What's New June, 2017 - Monthly Software Update and Newsletter

What's New June, 2017 - Monthly Software Update and Newsletter

Summer is here and time is right for a tried-and-true EasyRx Update! Welcome to the June 2017 Update. Check out the new enhancements, more EasyRx Connected labs and other news and notes!  

Prescription Dashboard Changes:

We've added three new filters to the Prescription Dashboard for Practices:

  • Digital Submitted: Shows all cases with digital files attached
  • Physical Submitted: Shows all cases with physical models 
  • Appointment Date: Allows you to filter Rxs on Appointment Date if you are optionally including Appointment Dates on your Rxs.  
    • Both appointments entered on the patient and the appointments entered on prescriptions are considered.  For example, if a date range of June is selected, any prescription with a appointment date in June or any patient appointment in June is returned.  
    • The Rx Appt column shows the appointment date on the Rx, the Pat Appt column shows the appointment date on the patient record.
Also, on all filter pages...digital cases show in green and physical cases show in white. Now isn't that handy?

We've added a Print View button to the Prescription Dashboard.  The Print View button prints a listing of the items currently in view.  

ITero integration now supports multiple login accounts!
For those practices with multiple MyAligntech logins, we added support of multiple iTero logins to the iTero integration, allowing you to enter multiple logins if needed. Go to Account Settings --> Intra-Oral Scanners to configure:  Click Add New Account to configure as many accounts as needed.

Lab Connected Plans can now Check-In Cases on View Prescription page:
To help with workflow for our Connected labs,  Lab Connected Plans can now Check-In Cases when Viewing Prescriptions:

Right-click on parts to set Part Options
We fixed this little bug recently introduced. You can now right click on the Rx Workspace to enter part options. We apologize for the inconvenience this issue caused. 

Comments now print highlighted:
When printing Rxs, the Comments section is how highlighted in yellow to draw attention to the comments on the Rx!  

The Share With Colleague Feature now saves the email address -- making it easier to share with the same folks without typing out their email address each time.

..just enter one or two characters of the desired email address and matching email addresses are displayed. Click the one you need. Click the [X] to remove an email from the list.

Filter Tagged Cases on Dashboard:
You can now filter Tagged Cases on the Dashboard via Shipped and Delivered

Other relatively minor, but still very important changes you'll love!
  • You can sort the clinical staff list alphabetically. By default, staff lists are now sorted alphabetically.
  • The Patient Name is now bigger on View Rx Page and Submission Page
  • For Aligner options on the [aligner] tab within the Rx workspace as well as Align form setup and use, we've changed the term "Post Treatment" to "Retention" for clarification. 
  • The Support Center now opens in a new tab instead of taking over the existing page
New Parts added to the Parts Library

Lingual Wire Template

Invisible Retainer -- 
We've added more flexibility to movement on the Invisible Retainer, which can now be placed 1-1

Theroux Retainer
One of the cooler retainers, special thanks to Childers Orthodontics for suggesting we add this!

New EasyRx Connected Labs

Since April, we've added 17 new labs to the EasyRx Connected Lab network. This increases the number of EasyRx Connected labs to 71!  54 labs now accepting cases via EasyRx. You can see them showcased on our EasyRx Connected Labs page.  Plus, we have a few labs wishing to remain private that have also implemented EasyRx. We want every lab in the world to be an EasyRx Connected Lab!  Please contact us if you have a lab you want to see implement EasyRx to accept your cases. We'll contact them,  demonstrate EasyRx, get them signed up and help them get set up to receive cases via EasyRx. 

Dental Crafts Lab - Tyler, Tx - No Logo 
Digital Orthodontic Care - Milton, ON Canada - No Logo 

Rodney Frie, The Lab Guy

News and Notes
We continue working on the new changes to support trimming and basing STL files we announced last month. We have 4 sites beta testing the product. As expected, we've found a few issues, mostly in handling models with issues (holes, edge loops and orientation).  We've incorporated a "re-meshing" process and more checks to detect the orientation when the model is loaded.  We hope to release "soon".   You can expect full documentation and videos on using the product. 

These the new EasyRx3D Edit features will be available on the following subscription plans:
  • EasyRx Practice Standard or Premium 
  • EasyRx Lab 3D Model, Standard, Premium and Enterprise
All plans will continue to have access to the EasyRx3D Viewer and File Scrubbing features.    

Oasys/crossfire integration released!

We've worked with the great team at Oasys to develop a integration with crossfire!. We are super excited to make another integration available for our customers.   We've written a Knowledge Base article on setup and using the integration. You'll need to contact Oasys and request that the latest version of Oasys Crossfire is released to you office.  Please contact us with any questions.

Cloud 9 Integration in Progress!

We announced just before the AAO we signed an integration agreement with Cloud 9 to develop an integration. We are making good progress on the integration and hope to release in a month or so. 

topsOrtho integration in Progress!

We also announced just before the AAO we signed an integration agreement with topsOrtho to develop an integration.  The plan is to release this integration early this Fall.

Magic Touch Integration  - Ready for testing!

We are "code complete" on the Magic Touch integration. Code Complete indicates all development is finished and the integration has passed internal QA testing.   We're now looking for a lab or two to test the integration for us. If you are a lab interested in doing a little testing, please contact us!    
  • When a case is submitted, the case is automatically added to MagicTouch
  • All digital files, including STL files, are attached to the case in MagicTouch
  • When cases are checked in in Magic Touch, the case is marked as Checked In in EasyRx
  • When the case is marked as a shipped in Magic Touch, the case is marked as Shipped in EasyRx.  Tracking Numbers are also passed from Magic Touch to EasyRx.

We're pretty excited. The integration will benefit both labs using MagicTouch and practices submitting to labs that use MagicTouch.  Sort of the "win win"

Tips and Tricks -- View complete list of all the EasyRx Parts and Appliances.
We often get asked "how can I see a listing of all the Parts and Appliances in EasyRx?". And up until last month, we'd stemmer and stammer because we didn't have a great answer. After last month's EasyRx update, we now have a great answer. You can new open a listing of all parts and appliances from EasyRx.  And we've even made the list available from two locations:

1.Go to Account Menu Drop Down --> View Parts and Appliance Library. 

2. When working on a Prescription, you can click Library to open the list. You'll notice it is in blue to indicate it is "clickable". 

Both options open a new page with the complete listing of EasyRx Parts and Appliances with images.  You can scroll, search and even download a PDF of the listing for printing

That is all we have for this month. We're hard at work on EasyRx and we'll back soon with another update.  Have a great first 1/2 of the summer!

The EasyRx Team
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