TOPS Integration Window not Allowing Certain Actions

TOPS Integration Window not Allowing Certain Actions

Troubleshooting TOPS Integration Window Issues on Mac

When using EasyRx through TOPS on a Mac, some users have reported encountering the following issues:

1. Faint Patient Name: The patient name appears very faint and may be difficult to read.

2. Date Needed Calendar: Clicking on the Date Needed box does not display the calendar for selecting a date.

3. Inactive "Sign & Submit" Button: The "Sign & Submit" button at the bottom of the created or saved prescription does not respond when clicked.

These issues are likely due to the Mac's operating system (OS) being outdated. To resolve them, it is necessary to update the Mac OS to version 10.12.6 or higher.

We recommend consulting with your IT group if you have one contracted for support. If your practice handles IT internally, please be aware of the potential impacts of an OS update before proceeding with it independently.

As a temporary solution, you can open EasyRx in a different browser outside of the TOPS integration window. This workaround should allow you to complete the prescription, review it, and submit it as needed.

If you encounter any further issues, it is advisable to contact TOPS directly. At EasyRx, we have the contact information for TOPS' Support Manager, and we can escalate the matter if necessary.
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