Setup and Using the Ortho 2 Edge Integration

            EasyRx Practice Standard AND Premium users now have the ability to integrate EasyRx with Ortho 2 Edge software! The integration passes patient information from Edge to EasyRx  with just a click! 

            Fine print: Ortho2 Edge version or higher required. If you don't have these versions, email ortho2support@ortho2.com to request the proper version.

            Enabling the Integration

            The integration is enabled from Ortho 2 Edge.

            1. Go To User Options -- Integrations -- Select EasyRx and Click [Add].  You'll be prompted to enable the integration

            2. After adding the integration, click [Enable] to enable the integration:

            3.  This will launch EasyRx and prompt you to login to EasyRx and enable the integration.  If the process is successful, this screen is displayed:

            That is it.  The integration is now enabled.
            NOTE: The integration must be enabled on each computer. 

            Accessing the integration 
            Once the integration is enabled, the EasyRx icon shows on the Integration drop down menu option:

            Customizing the Ribbon Bar
            To make it easier to access the Integration drop down, you can customize the Ribbon Bar to show the Integration button.  Saving a couple keystrokes to access the EasyRx button. To do so, click Customize the Ribbon to open the Customize Ribbon screen:

            Click Patient -- Integrations -- Is Visible to enable showing the Integrations button on the Ribbon Bar:

            The Integration button will now on on the Patient Ribbon bar:

            Using the Integration

            From the Patient Screen, click Integrations --> EasyRx. This will launch EasyRx and pass patient information for the patient from Edge to EasyRx.   

            You'll see two scenarios when using the integration:

            1. Edge patient is linked to a EasyRx patient record
            2. Edge patient is not linked to a EasyRx patient record 

            Scenario #1  Edge Patient record is linked to a existing EasyRx patient record
            If the selected Edge patient is already linked to a patient record in EasyRx,  EasyRx opens the edit a patient screen. From here you can view the prescription history, create a Rx or attach a STL file and so forth:

            Scenario #2: Edge patient is not linked to a EasyRx patient record 
            -If the Edge patient is not linked to a EasyRx patient record, the following screen is displayed

            From this screen you can connect to an existing EasyRx patient or create a new patient

            If the patient does exist in EasyRx, but EasyRx was unable to automatically link to the patient, you can manually link the patient.  Click [Select Patient] under Connect Patient Records, lookup the patient and click [Connect]:

            This will link the patient record in Edge with the patient record in EasyRx. Going forward, the patient record will open automatically when opened using the integration. 

            If the patient does not exist in EasyRx, click [Create] to add the patient.  EasyRx will add the patient record, update the data fields in EasyRx, and link the patient record in Edge with the patient record in EasyRx

            Once the patient is manually linked or added, EasyRx opens to the Edit Patient screen.

            • The integration is a push integration, meaning Information is EasyRx is updated when the patient is opened from Edge and the EasyRx integration button is clicked. For example, if you make a new appointment for the patient in Edge, you need to use the Integration button again for EasyRx to pull the patient's new appointment data into EasyRx.  As long as you open patients from Edge first, you'll be fine.
            • The integration does not auto-update appointment dates for EasyRx prescription already [Saved] or [Submitted] to your labs.
            • If the current appointment for a specific patient in EasyRx is later than the appointment date in Edge the appointment information will not updated in EasyRx. This is intentional behavior in case your staff forgets to update the appointment in Edge. 

            Explanation of codes:
            These data fields are passed from Edge to EasyRx:
            Field Descriptions:
            {PatientGUID} - the internal assigned patient ID
            {PatientID} - the Patient ID, like 08151074
            {PatientFirstName} - the first name of the patient
            {PatientLastName} - the last name of the patient 
            {PatientBirthdate} - the patient birth date
            {NextApptDateTime} - the date and time of the next future scheduled appointment for the patient
            {NextApptMinutes} - the length, in minutes of the next future scheduled appointment. 
            {NextApptTypeCode} - the appointment type of the next future scheduled appointment
            {NextApptTypeDesc} - the scheduled location of the next future scheduled appointment

            If you have questions or need help configuring the integration, please contact us.


            The EasyRx Team

            Updated: 13 Sep 2018 09:21 PM
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