What's New August 2016

What's New August 2016

August - the transition month from summer to fall.  And we're using August as a transition month also - since November of last year, we've rolled out numerous enhancements to EasyRx every month.In August, we decided to catch our breath a bit. This month you'll find two new enhancements. And although short and sweet, we hope these new enhancements will continue improving your experience. We've also ordered a healthy supply of coffee for our development team so they prepare for several new enhancements for release this fall. Meanwhile, we want to share with you whats new for August! 

Re-organized how comments print on the Rx Form
Many of our users, especially labs, print the Rx as part of their regular workflow. An often heard comment is it is difficult to find and read the comments. In an effort to make the printout more readable, we've re-organized how comments print on output. Comments now print in a table format, the first column shows who made the comment with date. And the 2nd column shows the column.  The thought is you easily browse the comments, and if needed, check out who made the comment and the date. 

iTero Integration will allow STL files to attach to a case before submitting
We've taken our iTero integration a step up - when your practice enters a valid iTero Case Order ID on the Uploads tab, EasyRx will automatically start attaching the files. Previously, the files would not attach unless the case is submitted to the lab. Now you can expect to see your files attach under the "Uploads" tab without needing to submit first! 

  • This may a minute or so depending on the size of the STL files and speed of your internet connection. 
  • You do not need to wait for the STL file(s) to attach, before submitting the case in EasyRx.  
If you are not familiar with our iTero integration, check out a video about it here!

Part Changes
Headgear tubes can now be placed on 4 and 5s.  This is in addition to the already supported 6 and 7s.

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