Adding and using EasyComments

             EasyComments are available to both Practices and Labs. You can now create and use pre-defined comments that you can instantly add to a prescription. This will allow you to quickly add any notes or important instructions to a prescription without needing to re-type it each time. Labs can likewise use this to quickly communicate important notes to a practice regarding an Rx or even add instructions for the lab tech.

            We wanted to make EasyComments simple to use from within the Comment screen. From the Comment screen, you can
            • Show or Hide EasyComments 
            • Add a new EasyComment
            • Edit a existing EasyComment

            Add a new EasyComment
            Click [Add new EasyComment] to add new pre-defined EasyComment. 

            Enter the Code and Comment. The Code is a internal code you can use for reference and can also be entered when creating a new Comment.  The code can be any combination of numbers or characters.

            When finished, choose [Save] to save or [Cancel] to cancel. Once saved, the new comments shows in your list of EasyComments.   Click [edit] to edit a EasyComment. 

            Using EasyComments. 
            There are two ways to add a EasyComment to a prescription comment

            From the list
            Click on the [+] next in the EasyComments list. This enters the EasyComment into the Comment window.   Edit or add additional comments as needed.

            When typing a comment, enter [+] and the short code to quickly enter a EasyRx.  For example, in this screens shot, LBA is the short code,  +LBA has been entered and the full comment,  "keep labial bow tight to the front will be entered in the comment"

            You will have a chance to type in or delete any info to the Comment before you save it. Once it looks good, you can click [Save] and it will add that comment to the prescription. 

            EasyComments can also be setup via [Account Settings] then scrolling down to [EasyComments] section. 

            Note: Only the Adminstrator/Main EasyRx login for your practice / Lab can access this.

            On this page, you can create a new EasyComment or review any existing EasyComments by editing or deleting them.


            We've also added a new permission setting in the [User Accounts] where you can allow or disallow your other staff members to have the ability to edit/add new EasyComments. This security right can be found in the User Accounts setting on your Account Settings page.

            On any New, Saved or Submitted Rx, click [Comments] to add EasyComments

            If you add a comment to a prescription has already been submitted to your lab, they normally will get a notification or alert (depending on their Alert Notification settings) that tells them you have added new comments to an existing case. 

            We think this should easily (get it?) help you add comments to prescriptions. Try it out! 
            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 12:23 AM
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