How to set pricing of my parts for prescriptions

            All EasyRx Lab accounts have the ability to set pricing for their parts and appliances. This is regarded as one of the most useful features a lab can configure to benefit their practices that use EasyRx!

            Why is this so useful?
            When your practices are creating an Rx, they can (in real time) view what the standard price of the Rx is before it is submitted to your lab. This helps doctors create Rxs more efficiently, set expectations with patients, and have a good estimate of the expected invoice amount. For practices, this would essentially be their cost of an an Rx excluding shipping charge and additional fees (such as rush charges). These other charges will be covered in a future tutorial. 

            How does the practice see my prices? 
            When a practice has selected your lab to create their Rx, EasyRx automatically queries your standard pricing as a part is placed on the prescription form. In the case of a practice using a template, the cost is the sum of all parts used in the template along with any additional parts or other templates they use. See the image below. In this case, the practice has placed a W Arch which the lab chosen to receive the Rx is charging $4.00 for. 

            Good to know: If you do not set standard pricing for your parts and appliances, the standard price always displays as $0.00  

            Looks great--how do I start setting my prices? 
            Step 1- When logged into your Lab account as an administrator, click [Configure] from your navigation bar, then select [Parts]. 

            Step 2- On this page next page, you will have access to edit the price on virtually every part that your practices have access to on their Prescription Workspace. In addition to setting pricing, you can add a "Lab Part Number" that is specific to any number / inventory system that you use. A status can be chosen if you decide to discontinue a part. A part that is changed to "Inactive" will not be displayed to your customers while they are designing a prescription set to be submitted to your lab. 

            Step 3- After you spend some time setting up the price for each of your parts, your practices now are able to see your standard pricing.  There are other options such as adding billing items like putting in rush charges or miscellaneous fees, which will be covered in other how-to articles. We will also cover in other articles how you can setup alternative pricing lists so if you have customers that get special pricing, you can provide them their own list of prices. 

            Good To Know: You also have the ability to rename an existing part should your part nomenclature be different than what is providing by default, you can also edit this while assigning pricing. The name changes on a part will also be seen by the practice, so please make sure your practices are aware of your part names prior to making changes.

            My lab has parts that I do not see in the default list?
            The are over 500 combined parts and appliances in the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances, many times the part or appliance you need is simply named slightly different. Please contact EasyRx for us to check.

            I have custom parts that I use that you do not have in the library - How can I get them added?
            Please contact EasyRx--We have the ability to add custom parts and can send you a form to design and submit for development. Each request is unique so we ask you contact us for more information. Depending on the complexity to add the custom part or appliance, there may be a small fee. 

            I see that I can setup prices for Appliances in the [Configure] menu - What is the difference between these and Parts?
            Great question! Many times labs will set a flat-price for an entire Appliance. Let's say you have an Upper Hawley with Adams Clasps. If you were to put together this hawley part-by-part when creating a prescription: Adding 2 adams clasps, adding an acrylic, adding a labial bow, the price of the Rx will be the sum of all those items as you have it prices in your Parts list. 

            The Appliance is essentially all those parts packaged together, and your lab can assign 1 price to the entire appliance. 

            To better understand this, let's do a quick example. Take scenario 1: An adams clasp in your Part list is $1 a piece, a labial bow is $2, and an acrylic is $2. If those parts as dragged into the workspace individually, the total price of the Rx will be $5 (let's assume these is nothing else being done, no printing services, etc).

            If you create an Appliance that has all those parts, you can add a flat-price so we can say this same setup is $4 if they choose the Upper Hawley with Adams Clasps. This way, the practice gets 1 flat rate for everything vs. paying for each part. This comes in very handy if say practices get a discount for requesting a particular appliance. 
            Updated: 25 Nov 2017 10:23 AM
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