How to add multiple price list and assign to your practices

            We covered earlier in this tutorial how to set standard pricing for your parts. You can go one step further with this tutorial on adding multiple/alternate pricing lists.

            Why is this useful?
            Many times, labs will provide special pricing for one or more practices. EasyRx gives you a nifty feature to add up to 4 different pricing tiers that can be assigned individually to one or more practices!

            Good to know information - first:
            Standard pricing will always be the default pricing list a practice sees when creating an Rx that will be submitted to your lab. It is your responsibility to assign the practice an alternative pricing list in your EasyRx lab account if you offer special rates or discounts for them. 

            Note:  It is highly suggested you first setup your standard pricing first before adding alternate pricing. ​Alternative pricing can be set without standard pricing, however you should make setting standard pricing a priority because as soon as a practice connects with your lab, they may start piecing an Rx together before you are able to assign them an alternative pricing list. 

            If you have not yet adding pricing to your parts, by default the practice will see $0.00 on their pricing when creating a prescription. We highly suggest adding pricing to help your practices budget accordingly when submitting Rx's to you. It's our experience that practices are budget-minded so this feature is a huge perk for practices as well!

            Finding your alternative pricing list:
            From your home page (dashboard), click [Configure] from the menu bar. Then click [Alternative Price Lists for Parts]

            You will now see your entire library of parts, along with your standard pricing. You have up to 4 different pricing lists you can configure. The majority of your time will be spent on this page assigning the correct pricing to each part. You will need to [Edit] each part, add the pricing (in 0.00) format. You do not need to add dollar or currency signs to it. Be sure to click [Save] when you are done entering the fields on each part.
             Next - Assigning the price lists to individual practices and offices
            Click the [Practices] tab on the menu bar. Find the practice you'd like to assign alternate pricing to by finding their account and clicking [View] as shown below.Once you have clicked view, you will be on the [Manage Practices] page for that practice. You will want to scroll down to the office location of the practice that you would like to assign alternate pricing to and click [Edit] next to the respective address.

            Important Note: A practice may have more than 1 office location. You will need to assign the pricing to each of their office locations if you want the pricing to apply to those offices as well. Also, you can assign different pricing to different offices, even for the same practice.

            Once you are on the office location's edit page, as seen below, select the [Alternate Price List] drop down. Select the appropriate price list you'd like to assign that practice location, then be sure to click [Save]. You also have the opportunity on this page to update any location information or contact information for your lab to reference. 

            Finally you will get a confirmation messaging showing their profile is updated. You can verify the price list that is in effect by viewing the office information associated with the practice. 

            Reminder: Be sure to assign pricing to any other office locations the practice may have on this page, if those locations are to receive alternate pricing as well.

            Then that's it, you are all set! The practice will see their special pricing in real time. Make sure when you update your part prices in EasyRx that you also update your alternate price lists as well.
            Updated: 30 Dec 2017 04:22 AM
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