Integrating EasyRx into your Practice Prescription Workflow

            Welcome to EasyRx - one of the most powerful platforms to streamline and better manage your lab prescription workflow! One the biggest questions we get asked is "What's the best way to integrate EasyRx with my practice(s)?" Good question: Your staff for likely many years working with your current manual / paper system and has been used to either filling out paper lab slips, printing out online lab forms, or a combination of the sorts. We hope with this guide, you can adopt EasyRx into your workflow as well as making it simple for your staff to use! 

            Before we get started, we acknowledge that every office/practice is slightly different. This guide will give you the basics on how to setup and implement EasyRx and as your business grows, we will be available via phone/email to fine-tune any details that are specific to your office(s).

            To begin with, going through the On-Boarding is optional. If you want to go it alone, by reviewing all the online documentation, reviewing the EasyVid video library and contacting us as added for help, you are welcome to do so.  

            After your initial sign-up, you should have received a welcome email from EasyRx with some basic instructions to help you get started and log you into your account for the first time.  As part of On-Boarding a new customer, we'll contact you to schedule Session 1 of On-Boarding. f you haven't already, call or email us to schedule your first 45 minutes "On-boarding" session.

            If you did not get the welcome email, please check your junk/spam/clutter folders then call us at 1-888-340-3751 x2 or email us at support@easyrxortho.com.  NOTE: Be sure to mark EasyRx as a safe sender / not spam. Your email is kept strictly for EasyRx related communication and this is crucial for when we follow-up with your office. 

            We recommend two 2 On-Boarding sessions - One serves as a account setup session, the 2nd is a "using EasyRx" session. 
            • Session 1 is Account Setup -   Prior to implementing EasyRx into your Rx workflow and training the entire team, Session 1 is designed to get EasyRx setup and ready to go.  Session 1 is a two-fold session, the first will put in place all the details to help you manage your account and allow the EasyRx team to easily follow up with your practice. The rest is mainly dealing with your EasyRx account like making sure you can login to your account to getting all your account configurations, integrations, and connecting you with your preferred ortho labs.  We'll also discuss your prescription workflow, allowing us to better understand the best way to implement EasyRx at your practice. 
            • Session 2 - Using EasyRx Day to Day - This is done in conjunction with your Live/remote training. This is to truly launch your office into using EasyRx and committing a date to have everyone start using your account, if not the same day. It also will address anything from the initial setup that may have not been taken care of yet like getting your preferred Ortho lab(s) on board or getting staff members that couldn't attend training scheduled for a later date. 

            Session 1 - Review / Configure Account Settings.  Around 45 minutes 
            For Session, 1, only the primary contact for EasyRx and perhaps one additional person is needed. The rest of the team will participate in Session 2. 

            Prior to Session 1, you will want to:
            • Choose the primary contact  for EasyRx  (main contact/foremost user)
            • Choosing an EasyRx “In house lab lead” (main in-house contact, if more than 1 tech)
            • If you'd like to get a head start on some of these setup items by reviewing KB articles and EasyVids, please do so. If not, don't worry, we will cover these if you do not do it ahead of time.
            Review / Configure Account settings.
            • Adding your Office location(s)
            • Adding doctors to your account
            • Creating User Accounts (separate logins for your staff/in house lab techs if applicable)
            • Entering clinical staff names to choose who is taking impressions/scans and who is submitting cases for your Rxs
            • Enabling Practice Management integration (Dolphin Imaging and Management, CS Orthotrac, TOPS, Cloud9, Oasys) [for Practice Standard or Premium users only]. 
            • Connecting to your preferred ortho labs
              • Inviting your labs not in EasyRx to join for free 
            • Setting up IntraOral Scanner Integrations for iTero and TROIS scanners (other scanner integrations pending)
            • Setting up alert notifications - important emails / push notifications to alert you about activity in your EasyRx account
            • Setting up tags (optional)
            • Setting up your In-house lab (optional/practice premium accounts only)
            • Setting up inhouse IDB form (optional/practice premium accounts only)
            • Setting up inhouse Aligner form (optional/practice premium accounts only)
            • Setting up Digital study model drop-down choices and 3D printed model services drop-down choices for in-house cases (optional/practice premium accounts only)
            • Adding EasyRx shortcut(s) to your desktops and/or favoriting the login page in your browser
            Template Discussion
            • Review your top 10 most submitted appliances, called Prescription Templates to add to your EasyRx account
            • Review how to create Prescription Templates
            • Discuss / decide if practice or EasyRx will create 10 most common Templates
            • Review the EasyRx "View Parts and Appliances library" document to refer to if needed
            • Review adding custom parts/appliances not in EasyRx
            • Review / map out your current workflow (Patient comes in, who-does-what related to lab slips)
              • who is scanning/taking impressions
              • who is making the lab slip
              • what happens to the lab slip (does it need Dr. approval? Do they go out at end-of-day or each instance?)
              • Do lab slips get uploaded back to patients chart? Who does this?
              • How does staff handle in-office 3D printing or in-house
              • Review how cases are submitted to commercial  and/or In-house
            • Percentage of cases submitted to commercial and in-house labs
            • Discuss if Commercial In-House lab account -Separate login
            • Invite Non-Connected lab from the practice account
            Once you completed Session 1, your EasyRx contact may have some homework to help design your templates, get your lab(s) onboard to use EasyRx (if they are not already with us). We will schedule your second session at this time, in advance. 

            Session 2 - Using EasyRx Day to Day - Around 1 hour
            For Session 2, we do a simple screen-share session to dig into using EasyRx day to day with you/your staff. We cover creating Rxs, submitting and tracking, remakes -- all things related to submitting your prescriptions through EasyRx! It will also include how to process and manage cases to your in-house lab if applicable.  We'll also review any integrations, in-house lab workflow, and optionally 3D / STL file editing.  We recommend staff like Front Desk, Clinical Coordinators, In-house lab techs, those that Scan/Take impressions attend the session.   We'll review some items  in EasyRx that will help them address things like if a patient still needs a scan or if a patient calls to see if their appliance has arrived back form the lab. Prior to your second session, it would great if the staff can review the “EasyVids”.  And the primary contact should review custom Prescription Templates prior to confirm everything is good to go

            Agenda for Session 2 - 
            • Using EasyRx Day to Day.  
              • Overview Prescription Dashboard
              • Tabs to filter / Date range filter
              • Tags to filter deeper
              • Create Rx page / optional info
              • Show practice management process once complete / creating an Rx from Patients page
              • Prescription Workspace
              • Show Searching parts / appliances / templates
              • Adding part onto EasyRx Lab Prescription Form, moving / positioning parts
              • Prescription Templates
              • Part options / assigning acrylic / adding comments / text annotations
              • Show Aligners tab / Indirect bonding options / Resets
              • Saving the Rx and coming back
              • Show iTero integration or manually attaching STL files
              • Show support tutorial on how to export from their machine (if not itero)
              • Checkout Page overview (all sections – show model source)
              • Submit case
              • Show workflow bar being updated
              • Show lab sending case notification (bad scan, missing info, appliance not right) and how to response to the case notification. Logging back into practice. Showing workflow bar updated. Showing pending notification. How to respond.
              • Showing case shown as shipped in the Shipped Tab on dashboard
              • Show Track Package button, view tracking if available
              • Show dashboard’s Received and Delivered options, when to update these
              • Show leaving Rx feedback
              • Show requesting repair / remake for broken appliance, etc 
              • Optional: EasyRx 3D View and Edit 
            • Implementing / Go Live with EasyRx 
              • We prefer to submit a submit a few live cases to commercial and/or In-house lab, allowing everyone to see EasyRx in action for real
              • We'll discuss a Go Live Date with EasyRx
                • Toward the completion of Session 2, we will discuss a "Go Live" date where your office will commit to submitting cases through EasyRx. Once you "Go Live", our team will proactively stay in touch to make sure everything is going smooth during your first few months.
            Have multiple offices/locations that need training? No problem! We can schedule the screen share to be seen by multiple people at the same time , we can record the training as a streaming link for you to access anytime, or we can schedule a separate training with your other offices. 

            If you have additional questions, please contact us 1-888-340-3751 x700 or email us at support@easyrxortho.com

            The EasyRx Team
            Updated: 15 Nov 2018 05:45 AM
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