Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2019

Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2019

December 21, 2019

Filtering now on Mark Cases as Shipped Tab
On all Commercial Lab accounts, we've added filtering to Mark Cases as Shipped tab.   You can now filter by

Production Location (if enabled)

You can also save Favorite Views

A few other tweaks and enhancements to other  "issues":
  1. We fixed an issue where Comments on templates were not properly copied to prescriptions 
  2. We fixed an issue where Comments could not be deleted from templates
  3. The [Clear All] button now removes tags along with parts, annotations and sketches
  4. We fixed a few filtering issues on the Aligner Tracking Dashboard, including filtering by Production Location, Printed and Delivered
  5. We fixed an issue on the One Page Universal Lab Prescription Form where multiple patient alerts displayed poorly
  6. We fixed an issue on Invisalign Tracking Labs, where Favorite Views did not save properly
  7. We fixed an issue with the SSO login and the RoboForm password storage program.  RoboForm users, it is a requirement to use the RoboForm multi-step login process.  
    More information here:
  8. We fixed an issue on the Favorites tab where the number of rows to show reset after sorting a column 
  9. We fixed a cosmetic issue where long files names displayed incorrectly on the patient page
  10. We fixed a few issues with tags on prescriptions, including tags now placed by the practice show to the selected lab, if applied from a lab prescription. 

New Parts

Bite Block

Theroux Retainer 
The Theroux Retainer can now be placed from the 5s to the 6s. Previously, it was placed around the 6s.

November 29, 2019
This is a summary of the exciting new changes introduced in our latest update. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword on this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

iTero Integration now available from Patient Information
You can now attach iTero scans from the patient record in Patient information. It is no longer is it required to create a Rx to access the iTero. if needed or if you prefer, go to patient information to attach scans. 

  1. iTero scans attached from the patient screen are automatically uploaded and automatically optimized, like iTero scans attached to Rxs
  2. Available on Practice Premium and Practice 3D Standard Subscriptions
EasyRx Aligner Tracking System 

We posted a few refinements to the Aligner Tracking System. On Commercial lab accounts, we've added the status of the Clinical Notification to the Aligner Tracking Dashboard, allowing you to easily see if a notification is sent and the status. 

We also fixed a couple of "issues":
  1. We fixed an issue where the Print Date and Contact Date did not properly update if the finish date was changed
  2. We fixed an issue where lab-created aligner prescriptions were not showing on the Aligner Tracking Dashboard

Email Bounce Notification 
To alert you on bounced emails, say for email notifications, we've added a pop-up notification that shows on login. The window alerts you to the bounced email address, and how to correct. 

Bug Fixes
We fixed a bug where comment entries on prescriptions may be lost, often caused by reviewing and editing prescriptions in two tabs simultaneously
We fixed an issue when enabling Dental Part Options did not properly enabld all features
We fixed an issue where tooth number was showing in palmer notation, instead of the selected notation on the Dental Part Option Screen

New Parts
We continue to expand parts in the Dental parts library

Removable Partial Denture 

  1. Supports Upper and Lower 
  2. Can be moved 7 to 7 or 8 to 8

Mesh Work

  1. Supports upper and lower arch
  2. This part can be placed multiple times on the same arch and adjusted in size as needed
Anterior-Posterior Palatal Bar


  1. Can be placed Upper Arch Only
  2. Can be moved to the 7s or 8s.
Digital Wax Up

  1. Can be placed on any tooth upper and lower
  2. If Dental Part Option is enabled, the multiple select tooth grid displays, for easy placement

Transforce Expander 

  1. Can be placed on Upper and Lower Arches
  2. Can be moved to 7 ors 6s.

Lingual Half Wrap

  1. Upper Ony
  2. Can be moved 5 - 8, right and left

Facial Button

  1. Can be upper and lower
  2. Can be placed on any tooth

November 9, 2019

This is a summary of the exciting new changes introduced in our latest update. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword on this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

EasyRx Aligner Tracking System
Introducing the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System, allowing Aligner Cases, like In-House Aligner Cases to be tracked, including a number for the entire treatment and number of trays printed and delivered in each batch

For Aligner Prescriptions, you access the Aligner Tracking System via the link displayed on the Dashboards:

Or when viewing an Aligner Prescription:

Aligner Notification Dashboard 
We've added a new Aligner Notification Dashboard to help track your Aligner Cases. This dashboard only displays Aligner cases.

Some notes:
  1. The Aligner Tracking System is available to Practice Premium customers and Lab 3D Standard, Premium and Enterprise customers. 
  2. The EasyRx Aligner Tracking System is available on all Aligner Prescriptions
  3. The Aligner Tracking System can be set up by the practice on all Aligner Prescriptions submitted to an In-house Lab or an Internal Tracking Lab 
  4. The Aligner Tracking System can set up by the commercial lab on all aligner Prescriptions submitted to Commerical labs.
  5. Default settings are configured on the Aligner Tab under In-House Lab Set-Up
To review the Aligner Tracking System in detail, please watch the EasyVid on the Aligner Tracking System

We realize this is a big new feature. We're here if you have any questions. The EasyRx team
Duplicate Patient Tool 
We've added a Duplicate Patient Tool to allow duplicate patient records to be combined into one record.  No longer is it required to contact our support team to fix duplicate patients.   Go to Account Settings -- Merge Duplicate Patients to access the tool:

Bug fixes:
  1. We fixed a few login issues with Internet Explorer related to our recent Single Sign On Changes
October 24, 2019

This is a summary of the changes introduced in our latest update. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword in this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

Changes to the Dolphin Management Treatment Card Integration
We made a couple of changes to the Dolphin Treatment Integration

1. When a comment is posted in the Dolphin Tx card it should now contain the name of the Template used in that Rx.

       2. You can optionally choose to display the location when a comment is posted in the Dolphin Tx card indicating that an Rx was marked as Received.  

Go to Account Settings -- 3rd Party Integrations to enable. 

Favorite Views now available for Labs
We've added Favorite View to our Connected, Standard and Enterprise Lab accounts.    On the Main Dashboard, a new Favorites Tab is visible. You can create custom Filters and save these as Views.  You can even set your preferred default View.

Fixes applied to filter issues

The In-House Lab view should no longer be loading All Dates by default, but only the past 30 Days.

Selecting a Lab on the Stats>Parts filter should no longer cause an error.

General Program Fixes

  1. We fixed an issue where adding comments from the Rx History screen removed previous comments. You can now only add Comments from the most recent version of the Rx.
  2. We fixed a couple of issues with the new Single Sign-On, including an issue preventing lab techs from signing in to commercial lab accounts

New Parts

Wing Retainer - Zircona


Lingual Button

A change was made to the Soldered C-Clasp allowing it to be dragged onto the lower central incisors

September 26, 2019

This is a summary of the changes introduced in our latest update. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword in this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

EasyRx now supports Single Sign On
  • The EasyRx Login screen now supports additional login types like Single Sign On:Your EasyRx user-name and password is NOT changing, only the login screen.
  • If you are interested in enabling SIngle SIgn On using Microsoft Active Directory, please contact support

September 16, 2019

envisionTEC envisionOne RP Integration now supported from lab logins
We added support of the envisionTEC envisionRP software for lab logins.  Go to Configure --> 3rd Party Integrations to enable

The Build Style Name can be found in the Envision One RP software.  

September 6, 2019

This is a summary of the changes introduced in our latest update. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword in this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

We have made several changes to how SureSmile files behave in EasyRx 3D:

  1. Attachments are no longer removed during EasyRx Optimized 
  2. Attachments are no longer  removed during trimming
  3. Attachments are no longer removed when adding drain holes
  4. SureSmile models should no longer have teeth disappear after trimming
  5.  Labels added in EasyRx 3D should no longer go missing after saving the model

Fixes have been applied to the new Electronic Bracket Removal feature

  1. You can now re-save EasyRx based models
  2. Undoing Artifact Removal steps should no longer undo the EBR work that was done
  3. Changing the base or label should no longer undo the EBR work that was done

Two issues have been fixed with the undo completed action for the In-House Lab

  1. When the Rx is marked as completed if the user views the Rx the option to do undo-completed should now be there
  2. Marking a case as completed from the patient profile then undoing the completed status from the user profile should now always successfully undo the completed status
August 30, 2019

envisionTEC envisionOne RP Integration now supported
We have worked with the team at envisionTC to add support of envisionOne Software, which comes with the envisionOne CDLM Dental series.  If you have a envisionOne printer, you'll need to install the last EasyRx Web Extension to access the integration.

1. Go to Control Panel -- Programs and uninstall any existing versions of the EasyRx Web Extension
2. In EasyRx, go to Account Settings -- 3rd Party Integrations --> Enable Envision One RP integration and enable the integration by moving the slider to the on position. This will prompt to install the EasyRx Web Extension.  Follow the instructions to install the Web Extension

Also, yo must specify the default buildstyle name in the Envision One RP software.  This can be found in Envision One software

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Other program changes:

  1. We fixed a bug where 3D Standard labs were unable to un-submit a case
  2. We added more enhancements to the EasyRx -- Magic Touch Integration 
  3. We fixed a report issue reported on Enterprise lab accounts

August 21, 2019

Regional Currency Now Supported

EasyRx now supports regional currencies, to better support our expanding international customer base. Adding regional currencies allows the labs pricing (both commercial and in-house) to show their pricing in the proper currency.  

It is very easy to enable your preferred currency on your accounts.
For In-House labs, go to Account Settings -- In-House Lab -- Local Currency. For Commercial Lab, go to Configure -- Set Pricing Currency.

Program Fixes
  1. We fixed an issue where files with a .STL extension were downloaded, instead of opened in EasyRx 3D, when clicked
  2. We fixed an issue in EasyRx 3D where after saving a model and returning to edit the model, the [Save] button no longer worked
  3. We fixed an issue where if a model was based and labelled, then had brackets removed, the model did not save
  4. We fixed an issue where printing the Favorites dashboard inadvertently included any EasyRx alert displayed on screen
  5. We fixed an issue with the In-House Lab Dashboard where sorting by the Status column was non-responsive
New Parts 

Torque Spring

U-Shape (Horseshoe) Connector

July 26, 2019

This is a summary of the changes introduced in our latest update. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword in this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

Commercial (External) Labs can now Unsubmit an Rx

Commercial Labs are able to unsubmit Rxs, meaning they can return the case back to the practice so that changes can be made to that Rx on the Practice's end. If the Lab cannot proceed with making this case without specific information that is missing, they can unsubmit the case. Unsubmitting the case changes the status from Submitted and moves it to the  Practice's Saved category, where they will then be able to further edit the Rx and make any changes needed.

There is also an alert notification that will let you know if a Commercial Lab unsubmits a case (outlined below). You can set up this alert notification so that you don't even need to be logged into EasyRx in order to be made aware of this.

New Alert Notification for Cases Unsubmitted by a Commercial (External) Lab

We have introduced a new alert notification that will tell you if any Rx has been Unsubmitted from any of your Commercial Labs. In order to set this up, log in to EasyRx with the admin login, go to Account Settings up at the top, and then click on Alert Notifications. Down near the bottom it will let you add this notification, and then you can specify the method with which you'd like EasyRx to make you aware of this activity. If you have any questions about how these notification methods behave, or if you're not sure what your admin login is so that you can make these changes, please reach out to Support.

Favorite views are now available under the In-House Lab tab

We've introduced the Favorites option to the In-House Lab page. Filter your cases however you like by sorting by the various columns on the In-House Lab page, and then click Save View As in order to save that as a view in your Favorites List.

One of your In-House Lab's Favorite Views can be set as the Default view

After creating a Favorite View under your In-House Lab page, you can save that view as the Default view, so that whenever you load the In-House Lab page it will sort the cases by whatever view you want to have it default to.

Favorites List now sorts alphabetically 
The Favorites list dropdown now sorts in alphabetical order as shown below.

Favorite views can now be deleted

We have also made a change so that Favorite views that have been created can now be deleted. As shown below, if you click on the name of your Practice in the top-right corner and go to Account Settings, you should see a new option "Favorite Views". This page will let you delete Favorite views that were previously created.

Miscellaneous Items in Update

- Clicking on non-3D files attached to Rx will no longer open EasyRx 3D. The file is now opened in a second tab. 

- When you embed a link into an Rx and then press "Open URL" before saving you should no longer get redirected to an error page

- For a period of time when a patient file was uploaded via the patient profile, the listed row did not look to extended all the way to the right like it displayed before. This fix was applied and there should no longer be a display issue when doing this.

- After saving a Favorite View as the default view, the message that pops up has changed from "Saved!" to "The current Favorite View is now the default Favorite View"

New Changes to the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts & Appliances

Sage Clasp

A new clasp, Sage clasp, has been released. This part offers some movement, and can be positioned on the 4s or the Es.

Lingual Bar

We've added the part "Lingual Bar" to the Universal Library. This new part can be moved all the way back to the 8s if needed (by dragging the blue circles).

Distal Extension

The Distal Extension can now be moved to the lower arch. This part comes with the ability to drag the extension back to the 7s.

When adjusted Compact RPE should now update position listed

We encountered a bug where the Compact RPE (part 504) would not update the positioning listed in the Rx notes when adjusted. When the graphic for the Compact RPE is moved it will now correctly update the position on the Rx (ex. UR6xUL6), giving an accurate description of where the drawing of the part is in the Rx workspace.

June 20

Favorites tab on Main Dashboard (Practices)

We've added a new Favorites Tab on the Main Dashboard.   The Favorites tab allows you to create and save your Favorite Views.  Saving Time when filtering cases. 

To create a new Favorite View, filter the Dashboard as needed, than select [Save View As] to save the View:

Click the Dropdown to select and load your favorite views:

Finally, you can set a default Favorites View.  After loading your preferred defaults favorites view, click [Set as Default] to set the current view as the default view:

Here is a link to a short video on the new Favorites tab:  

Save Favorite Views on In-House Lab Dashboard

You can now save Views on the In-House Lab dashboard, like the Main Dashboard.  Filter the dashboard to your preference and click [Save View As] to save the view. 

Once your View is saved, select from the drop down to load the results of the saved view:

Here is a video on the In-House Lab Favorites feature:

New Invisalign Tracker Lab

We've added more features to the Invisalign Tracker Lab, to better support and track Invisalign cases.

We have made changes to both the Practice and Lab login

1.     Cases submitted to the Invisalign Tracker Lab now display a different Workflow Bar, specific to the Invisalign Workflow:

2.      The Workflow buttons are now clickable and the workflow buttons display on the left window pane:

3.       Working from the Invisalign Tracking Lab login, you can change the status of the case, including marking the case as Submitted

4.      We've added the "iTero Recent Scans" view to the Invisalign Tracker Lab login, to help you review iTero scans.  

5.      When editing a case, from a practice or Invisalign Tracker Lab login, you can enter a Invisalign Case Number.  This case number is displayed when viewing or printing the case:

Other enhancements to the Invisalign Tracker Lab

-The All Submitted tab has been renamed to All Cases.   
-The All Cases tab shows cases in the these statuses:
  1. Saved
  2. Scanned
  3. Submitted
  4. Shipped
  5. Received
-The Dashboard now shows the Status Column and you can now filter on Status:

-There following tab are removed, as they are not needed:
  1. Digital Submitted
  2. Physical Submitted
  3. Checked-In Cases 

Other changes released:

  1. We made a few changes to the EasyRx Web Extension to properly support TLS 1.1 and 1.2, even if the local machine is current on Windows updates
  2. We're renamed Impression By to Scan / Imp By
  3. We fixed a bug where changing the selected lab when creating a Rx, the Ship Date Automation Dates did not properly load.
Tongue Guard with Loops

Lingual Bar

We have removed the Denture part and replaced with Partial Denture Upper and Lower

April 15

Dolphin Management Treatment Card Integration Changes
We've added options to show or hide the EasyRx Comments in the Dolphin Treatment Card. On the 3rd Party Integration tab, in the Enable Dolphin Treatment Card Integration section, you will see these options

You can enable / disable as preferred.

NOTE: The changes impacts already enabled integrations.

Program Changes

More Part Categories Added
We've added more Categories to support the expanding library of dental parts we are adding.  You will now see

  1. Dentures
  2. General Dental
  3. Implants
  4. Restorative
When working from the Saved tab, if you delete a Rx, the page now returns to the Saved Tab. Previously, it returned to the Submitted Tab
We disabled auto fill on the Create Rx One Page Form
We fixed an issue where template comments did not save when applied from a template

New Parts
Ripple Plus

March 25

Program Changes 
For Dolphin Management customers, a Comment entry is now displayed when a prescription is marked as Received back from the lab. Comment entries are now displayed when the case is submitted, received and delivered to the patient

Program Fixes
  1. We fixed an issue inadvertently where the "state of the sort" was not saved when viewing a Rx and hitting the back button.  
  2. We fixed an issue where "Show 100" on the Dashboard, running Internet Explorer, did not show the proper number of records
  3. If a staff person is deleted, they are now longer removed from any previous Rxs. The staff record is now marked as inactive; it can't be selected on new prescriptions, but is not removed from historical Rxs. 

New Parts
AdvancSynch M2M  now supports moving the bands to the 5s. 

Braided Lingual Retainer w / Tray

I-Bar and Y-Clasp
We continue to expand our dental parts library. The I-Bar and Y-Clasp have been added. Each can be moved to any tooth, upper and lower

March 11 

Program Changes
  1. We worked on the readability of the printout of the lab dashboard
  1. For labs, if the security flag Disable CheckIn Prescriptions is checked, the user can't do "Written CheckIn".
New Parts

Mesial, Distal, Buccal and Lingual Rest Seat

For AOA Customers, the Memotain can now be moved to the Upper

Mara movement changes
The Mara can now be moved 4,5, 6 and 7 upper and lower

February 21

The Received Filter is now defaulted to No on the Checked In, Shipped and Completed tab:

For a Lab users, we added two new security rights to the Clerical login:

  • Disable Check-In Prescriptions.

    If this option is checked, the user can't Check-In Prescriptions 

  • Disable Mark Cases as Shipped
    If this option is checked, the user can't Mark cases as shipped

Practice Management Integration Changes

For our  Dolphin / Ortho2 / topsOrtho customers, we've adding a information message when manually adding patients, to avoid the risk of creating duplicate patients. 


  • We fixed an issue with with EasyFS where if two files with the same caused EasyFS to open the wrong file
  • We fixed a issue where the Resets Diagram could show the incorrect tooth numbers in certain situations
  • We fixed an issue where showing 8s on Appliances was not working properly
  • We've added the Lab Logo to the printed prescription form 

New Parts

Prezurve - Upper and Lower 

We have added the Prezurve Upper and Lower part to the AOA Parts Library 

Distal Finger Close 

Rest Seats 

We've added 4 new dental parts as we expand our library of Dental Parts:

  • Distal Rest Seat
  • Mesial Rest Seat
  • Lingual Rest Seat
  • Buccal Rest Seat

Full Denture - Upper and Lower 

January 25

iTero Scan Status now displayed on Recent Scans List

To provide more information on the status of iTero scans, the scan status is now displayed on the Recent Scans List.  If the Status is Completed, the scan is ready for download. If the scan is not ready, for example, a Ortho Modelling scan, it displays Ortho Modelling.  The integration can not download Ortho Modelling scans until they are complete, which sometimes takes 2 or 3 days.

Need by default sort order changed

We changed the default sort order on the Needed Soon tab so the cases due sooner are at the top of the list by default.  Previously, the default was to show to cases furthest out by default.

URL now displays on Lab Accounts 

The URL link added to prescriptions now displays on all lab accounts, allow lab users to view, click and edit the URLs:

FDI Tooth Numbering System

We've added some of the FDI Tooth Numbering System, for our international users:

You can enable this for the entire practice or for specific doctors.  Go to Account Menu -- Account Settings -- Account Options --> Default Tooth Numbering System to set for the practice. Go to Account Menu -- Account Settings -- Profile -- Edit Doctors to set the default by doctor.

GB used now displayed on Billing Page (Practices)

Other Fixes and minor tweaks:

  • We continue to work on performance.  We introduced a few changes to (hopefully) improve loading speed on the Lab Dashboards
  • We added another ITero Integration Server to handle the increase in iTero scans being attached to Prescriptions. 
  • We fixed a bug with the EasyRx -- MoonRay / SprintWare integration.   If you are having trouble with the MoonRay integration, reachout to the Support Team and they can help you install the new EasyRx Web Extension 
  • We fixed a bug where the "right ribbon" sidebar was printing by mistake on practice accounts
  • We added more data validation to the Date Needed field on Lab Enterprise accounts, prevening 00/00/0000 dates from being entered when doing Written CheckIn
  • We added a Credit Card update screen that automatically displays if the CC on file fails twice.  
  • We made a few tweaks to the EasyRx -- MagicTouch integration 
  • A bounce message is now displayed when a Alert Notification fails due to a invalid email address. You are instructed how to correct the issue in the message.
  • When using the One Page Rx form, if you attempt to submit a case and any comments have not been saved, you are now warned to save and submit or cancel and edit the comment


New Parts:

4 Banded RPE without Lingual Arms


January 8

New Screen Mark Cases as Rec/Dec
To make it easier and faster to mark several cases as received or delivered, we've added a new tab to the Practice Dashboard, Mark Cases as Rec/Del.  This screen allows you to select multiple cases that need to be marked as Received or Delivered.    

Check the box next to the cases you wish to mark as received or delivered and click the appropriate button. If you are multi location, when mark cases as received, you'll be prompted to select the location.  

Patterson Eaglesoft Integration -  Beta

We are very excited to begin initial beta testing of our new Patterson Eaglesoft Integration. The integration links Eaglesoft with EasyrRx, Using the integration, you can 
  • Create Patients
  • Open existing patients
  • Easily Create Rx for patients

Please contact us if you are a Eaglesoft customer and are interested in beta testing!
Template Comment Displayed
Template comments added to a patient prescription when a template is applied now show "Template Comment". Previously, the date the comment was added to the template displayed, which was confusing:

We added a Print Button to the In-House Lab Dashboard

For labs, we now display the Practice Note when Viewing or Editing a Rx:

We fixed an issue on the Practice Dashboard with filtering on location.
The Location filter is filtering on Ship To Location, but the Location column being displayed in the Appt Location.  It can appear as if the wrong information is begin displayed if the Ship To and Appt Location are different.  For example, in this screen shot, the Location filter is set to Woodstock, which is the Shop To location, but the patients Appt Office is Atlanta.   To help clarify, we changed the label to Appt Office:'

All Practice accounts can now mark Standard Price to hide by default
All practice accounts now have access to the new option Hide Standard Price.  It can be found on the Account Options page

When this option is enabled, the Standard Price is hidden when Editing or Viewing a Prescription.  This allows you to show the page to the patient without displaying the lab pricing.

Other Program Fixes and Refinements
  • We made some changes to loading of the Practice Dashboard to improve how the Dashboard loads
  • We fixed an issue where not all records were printing when printing from the Main Dashboard
  • We fixed an issue where when printing for the Needed Soon tab, the Delivered column was not printing
  • We fixed an issue with Show 10/50/100 on the Template page, which the show 10 would show every template on one page
  • We fixed an issue where Cases marked as received did not show on the different tabs on the left side of the Dashboard.
  • We fixed an issue where the Create Rx button in the iTero Recent Scans page opened the 3 page Create Rx Form instead of the One Page Rx From
  • We fixed an issue where when Create Rx is opened from the Patient page, the Bill To option did not display if submitting the case to a Enterprise lab
  • We made it more clear the Date Needed is empty if a case fails to submit due to a invalid Date Needed 
  • We fixed an issue with the iTero integration where cases failed to attach if in OrthoModeling Status
  • We fixed an issue where the Saved tab was displaying all saved cases, but the count was on showing count for saved cases last 30 days
  • For Practice Premium customers, we added the count of submitted cases to the In-House lab on the Billing page
Parts and Appliances 

Motion Essix:
We added a Motion Essix which is a Essix with a movable cut-out .

If you want to checkout last years work, visit the Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2018 KB 

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