Creating templates for your doctors

            One of the best ways to help integrate your doctors into the use of EasyRx is creating the templates for them so when they login they will see their most used designs.  There are two ways to create templates for your doctors.

            1. Click "Practices" and in the sub navigation you will see "templates".  Choose which practice you want to create the template for and you will be taken to the template manager.  It is very similar to the Rx workspace.  Name the template and you can start designing by clicking and dragging parts into the canvas. Once finished, click save.

            HINT: You can create templates for a set of parts that may not make up a whole appliance.  For example, you can create a template for 4 anterior recurve springs that can be added to the canvas. 

            2. Templates can be saved directly from the Prescription Workspace.  After you have saved a design within a practices patient Rx, simply click the template icon, which is the icon in the tool ribbon that has two vertical documents above the teeth in the icon set.  You will then name the template and it's created and saved in the template area for you to access as a lab and the doctor.  This is ideal when designing cases from a paper Rx received from the practice.

            3. Practices and labs both can assign templates and permissions. This means you have access to assign other EasyRx accounts to Copy, Edit, and View your templates. Be aware that when sharing an editable template between multiple accounts, the template could be overwritten or changed from any of those users. We recommend making a copy of a template before assigning it to ensure you have an original version handy. Permissions can be edited so long as you are the original owner / creator of them. 
            Updated: 30 Dec 2017 03:34 AM
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