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            Setup and using Dental Parts and Dental Part Options

            Support of Dental Parts and Part Options
            EasyRx now support certain dental parts and options like shade, characteristic, margin and pontic:

            New Dental parts added:

            • Bridge
            • Bridge Connector
            • Dental crown
            • Ceramic Crown 
            • Porcelain fused to metal Crown 
            • Gold Alloy Crown
            • Metal Crown 
            • Implant crown
            • Resin Provisional Crown
            • Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crown 
            • Non-precious Metal Crown
            • Full Contour Zirconia Crown
            • PMMA Provisional Crown
            • Precious Metal Crown
            • Ball Abutment
            • Implant Abutment
            • Implant Screwdown Abutment
            • implant Cementable Abutment
            • Inlay
            • Onlay
            • Pontic
            • Screwdown Implant Drown
            • Temporary
            • Veneer
            • Porcelain Veneer
            • Composite Veneer
            • Instant Veneer
            • Removable Veneer
            • Diagnostic Wax Up
            • Processed Tempories
            • Putty Matrix
            • Prep Guide

            To enable dental part options, go to Parts --> Options:

            There is also a new configuration screen Part Options Lookup which allows you to build lookup lists and assign to multiple parts. For example, you can create a lookup for Implant Manufacturer and assign this as a lookup to the different implant parts. 
            Updated: 30 Oct 2018 06:07 AM
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