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View up-to-the-minute information on service availability of EasyRx. If you are experiencing a real-time, operational issue with one of our services, please contact us for help.

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      • EasyRx Real Time Server Status

        Click on the link to for up-to-the-minute information on the service availability of EasyRx.   If you are experiencing a real-time, operational issue with one of our services, please contact us for help. EasyRx Real Time Server Status
      • Daily Support and Training Call at 4PM EST

        The EasyRx Support and Training Team get together daily at 4 PM EST to review open support issues and review the training schedule for the next day.  This call is Monday - Thursday at 4 PM EST for 30 minutes. There is no call on Friday. Also, on Monday's at 4PMEST, we have a company conference call, we call the General Stand-Up, where the entire company joins the call to get together as a team. We review all that is going on at EasyRx and Jenmar and discuss the coming week.    During these calls,
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      • April 7th Updates and Enhancements

        We recently released new updates and enhancements to EasyRx! You can find all updates and enhancements at: https://support.easyrxortho.com/portal/en/kb/articles/software-enhancements-updates-and-bug-fixes-2022 EasyRx Automation changes: - New Trimming
      • February 2022 Updates and Enhancements

        NEW FEATURES, ENHANCEMENTS, AND UPDATES New features: New Lab Tracker Enhancement: Cases can be checked-in & completed New Connect lab Enhancement: Connect lab accounts now also undo-check ins on Rxs. New Lab Enhancement: Update Internal Practice Emails
      • December 2021 Updates and Enhancements

        We recently released some great new updates and enhancements! Here is a quick overview of what went out in this release. • Free cutting plane is now out; allows users to place multiple cutting planes at and adjust the angle of the cut per plane. • Rx
      • Phone System is

        Hello everyone! Our phone system is working again, but the 888 is not ringing into the system, please call 352-376-2285 or open a chat or email support@easyrxcloud.com for support requests/issues. Thank you for the understanding, EasyRx Support
      • Cloud 9 Integration Changes - October 28, 2021

        Attention – Cloud 9 Customers – Updated Integration Changes Posted On October 28, 2021, we re-posted the new changes to the Cloud 9 – EasyRx integration. These changes will help link your patients in EasyRx with your patients in Cloud 9. Please check