EasyRx Practice - On-Boarding Outline

            Included in all Practice Subscription plans is EasyRx On-Boarding to get you up and running with EasyRx.   To get you started, we recommend two On-Boarding sessions for EasyRx .  The first session serves as an account setup session, the second session "using EasyRx day to day" session.  A third session can be scheduled on EasyRx 3D Edit.

            • Session 1 - Account Setup / Template Review and Setup / Current Prescription Workflow

              Prior to implementing EasyRx into your Rx workflow and training the entire team, Session 1 is designed to get EasyRx setup and ready to go.  Session 1 will focus on:
              • Put in place all the details to help you manage your account and allow the EasyRx team to easily follow up with your practice.
              • Confirm you can login to your account, and getting all your account configurations, integrations, and connecting you with your preferred labs.
              • We'll also discuss your prescription workflow, allowing us to better understand the best way to implement EasyRx at your practice. 
              • We’ll introduce Prescription Templates and work with you to create 3 to 5 of your most common templates.
              • Finally, we'll introduce the Knowledge Base Library and EasyVid video series

            • Session 1 is around 45 minutes and only the primary EasyRx contact and perhaps one additional person needs to attend. The entire staff does not attend.  We do ask you organize 3 - 5 of your most common prescription templates we can setup during Session 1

            • Session 2 - Using EasyRx Day to Day
              Session 2 is scheduled after completion of session 1. This is to truly launch your office into using EasyRx.  We’ll show you how to use EasyRx day to day; create a Rx, submitting and tracking cases, etc. We’ll also discuss committing to a date to have everyone start using your account (if not the same day, soon after). We also will address anything from the initial setup that may have not been taken care of yet like getting your preferred Ortho lab(s) on board or getting staff members that couldn't attend training scheduled for a later date. 

              You can find more detailed information in the KB Integrating EasyRx into your Practice Prescription Workflow  for more information.  And here is a link to our EasyVid Video library: GettingStarted with EasyRx

              Session 2 is around 1 hour.  We recommend anyone who will be using EasyRx attend Session 2. 

            • Session 3 – EasyRx 3D Edit – If you signed up for Standard or Premium and plan to implement EasyRx 3D Edit to base STL files, we offer EasyRx 3D on-boarding. During this session, we will review how to trim, base and label STL files for 3D printing. This is a 30 – 45-minute session.

              Session 3 is about 45 minutes.  Only the staff who will be using EasyRx 3D to base model need to attend this training. 

            If you have additional questions, please contact us 1-888-340-3751 x700 or email us at support@easyrxcloud.com

            The EasyRx Team


            Updated: 24 May 2019 03:39 AM
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