Setting Up Auto Export of STL Files from OrthoAnalyzer Software

            For customers using a TRIOS scanner who have 3Shape OrthoAnalyzer software installed, OrthoAnalyze software can be configured to auto save scans as STL files from OrthoAnalyzer. This saves the time and effort for a staff person to manually export STL filse. 

            Follow these steps to configure Auto Export in OrthoAnalyzer

            1. Open the Ortho Systems Control Panel:

            2.  From the Home Page, choose System Settings:

            3. In Systems Settings, scroll down to the Export section and check "Save Models to STLs Automatically". 


            4.  Scroll up to the Database Section and review the Ortho Data folder is currently defined to folder.   This is the folder where the STL files will be automatically saved.  

            If you plan to upload the scans to EasyRx from the same computer where OrthoAnalyzer is installed, you can leave the path set to the local path
            If you would like the flexibility to uploads the saved STL files from any computer, you can configure a network path.  You may need to contact your IT company for help configuring the network path. 

            5. Make sure to Save before exiting:

            That is it. Auto Saving of STL files is now configured.  

            6.  From EasyRx, you can now browse and upload the saves STL files.  From a Prescription, click Upload a Digital Scan and browse the OrthoData folder, from the patient screen click files from your computer and browse to the data folder. 


            Per 3Shape, the auto save of STL files  occurs after the scan is sent to OrthoAnalyzer software:
            "There is a connection between the TRIOS and OrthoAnalyzer that after the scan is sent to the Ortho software, it will go to the Communicate tab where all incoming cases are accepted, once the case is accepted it will generate the STL files."

            If your version of OrthoAnalyzer does not have the option to enable auto save, you may need to upgrade to the latest version. Contact 3Shape Customer Support for more information. 

            Updated: 20 Sep 2018 04:11 AM
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