How to track Invisalign cases through EasyRx

            This guide will show your EasyRx Practice account how to internally track Invisalign cases! 

            This tutorial requires that your account be on the Practice Premium subscription -- you can call us at 1-888-340-3751 x1 if you need help upgrading

            Invisalign currently does not accept cases through any 3rd party companies, meaning that you cannot directly submit to Invisalign in EasyRx. However this guide will provide a very handy way to 'internally' track all your invisalign cases. This guide will use a combination of your "Templates", "Tags" as well as your "In-House Lab" features!

            The goal is to allow your practice to be able to:
            -see you've submitted a case to invisalign as well as any other Rxs you submit through EasyRx to your lab(s) like metal appliances and retainers and such
            -Marked as Received back at your practice (meaning its ready for patient pickup)
            -see due dates for your invisalign cases which you can run a report on
            -Mark that you've delivered your invisalign retainers to your patients
            -Easily let the front desk log into EasyRx to advise a patient if their aligner is ready for pickup and show which of your offices its waiting for pickup at

            To get started-- we need to do a little prep work: 

            You will want to create two tags inside your EasyRx account. After logging into EasyRx, go down to the bottom left hand side of your dashboard and click 'Create or Edit Tags'

            Next, create two tags: One called "Invisalign Initial" and another called "Invisalign Refinement". You can optionally add a 3rd tag called "Invisalign Vivera" if you'd like to also track Vivera cases. 

            Name the tag, give it a color of your choice, then click Create Tag. 

            These tags will ultimately be shown on your Dashboard and can be filtered as a report, making it easy for you/staff to see that these are for your invisalign tracking. You will see this toward the end of the guide. 

            Next, we will want to design two templates that will be used to auto-assign these tags. 

            Go to the Templates menu item and click [New Template] 

            We will be creating 2 templates (3 total if you also want one for the Vivera cases)

            On the Template workspace, name the templates in accordance with the case type. See picture below 

            You will want to

            1st, name the template, for example "Invisalign Refinement case" 

            2nd, assign the template to be used with your In-House lab, so the template will not accidentally get use for cases not being sent to your in house lab.
            Make sure the "use" box is not checked for any other lab except your in house lab. Then click save

            3rd, let's assign the tag that coordinates with the template name. Click the 'tag' icon' on the workspace then click in the white selection field. Choose, in this example, Invisalign Refinement. Then click save.

            Once you save the tag, you will see the 'tag' icon on the workspace highlighted in Red, letting you know there is an active tag within the template. 

            Next we will want to add a "Text Annotation" into the drawing, to make it crystal clear to any staff that views an Rx that's using this template, that this is just for invisalign tracking. 

            Click the "A" icon on the workspace, then click in the top-middle area of the drawing workspace. A green dot will appear where you can now type "Case for Invisalign Refinement Tracking". Press your Enter key when done typing, the text turns black to show its registered into the drawing.

            Next, go down and choose "Template Defaults". 

            This area is going to allow us to 'prefill' model source of our your Check-out page so when these types are cases are submitted, some of the Checkout details are already in place. 


            After clicking Template Defaults, click under Model Source, the option that says "Other".

            Type in the text field Invisalign Refinement or whichever type of invisalign cases your template is for.
            You can skip the 'Bands' section, then click Save.

            Finally save the template. If it prompts you with an "Are you sure?" message click Yes. 

            Here's a brief breakdown of how the invisalign workflow should go.
            -Patient comes in for invisalign scan
            -Invisalign Initial or Refinement is sent to invisalign through your scanner or invisalign portal
            -Staff member opens EasyRx -> Creates an Rx to go to in house lab -> Needed date on Rx should match whats suppose to come back from invisalign
            -When in our 'prescription workspace' page staff member selects either the Invisalign Initial Template or Invisalign Refinement
            -(optional) Staff member can add aligner or Tx notes into this Rx in case Dr wants to see it within EasyRx  
            -Case is submitted to in house lab
            On the EasyRx dashboard, these invisalign cases will have the colored dot (tag) instantly showing these are just for invisalign tracking purposes (so in house lab doesn't need to make anything for these) 
            When aligners arrive from Invisalign, you can mark that you've "Received" the appliance back (which records it on our dashboard/letting staff know to tell the patient its ready for pickup) and then mark it as "delivered" to the patient, to show the retainers are given to the patient. 

            You or the staff can mark a case as "Received" or "Delivered" by simply clicking the "N" for no abbreviation. 
            If your practice has more than 1 office location, it will allow you to choose which office the appliance has been received at.

            When a patient calls asking for the status of their appliance, you can "View" the Rx and it will show you the date it was marked as received and the location its received at (where to pickup!) 

            When viewing the Rx you will see these helpful pieces of information. 

            So let's say your patient "Joe" called asking if his aligner case is back, the front desk (using the picture example above) can tell the patient "Yes its ready for pickup, we got it back on the 15th and its at our downtown location".
            If your staff member transports the case from the Downtown location to your other location, you can click the Y for Received to undo it back to N, and click it to re-update it to the newly arrived location. 
            Pretty cool, right?
            The entire submission process should take about 20-30 seconds maximum unless you have extensive notes to add into the EasyRx script.

            This workflow can be used to internally track cases to for other outside labs that do not use EasyRx like Ormco's Insignia cases or Suresmile cases, so be able to mark when you receive their appliances back and when they are delieved to their patients. 

            Updated: 15 Oct 2018 02:49 AM
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