TOPS Integration Window not Allowing Certain Actions

TOPS Integration Window not Allowing Certain Actions

Some issues we've had reported when launching into EasyRx out of TOPS on a Mac.

1) Patient Name is very faint
2) "Date Needed" Calendar will not display when you click the Date Needed box
3) The "Sign & Submit" button at the bottom of the created/Saved Rx does not do anything when clicked

These issues are likely caused by the Mac's OS being out-of-date- they need to be updated to version 10.12.6 or higher.

We recommend deferring to the IT group if one is contracted, and if IT work is handled within the Practice please be aware of what an OS update might do to the setup before someone at the office upgrades the OS by themselves.

For a short-term fix, open up EasyRx in another browser (outside of the TOPS integration window) which should allow you to finish up with the Rx, review and submit, etc.

Any further issues would warrant a call to TOPS and we at EasyRx have the Support manager from TOPS' email if we need to escalate.

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