Setup and Using the EasyRx -- FormLabs Preform integration

            Effective with the December 2017 update to EasyRx, EasyRx now integrates with FormLabs Preform software, allowing you to easily select based STL files in EasyRx and open these files in PreForm. 

            Integration Notes:
            • The integration can be enabled on any machine with Preform installed 
            • Preform Version 2.14 or higher recommended
            • The Integration requires the EasyRx Web Extension to be installed on each machine with the integration enabled
            • The EasyRx Web Extension is supported on Chrome and FireFox. 
            • If you run both Chrome and FireFox on the same machine, the web extension installer must only be run one time. 
            Enabling the integration 

            • For practices, go to Account Settings -- 3rd Party Integrations and move the slider to the on position under FormLab PreForm
            • For labs, go to Configure --> 3rd Party integrations and move the slider to the on position under FormLab PreForm

            When the integration is enabled, EasyRx automatically downloads the EasyRx Web Extension installer.  After the installer has finished downloading, click open to run the installer. Reminder: The EasyRx Web Extension must be installed for the integration to work.

            Follow the instructions to run the installer. It will only take a few seconds for the installer to complete. Once the Web Extension is properly installed, the integration is ready to go.

            NOTE: The EasyRx  Web Extension is only compatible with PCs. It is currently not compatible with MAC OS platform. 

            Using the integration 
            You can access the integration from the View STL Print List Screen and when viewing Patient Information:

            Using the integration from the View STL Print Print Screen
            Go to the EasyRx 3D - View STL Print List Screen 

            This loads the STL Print List screen:

            From this screen, select the files to be printed by clicking the appropriate checkbox and click the Preform icon.   EasyRx will launch Preform software and "pass in" the selected STL files.  One click to open files for 3D printing!  

            Using the integration from the Patient Screen:
            To use the integration from the patient screen,  lookup the patient, click View and scroll down to the File Uploads section.  You will see the Preform logo next to each file in the File Uploads section.
            Click the PreForm logo on the row of the file you wish to open to launch the integration.   

            For example, to open the 4MMWALL_HOLLOW.STL file, click the PreForm logo on that row. 

            When the logo is clicked, this automatically open PreForm and passes in the STL to the PreForm software. 

            Opening Multiple Files from the Patient Screen:
            To multiple STL files, leave Preform software open, go back to EasyRx and click the logo on the row of the file you wish to open. This will pass in additional STL files to the already open copy of EasyRx:

            Have questions? Need help with setup?  Don't hesitate to contact us.


            The EasyRx Team

            Updated: 20 Sep 2018 04:08 AM
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