Prescription Feedback feature for Labs: How it works and important information

            In January 2016, we implemented a groovy feature called Prescription Feedback. The goal of this feature is to give practices the power to provide feedback to their lab(s) regarding a finished prescription appliance by rating different attributes related to the prescription as well as the ability to leave a personalized comment. Think of how on eBay you are able to leave ratings / feedback for sellers and buyers, this is the EasyRx equivalent for prescriptions.

            Here we will discuss how the feedback system is rated, what you (as the lab) can do with this information, and important guidelines you should follow when using this feature. 

            A few general notes:
            • All EasyRx Practice and Lab plans have access to the Prescription Feedback feature as well as filtering options
            • Practices can leave feedback to both commercial labs and in-house labs
            • On our Practice version of this guide, we advise practices with guidelines to properly and effectively rate your completed prescriptions. This includes advising to leave meaningful comments so you as the lab can evaluate improvements in a particular area or simply know you've done a great job!
            • Feedback cannot be edited or remove. Once it is posted, it is there to stay. In the very rare event that an inappropriate or illegible comment is made on an rx's feedback, please email our support team at support@easyrxortho.com so that we can assist you. Be sure to provide the prescription ID#, the practice that submitted the feedback, and patient info to us so we can quickly find it. 

            How the rating system works for the Prescription Feedback
            The rating system consists of 4 equally-weighted core attributes as defined below that your practices can score

            Fit- The adaptation of the wires/acrylic/clasps to the mouth, as well as the retention of the appliance when placed in the mouth. 
            Finish- Polish of the acrylic, trimming of the aligner material, smoothed and polished soldier joints
            Accuracy- How the appliance design followed what was requested in the Rx
            Timely- The device/appliance arrived when requested or before

            The Feedback form uses the traditional 5 star rating system, except we've replaced the stars with emoticons. The emoticons are:
            • Full Frown - very unhappy
            • Frown - unhappy 
            • Meh - average
            • smiley - happy 
            • Full smiley - very happy 
            A score is assigned to each item, just like the traditional 5 star rating system:
            • Full Frown - 1 point
            • Frown - 2 points
            • Meh - 3 points
            • Smiley - 4 points 
            • Full smiley - 5 points

            You can get to Prescription Feedback a couple ways:

            1. When viewing any prescription, [Prescription Feedback] will be on the left action bar. If there is a green checkbox next to that button, it means the practice has left you feedback on your Rx which you may view as shown in the picture below.

            2.  Go to  [Prescriptions] and choose the [Feedback] menu option

            On this page you will notice we provide you with some pretty sweet filtering options as well as an overview of all your prescription that have been received feedback on. Please note if a prescription has not yet received feedback from your practice, it will not show on this list. 

            See the following image for a breakdown of what options you have available on this page:

            You will notice near the bottom we provide you with your filtered results that include basic information such as the date the Rx was submitted to your lab, which practice it came from, the doctor from the practice, which lab tech at your lab handled it (if applicable) as well as the total average score. You may click the [View] button to see the prescription feedback results. You may further investigate the Rx and click [view rx] from the aforementioned feedback results page. 

            As we continue tweaking the feedback system, we will find better and more robust ways to provide your lab with more transparency to ensuring that your customers are both happy and that their patients are receiving quality appliances that are worthy of praise! Remember: You cannot improve your service if your customers do not tell you what needs tweaking, so take the feedback constructively.
            Updated: 25 Nov 2017 10:44 AM
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