Lab Marketing and Website Information

            EasyRx Lab Marketing Program and Website Information 

            We’ve put together the EasyRx Lab Marketing Program to partner with our EasyRx Labs to co-market both their lab and EasyRx. The Marketing Program includes:

            Blast Email to lab customers

            We will customize a blast email introducing EasyRx to your customers. EasyRx can send the email or we can provide the template in HTML format.  A sample email is included below.

            Custom Lab Video

            EasyRx will create a custom video that highlights both your lab and EasyRx.  View sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKxaOv4vJYE

            EasyRx Postcards

            EasyRx will supply 100 EasyRx postcards at no charge. Custom postcards with your logo can be ordered, for the following costs:

            o   250 postcards for $100

            o   500 postcards for $125


            Website Information 

             We will work with you or your IT group to update your website with EasyRx information, including:

            o   EasyRx Content for website

            o   Connected lab logo on website

            o   EasyRx login; either a link or embedded into the website

            o   Request demo link

            o   Sign-Up link

            Sample blast email

            << Lab Logo >>

            Dear <<Lab Customer>> --

            It is our passion to provide you with innovative solutions that best serve our customers.  We are always looking for partnerships to provide a better experience for you.  Our diligence to invest digital solutions has extended to partnering with EasyRx for submitting lab prescriptions.    EasyRx is a cloud-based universal lab prescription software made specifically for labs and practices.  EasyRx is fantastic software to better manage your lab prescriptions and supporting digital files.

            Why use EasyRx?

            1.           One application to manage all patient lab, clear aligner and indirect bonding prescriptions and digital files, including 3D Model / STL files. You can establish a direct link with us to submit and track prescriptions from EasyRx.
            1.        One Prescription Form.  Use the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form to create all your lab prescriptions. It saves time and money. You no longer waste hour’s printing / scanning / filling appliance prescription forms.
            1.       The EasyRx Universal Library of Parts, Appliances and Templates allows for prescription standardization across the entire practice.
            1.       Manage and track all your cases with ease, using features like the Prescription Dashboard, Desktop Notifications and the EasyRx Daily Digest email.
            1.       Access your lab prescriptions at anytime from anywhere.  EasyRx is a 100% cloud / browser software.
            1.       EasyRx prescriptions reduce common errors seen on confusing and sometimes indecipherable hand-drawn prescription sketches.
            1.       Attach digital files, including 3D models /.STL files and prescriptions. (HIPPA compliant)
            1.       Integrates with iTeroMyAlignTech and 3Shape Communicate, as well as Dolphin, Orthotrac, Cloud 9, Oasys, topsOrtho and other software companies.
            1.       It's 100% secure cloud / browser based software providing access to your lab prescriptions anytime anywhere.

                  We’ve worked with EasyRx to build a video introducing EasyRx.



            While no practice is required to sign up EasyRx, we would recommend at least receiving a demo of EasyRx and evaluating if it makes sense for your practice.  They offer a No Contact, 30 – day money back guarantee, giving you the opportunity try it out with no risk.

            For more information, you can go to the EasyRx website at www.easyrxcloud.com. You can also contact EasyRx at sales@easyxcloud.com.  They can arrange a web demonstration and answer any of your questions.  We’re always happy to answer your questions and assist you with EasyRx.  Please call us at XXX.XXX.XXXX or email us xxxxxxx@xxxx.com



            Website marketing package

            You can add the following content to you a page on your website, with the EasyRx Connected Lab logo at the top.

            We Are a EasyRx Connected Lab!

            Welcome to EasyRx—the most advanced digital prescription management system. Developed in close collaboration with practices and labs, EasyRx is an innovative web-based application that provides unprecedented control over the entire prescription workflow—from appliance design to patient delivery, all visible to you, the doctor.

            Why EasyRx is great for your practice:

            1.          EasyRx provides one application for all practices prescriptions, both for in-house and commercial labs. 
            2.       Implement a full digital prescription workflow from scanning and uploading your STL files to sending a digital prescription to all the labs you work with.
            3.       Prescriptions and all supporting digital files are connected in EasyRx.
            4.       The Parts / Appliances / Templates Library allow for prescription standardization across the entire practice.
            5.       View the lab’s standard price “real time” as prescriptions are created and submitted.
            6.       The EasyRx prescription reduces common errors by confusing and sometimes indecipherable prescription sketches.
            7.       Quick and easy access to individual patient prescriptions, including their prescription history.
            8.       Prescription Dashboard provides always up to date tracking information. Shows saved, submitted, due soon, prescriptions needing review, due dates, and prescriptions not yet received.
            9.       Quickly view the status and details of any prescription.  See where the case is in the production cycle, track in-transit shipping information, and view invoices for each Rx.
            10.       Secure communication with labs – our Message Center feature allows you to communicate with your labs and your other users at the practice. Keep everyone on the same page without ever picking up the phone.
            11.       EasyRx prescriptions and supporting digital files are automatically backed up and saved for the mandated 7 years.
            12.       Secure and reliable file storage including your. STL digital models.
            13.       Fast, easy accessible anywhere.
            14.       Get control over and accountability for your in-house lab.
            15.       Environmentally green – a “paperless” system
            16.       EasyRx streamlines lab prescription, increases productivity and efficiency, boosting practice profitability.
            17.       Helping avoid multiple paper forms for different types of appliances from different labs. This include forms for splints, functional appliances, retainers, space maintainers, positioners, mouth guards, and diagnostic set ups.
            18.       Integrates with the leading practice management software including Dolphin, Orthotrac, Cloud9, topsOrtho, Ortho2 Edge, Oasys (other integrations pending).
            19.       Integrates with iTero scanner EasyRx attaches your iTero scans automatically, even iRecord + Invisalign scans that traditionally do not allow submission to your lab via your iTero machine.
            20.       Integrates with TRIOS scanner to attach and display TRIOS scans in EasyRx. 
            21.       Save time on remakes and repairs: With a few clicks, access your previous appliance prescriptions in EasyRx – appliance prescription history is also displayed to find the exact Rx you need re-made.

            Also available for website:

            1.      Connected lab logo on website
            2.      Request demo link
            3.      Sign-Up link 






            Connected Lab Logo can be provided




            See Sample Code section below for code samples to enable this link




            Sample button


            Login Sample Code

            Here is the HTML code you can use to 'build' the login to EasyRx page --- this puts the EasyRx Username + Password fields into your own website instead of having the user go to login.easyrxortho.com  --- your web developer should be able to 'dress up' the page to make it look fancy:

            <!DOCTYPE html>



                <title>EasyRx Login</title>



                <form method="post" action="https://app.easyrxortho.com/">


                    <input placeholder="Email" name="email" type="text" />



                    <input placeholder="Password" name="password" type="password" />



                    <input name="commit" value="Login" type="submit" />





            As always, please contact our support team with any questions. 

            Thanks The EasyRx Team

            Updated: 20 May 2019 04:33 AM
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