Set up and Using the 3M™ Oral Care Portal and EasyRx® Integration

Set up and Using the 3M™ Oral Care Portal and EasyRx® Integration

EasyRx integrates with the 3M Oral Care Portal, allowing access to STL scans from EasyRx.   Once your 3M Oral Care Portal (OCP) account is paired with EasyRx, scans in EasyRx are available in OCP, including scans attached via integration or scans manually uploaded.

  1. EasyRx Practice Account 
  2. 3M Oral Care Portal paired with your Easyrx account. 
    ** For information on pairing your EasyRx account with your 3M Oral Care Account, open the attached 3M Quick Start Guide.  
iTero customers
If the practice uses the iTero scanner, iTero scans will be available in OCP.  It is a requirement the EasyRx -- iTero integration is enabled. For more information on setting up the iTero Integration,  visit this KB article: 

  1. Once the iTero integration is enabled, iTero scans are available in OCP
  2. It is not a requirement for the iTero scans to be linked to a prescription or patient in EasyRx. 
A word about "Tracker" Labs
Practices can optionally set up "tracker" labs to track their 3M cases.   Tracker labs are “virtual” labs.  The practice creates and submits cases to their 3M Tracker lab to track their 3M cases in EasyRx. Setting up a 3M Tracker Lab is not required for the OCP Integration to work.  For more information on Tracker labs, please contact us.

As always, we are here to answer any questions.

The EasyRx Team
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