3Shape / Trios scans - How to Export and Import into EasyRx

            If you are using a Trios digital scanner by 3Shape, use this article on how to properly export your STL files, then import them into EasyRx. 

            Note: You will need a license or an installed copy of Ortho Analyzer software in order to export the scan. 

            We encourage you to check out this comprehensive guide.​

            Here is a breakdown of the basic steps. The guide above shows a multitude of options however after you do the export a couple times, it's fairly quick. 

            Export .STL file(s):
            1. Open the scan/file in Ortho Analyzer.
            2. Click the [Export Model As] icon.
            3. A popup window will appear - click [Browse] if you would like to choose a different file location. You can uncheck the upper or lower if you only want to export one arch.
            4. Click [Save].
            5. We suggest you locate the file you just saved and rename the file to include the patient's name.
            OrthoAnalyzer can be configured to auto export STL files.  Visit the KB for more information:


            Importing the STL file into EasyRx

            There are two locations you can import STL files into EasyRx.
            Option 1. The patient's record
             a. Click the [Patients] options in the main navigation bar
             b. Either [Add a new patient] or select an existing patient that you would like to add their STL to by clicking [View]
             c. You may either drag and drop files, or, click the [files from your computer] to bring up your file explorer to locate the STL / Digital Models from the folder you exported them to earlier. 

             d. select the file(s) you need and click [open] which will bring them into the patient's file
             e. you are done!

            Option 2. A new or existing (saved only) prescription 
             a. Login to your EasyRx account
             b. Click [Create Rx] or, for an existing Rx, find the patient's rx and click [edit]

            c. If you selected [Create Rx], fill out the appropriate patient info then proceed to the Prescription Workspace
            If you selected [Edit] on an existing Rx, you will land on the Prescription Workspace 
            d. Select the [Uploads] tab at the sub-navigation bar shown below and click the [files from your computer] 

            e. You may either drag and drop files, or, use your file explorer to locate the STL / Digital Models from the folder you exported them to earlier. 
            f. Be sure to click [Save] after the files have uploaded, which would then exit you out of the Rx so you may come back at a later time to finish, click [Proceed to Submit] to finish filling out the rest of the Rx to submit to your lab

            Here is what the attached files will look like when viewing the patient's record

            Helpful Hint: Any files you upload to a patient's rx as also kept in the Patient's file for future reference! You may reference previously uploaded files for new Rx's without needing to upload the same models again, saving you time. 
            Updated: 15 Aug 2018 02:37 AM
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