What's New January 2018

What's New January 2018

Welcome to the first What's New for 2018.   We hit the ground running and made a few changes to EasyRx we wanted to get out in the field.     Here is the list of new enhancements, minor tweaks and (dare we say) bug fixes in this update. We've also added 6 new Connected labs in January.

Big new enhancements and new Connected labs:
  • Added new Completed tab to the Practice Dashboard
  • Enterprise Lab accounts can now designate Production Location
  • Annotations can now be edited!
  • 3D Edit - Now supports model smoothing
New Connected Labs added this month:

There are now 119 Connected labs, visit http://www.easyrxortho.com/easyrx-connected-labs/ for the complete list.

Completed Section on Practice Dashboard
We've add a new Completed section to Dashboard. The tab shows cases marked as complete by the in-house lab.  

  • The Completed tab shows:
    • Rxs marked as complete by In-House labs
    • Rxs marked as "Checked Out" by Commercial Labs
  • Also, Completed cases no longer show on the Shipped tab
Enterprise lab accounts can now track Production Location
For Enterprise labs, we've added a new option to enable Production Location Tracking.  Go to Configure --> Enable Production Location Tracking to enable. Once enabled, when checking in a case, there is a new drop down on the Check-In page to choose the Production Location:

We've also added a new field to the Invoice Export CSV "Production Location", allowing this information to be exported out

Annotation Editing
We added support of mid-sentence editing of Annotations.  When creating or editing a prescription, click the annotation to edit

Set Default Model Source and Bands on Template Setup
You can set the default model source options and band options when creating templates.  When creating or editing Templates, click [Template Options] to set the defaults:

Easier access to In-House Lab module
For Premium Practice Accounts,  you can now access the in-house lab module from the dashboard

  • For single doctor / single location practices, we now default the doctor and office when creating prescriptions
  • We modified the Digest Email to include the practice name
  • For Practices, you can now edit Office locations and choose to not use the Standard Name - see Tips and Tricks below for more information
  • We made a minor Re-order of dashboard tabs, moving Needed Soon up, just below Physical Submitted
  • For Enterprise labs, we added a "Invoice Due Date" column to the invoice export function
  • We added the Doctor field the [Create Rx] page loaded from Patient Information
  • We fixed fixed bug where if the = sign was entered on an annotation, annotations did not display or print. The program no longer supports entering the = sign in annotations
  • We fixed a bug where in Firefox, when viewing templates the tag icon did not show as active when tags were assigned to the template
  • We fixed a bug where Tags were removed from Templates if the  "Assign to lab" screen was opened before saving the template
  • We fixed a bug where you unable to remove tags from templates
  • We fixed a bug where model information entered on templates did not transfer to created prescriptions
  • We fixed a bug where Stats did not properly return prescriptions created via Written Check-In

3D Edit 
Model Smoothing
We've enhanced the [Add Base] Process to automatically base and smooth the model in one step.

  • You can now add a label to a file based outside of EasyRx
  • Fixed bug where if you add a regular model, then switch to a hollow base the yellow rectangles were not removed
  • We've added warning message if the trim path was inside the orient points.

Tips and Tricks 

Be default, Office location names defaulted to the Standardized name for the location.  New in this update is the option to change your office name from this standardized format to a shorter name. For example, looking at your Dashboard, if you see the office name includes your address, you can change it:

To change the Office, go to Account Settings --> Profile and Edit the Locations:

Uncheck "No, have the system set a standardized name using the address" and enter your preferred name for the Office.  Make sure to Save your work

Makes for a little cleaner Dashboard and easier to understand Office name, especially for new employees.

We're here if you have any questions.

Have a great day.

The EasyRx Team

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