What's New November 2016

What's New November 2016

Welcome to the November 2016 Update. We've rolled out some big enhancements for both Labs and Practices using EasyRx! Let's get straight to the good stuff!

Enhancements for Both Practices and Labs:
-Revamped Indirect Bonding Prescription (Rx) form!
-Revamped Aligner Rx Form

Practice Enhancements:
-Ability to mark cases as Received / Delivered from the View Rx Screen and Rx History screen
-Fixed text annotation bug
-Ability to configure new options for submitting to your In-House Lab (Practice Premium Accounts Only)

Lab Enhancements:
-Access to a test EasyRx practice account linked with your lab account

Revamped Indirect Bonding Prescription (Rx) form
Ask and you receive!  We have received numerous requests to improve the Indirect Bonding Prescription form.   In this update, the EasyRx Prescription Workspace has been updated to provide a more thorough Indirect Bonding Prescription Form. Practices can access this form by going to [Create Rx], then on the Prescription Workspace, selecting the [Indirect Bonding] tab located below the canvas.

Once you click on [Indirect Bonding] tab, here is the new Rx form: 

Some of the changes include:
  • The IDB Rx form opens like the Aligner Rx Form, providing more screen real estate for additional information
  • Re-organized the layout
  • You can now mark extract, extracted, uncovered and unerupted
  • Added more drop down selections for First Molar Relationship, Width and Treatment Goals
And all the drop down selections are configured by the lab, allowing for lab customization.

For Labs: This new form includes more detail to satisfy your customer's Indirect Bonding Prescription requirements. We have a cool tutorial for it you can view here.

Revamped Aligner Prescription (Rx) form
Similar to the IDB form, we've redesigned the Aligner Prescription tab to allow practices to include more detailed information for Aligner cases.

Practices can access this form by going to [Create Rx], then on the Prescription Workspace, selecting the [Aligners] tab located below the canvas.

Once you click on [Aligners] tab, here is the new Rx form: 

Mark Cases as Recieved / Delivered from View Rx screen and Patient Record
You can now quickly and easily mark cases as Received and Delivered from the View Rx Screen and Patient Record under their Rx history. 

From the View Rx screen, you'll see the options to mark as received / delivered on the left side of the screen:

  • Simply click to mark a case as received or delivered
  • Once as case is marked as received, the [Received from Lab] option changes to [Clear Received Date], allowing you to un-mark a case as received
  • Once as case is marked as delivered ,[Delivered to Patient] option changes to [Clear Delivered Date], allowing you to un-mark a case as delivered
From the patient Rx screen, click Y / N to mark the case as received and delivered.   This also updates the received and delivered dates

Fixed text annotation bug
We fixed a little bug in the Text Annotation--  Previously, if you were entering a text annotation and clicked somewhere on the Workspace or opened a new function like Comments, the text annotation stayed active causing unwanted comments to get entered.

This was very obvious when you were entering a text annotation then opened the Comments window to start typing a comment. Instead of the comment field being filled, the text annotation in the background was still taking on new text as it was being entered. 

Now, if you click anywhere outside the text annotation screen, the annotation no longer stays active. You'll need to go back and click on the text annotation to continue editing/typing.

Ability to configure new options for submitting to your In-House Lab
Great News! You now have the ability to configure new drop-down options on the Prescription Workspace when submitting to your In-House lab.

The new options include:
-Printed Resin Model requests (also referred to as 3D printed model requests)
-Digital Study Model requests
-Indirect Bonding Rx options
-Aligner Rx options

When you are are logged in as your EasyRx account's Administrator, you can find these new options in your [Account Settings] page.

We've written a thorough tutorial on how to configure these options for your In-House lab:

EasyRx Labs - Access to a test EasyRx practice account linked with your lab
All EasyRx Lab accounts have access to one test Practice Account that is connected with your EasyRx lab acount. The purpose of this account is to allow labs to log in as a connected practice. You can explore and review all that an EasyRx Practice see's when submitting a case to your lab. The test practice account is equivalent to our EasyRx Practice Standard plan.

The test account will allow you to: Submit cases your lab, see the Prescription Workspace and all available options that your lab has setup (Aligner options, Indirect Bonding options, Printed Models, etc)

Important: You should treat the Test Practice account like a real Practice. If you submit an Rx from the test account to your lab, you will physically see a new case on your lab's dashboard and notifications like any real case.

To access your Practice login, go to your [Practices] menu item. Look for a practice that has "..Lab Test Practice" in the Practice Name as shown below. You will want to copy / write that E-mail address for that account down. This is your Login email for the test practice.

Sign out of your EasyRx Lab account, on the Login screen, use the Email Address you just copied. The password to the Lab Test Practice will be the same password you originally used to login to your EasyRx Lab account when your account was first created. If you don't have photographic memory and can't recall your original password, give us a buzz at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at support@easyrxortho.com, we can reset the password for you. 

NOTE: The test account feature is not available for In-House lab accounts.

New EasyRx Connected Labs!
EasyRx welcomes two more labs that signed up to accept cases via EasyRx

Universal Orthodontic Lab
Partners Dental Studio 

We are proud to announce we have 38 labs now accepting cases via EasyRx. You can see them showcased on our EasyRx Connected Labs page.

New University now using EasyRx!
The team at EasyRx is excited to announce the University of Minnesota is implementing EasyRx in their orthodontic residency program. We sincerely appreciate the program director, Dr. Stanley Williamson and his team for choosing to use EasyRx as part of their program.

EasyRx offers an attractive EDU program where Universities and Schools with Ortho Programs can receive an EasyRx Premium monthly subscription at no cost. If you'd like us to demo EasyRx to your Alma Mater or a program you think will benefit from this, please reach out to Khashi Rahmani, EasyRx Business Development Coordinator at 1-888-340-3751 x700 or email Khashi@easyrxortho.com

Checkout our cool website page called EasyRx EDU where you can read how EasyRx benefits schools!
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