What's New in November 2015 release

What's New in November 2015 release

Outlined below are the exciting new changes to EasyRx.  These changes will be  posted the evening of November 20, 2015.  The EasyRx team.

General Updates
  • We're re-branding our products as EasyRx Practice and EasyRx Lab
    • There are three Practice plans: Per Script, Standard and Premium
    • NOTE: Existing practices that do not choose one of these account types automatically convert to a free read only account on January 15, 2016.
    • There are four Lab plans: Per Script, Standard, Premium and Enterprise.
  • We've added a banner page across the top of the app for important messages and announcements.
  • We added Appliances as a new Library option - in additional to existing choices of Parts and Templates.
  • We've re-organized the EasyRx Prescription Workspace:
    • Parts, Appliances and Templates available for each on the left side. 
    • Search now searches the library of Parts, Appliances and Templates.
    • The patient name and lab name is centered.

  • We now include the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances.
    • Over 400+ parts and appliances are included in the Library.
    • Added several new lingual retainer parts.
    • New EasyRx practices and EasyRx lab accounts are now automatically granted access to the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliance Library and can customize as needed!
  • We've expanded Categories to support the new Appliance library option.  
    • Categories can now be designated as Part Category, Appliance Category or both. 
  • When creating prescriptions, you can choose the EasyRx Library of Parts and Appliances, allowing prescriptions to be created and saved without designating a specific lab.
  • Herbst's can now be drawn on on tooth numbers 5 - 7.
  • We've simplified the create account process for both practices and labs.

EasyRx Lab Updates
  • Added a new Create Appliance function, allowing more customization of the Library. This can be found by going to Configure>Appliances>Create Appliance

  • Library Changes
    • Labs can edit parts, create and edit both appliances and templates 
    • Existing Parts can be changed to an Appliance type 
    • Use any combination of Parts or existing appliances to create a new a Appliance
    • Use any combination of parts or appliances to create Templates
    • Assign Appliances and Templates to all practices, specific practices or a individual practice
  • You can now copy a template, creating a new template with a new name.

  • We've reorganize the Configure menu and tweaked label names throughout the app
  • All Lab account types, Per Script, Standard, Premium and Enterprise can now configure pricing information for these items:
    • ​Parts
    • Appliances
    • Templates
    • Acrylilc Colors
    • Bands
    • Aligners
    • Plaster, Resign and Digital Models
    • Billing Items
  • There is a now a Universal Part Number and a Lab Part Number on Parts. The Universal Part Number is assigned by EasyRx and is read only.  The Lab Part Number is editable.
  • All labs now have a default acrylic color chart available and these items can be customized:  
    • Name
    • Category
    • Price
    • Active / inactive

  • Internal Practice changes:
    • Practices created by a lab are now referred to as internal practices. StandardPremium and Enterprise Lab customers can create internal practices.  Internal practices are granted free access through January 15, 2016. By this date, they'll need to choose either Standard or Premium plan or their account will transitioned to a free read only account.
    • A new button has been added to the Lab practice list [Invite] which sends a email to the practice, inviting the practice to signup for EasyRx.

  • Labs can configure Pay for Practice options, allowing them to set parameters to pay for practices monthly EasyRx subscription fees.
  • You can also enable Pay for Practice from the invitation email by checking the box at the top, right above the email text).

EasyRx Practice Updates:
  • Practices are now connected to the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts, Appliances and Templates. Allowing prescriptions to be created and and saved without a specific lab chosen.
  • Prescription Templates can be created and assigned to all labs or specific labs.
  • Labs can be removed from your 'My Labs' list.
  • You can grant ownership of templates to a lab. Allowing you to transfer editing rights to the lab.
  • We've tweaked the Template editing process, making it more user friendly. 
  • Re-worked the successful submitted prescription message that is automatically sent when a prescription is submitted.
  • We have renamed [Request a Lab] to [Invite a Lab]. Use the Invite a Lab button to ask a lab to sign-up to use EasyRx.
  • An In-House lab is now automatically created when a Premium account is created.
    • In-House labs now have a default acrylic color chart available to them. 
Security Updates
  • Added new integration with Stripe for credit card management and processing. Stripe is 100% PCI compliance. For more information, visit:  https://support.stripe.com/questions/is-stripe-pci-compliant
  • Added McAfee SECURE monitoring and certification.  
  • Added a confirmation box to the password change screen.
  • The Billing Option screen allows you to add or update the credit card on file.  
  • The Billing Option screen now displays the next bill date and next bill amount.

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