete their existing messages. 

    Bug Fix: Submit For Review should not prompt for needed Acrylic Colors

    Submit a case for review instead of submitting it to a lab would not require to select an acrylic color it should now. 

    New Part: RPE with Buccal Reverse Pull Headgear Hooks

    New Part: Compact RPE with Buccal Reverse Pull Headgear Hooks

    New Part: Full Palate Clear Retainer

    March 10

    New Part: Dentagrafix 

    We've added the Dentagrafix part to the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances. Dentagrafix® uses a proprietary, patented manufacturing process to create FDA Compliant, decorated plastic sheets for dental professionals and labs to fabricate unique and expressive retainers, aligners and mouth guards. 

    Additionally, we can customize your color chart, adding the patterns or designs your lab supports.  Just contact support to get this taken care of! 

    Enhancement: Saved prescription view sorting changed
    We changed our Practice users Saved view so the most recently needed Rx shows at the top of the list.

    If the date needed is left blank the Rx's will display at the end of the list or pages.

    Enhancement: Updated our Compliance Information page

    We've updated our Compliance information the page should now show who signed the Compliance agreement with EasyRx.

    This same page will also let you request your data be deleted from the data base and or create a portable file containing you data on EasyRx.

    Enhancement: Can undo Check-in on EasyRx Tracker Labs
    On our previous update we added the feature to check-in cases for tracker labs , you can now undo the check in for tracker labs as well.

    Bug Fix: International dates now work with Easy Aligner Tracking System again

    When adding a batch to the Easy Aligner Tracker , the batch dates would not generate a valid date, this issue is now resolved.

    Feb 25 

    New Connect lab Enhancement: Connect lab accounts now also undo-check ins on Rxs. 
    Before basic connected lab accounts could not undo the check in process they can now, the undo button should now be located in the Actions menu at the bottom. 

    New Lab Tracker Enhancement: Cases can be checked-in & completed now

    For our customers under our Premium plans we have added a feature where cases can be marked as checked in & completed without having to login to the tracker lab account. 

    New Lab Enhancement: Update Internal Practice Emails
    Lab users can now alter their internal practice emails , these are practices that are currently managed by the laboratories. 

    New Lab  Alert Notification: Practice Has Added Shipping Address 

    We've added a new email notification called: Practice Has Added Shipping Address.

    This notification will alert the email configured whenever a practice adds another office location that they can have cases shipped to. 

    Jenmar VisualDLP Bug Fix: Written Check-ins now get processed

    Labs with the Jenmar VisualDLP integration did not see their written check-ins processed for their Visual DLP Connect accounts.

    Bug Fix: Duplicate Patient 

    We believe we were able to track down a niche issue where patients were being duplicated on creation. 
    Patient duplication should no longer occur under network latency. 
    Bug Fix: Adding templates from favorites no longer throws an error

    We fixed an issue where Favorited templates while creating an Rx would display from the laboratories that were not selected at the time. 

    Bug Fix: Session redirecting issue

    We believe we have fixed out "Too many redirects"  error while navigating through EasyRx. 

    Bug Fix: Models submitted for EasyRx Automation to a tracker lab now process

    Models sent for EasyRx Automation to be trimmed , based , labeled & have brackets removed would not process if the recipient lab was a tracker lab. 
    They should star processing now going forward. 

    Feb 4

    Integration Overview:
    The EasyRx Open Dental integration will be able to Create a Patient or Link an existing patient from Open Dental.
    The integration will import the following patient data to EasyRx from Open Dental:

    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Date of Birth
    - Email
    - External Patient
    - Address
    - Mobile Phone
    - Appointment Date & Time
    - Type Code & Description
    - Location
    New Feature: User Rx Status Change Tracking

    The Rx Revision history will now track what user made a status change to the Rx.
    The current logged in user will have their first , last name recorded & the status that they changed the Rx to.

    New Feature: Hovering over rows in EasyRx will highlight them in a light grey background.

    We added a new visual feature that will highlight the row that the mouse if hovering over to assist when there's a lot of rows.

    Enhancement: Digest email "Saved but not submitted" now has the description of the applied tag to the Rxs.

    Our saved but not submitted digest Alert Notification now will display the tags description in the email.

    New Appliance: Tap III

    Jan 31

    Enhancement: Jenmar VisualDLP Connect Infastructure Improvement
    We've improved out Jenmar VisualDLP Connect Infrastructure so that users no longer miss Rx's from doctors that are not mapped , the integration configuration will also display to users when a location isn't 100% mapped & send an email alert.

    Jan 21 

    New Feature:  EasyRx 3D Automated Services supports direct patient uploads now

    Our  EasyRx 3D Automated Services now supports directly uploading to .stl models directly to a patients profile.

    New Feature: Labs can now require images before submitting an Rx.

    Our  Prescription Options now has a new feature : Require Images , which will let labs require a specific amount of images uploaded to the prescription for case submission.

    New Feature: VisualDLP Integration now visual shows if a practice is not mapped.
    For labs who have the VisualDLP integration:

    The VDLP Setup will now show offices and doctors that are not 100% linked in EasyRx Lab accounts in red & green when they are all setup. 

    Jan 13

    New Feature: Administrators can now reply , save & delete all user messages
     The account Administrators can now view all messages in their  Inbox using the new 
    " Show messages for all users" checkbox.

    New 3D Feature: Edit Trim Path

    This will allow users to edit the PTS File paths , part of supporting this feature is that we will preserve the models occlusions. 
    The new Trim Path Editor can be found once the user goes to edit a Auto based file an Edit Trim path section on the right hand side of the editor should be presented:

    After that you should be able to left click & hold each point of choice 

    If you would like to move multiple points at once to adjust a line near molars collectively. You can hold shift & click on a starting point and an ending point while holding the shift button. After the two start & end points are selected any point in between the two green points that you left click , hold & drag the rest of the points should move collectively with the final third dot acting as an anchor point. Once all your PTS Path changes are made , click save changes & continue editing your auto base file. 

    Jan 6

    Bug Fix: Manually adjusting Easy Aligner tracker dates would return an invalid date
    An invalid date was showing for users who had US date format set and they toggled the Delivery Date field from manual to automatically calculated.

    Bug Fix:  Custom Aligner Fields can now be sorted again
    Custom Aligner Fields could not be sorted before , users would go to sort them but the sorting wasn't changing. 

    These fields are helpful to add extra fields to the Easy Aligner tracker forms for labs. 

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