Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2020

Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2020

Welcome to the Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes 2020 - Knowledge-base article.
This is a summary of the exciting new changes and corrections introduced in 2020.  This KB is updated as each update is released.   If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword on this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

Visit the EasyRx Updates and Information KB Section in the Help Center to access all previous What's New KB articles

As always, we're available to help and answer questions.

The EasyRx Team

December 17, 2020

We posted several bug fixes, minor tweaks, and a few new parts on the 17th:

-We fixed an issue where editing the Date Needed on a submitted Rx did not save
-We fixed a typo where calendar was misspelled on the Ship Date Automation page
-We fixed an issue when running EasyRx in IE, where changes on the Aligner Tracking System page did not save
-We fixed an issue where Holidays did not properly save on Ship Date Automation with dd--mm-yyyy format enabled. 
-We fixed an issue when linking the script view page from the patient pae to upload interface displayed the patent's view page upload section

Palatal Strap

Resta Clasp
Now supports mobility to Upper and Lower 5 - 8s

Occlusal Face Mask Hooks

You can now flip the hook on the Occlusal Face Mask Hook:

December 11, 2020

Introducing Custom Aligner Fields

As more and more labs and practices introduce clear aligner solutions, we've been asked to enhance the EasyRx Aligner Form to support more customizations.  With this release, we are introducing Custom Aligner Fields, which includes:

Add customer Aligner Fields to your aligner form, choosing from 5 custom field types:
  1.       Dropdown
  2.       Checkbox
  3.       Checkbox Group
  4.       Radio Buttons
  5.       Text Box
Enable the Patient Images tab to upload up to 8 patient images to the aligner form 
Enable the X-Rays tab to upload up to 2 x-rays to the Aligner Form 

Custom Aligner Fields are configured under Aligners in your lab setup:

For a deeper introduction, please check out the EasyVid on Custom Aligner Fields:

Cloud 9 Integration Change
For our Cloud 9 customers, we've enhanced the integration to  write a comment entry to the Cloud 9 Tx Card when an EasyRx prescription is marked as Received

December 5, 2020

We fixed a few issues and pushed out new parts on December 5th.

We small tweak, we added the 2020 Ortho Innovator Award to the login page. 

Issues Addressed
We fixed an the duplicate file issue where duplicate files were displayed on patient charts. 
We fixed an issue with Favorite Views on the practice dashboard where the saved filters for a Favorite were not always loaded
We fixed an issue causing a large space to appears at the bottom of the Aligner and IDB pages
We fixed an issue with the Production Calender causing incorrect counts. Production Calender is available on the Lab Enterprise subscription 


Leaf Expander

Lingual Half Wrap
We added an option to the Lingual Half Wrap to remove buccal 5 coverage.  This is available as a part option 

Intrusion TPA
We added a part option to switch the loops to hooks, as needed

November 24, 2020

Needs Review 
We added a nifty Needs Review feature to practice accounts.  With Needs Review enabled a new Needs Review tab shows on the Practice Dashboard and users can be set to only save cases or submit for review.  We've received this request from a few of our University program and larger practice who wish to implement a review process before cases are submitted to labs.  

When the security setting is enabled on a user account, the user can only Save or Submit the Case for Review.  

To enable the feature, to to Account Settings -- Account Options:

Once enabled, go to individual users and enable this flag:

iTero Refinements 
To prevent invalid iTero IDs, we now remove all spaces from the iTero IDs, and now only allow a 0-9 input to prevent invalid IDs completely. If you've been entering comments or short notes in the iTero Case Order ID field, we recommend using the "Other Cateogry" comment field.

We've improved the pagination on Recent iTero scans page, especially if multiple scans are marked as Hidden


New Part: Gelb
We added the Gelb appliance, which can be placed on the upper or lower

November 5, 2020

Option to show uLab Systems Cases on the In-House Lab Dashboard

As more and more practices implement uLab, we've had more request to show uLab cases on the In-House Lab, in addition to the Aligner Dashboard.  Go to the Account Settings - Prescription/In-House Dashboard Options. Once enabled, cases submitted to uLab will show on the In-House Lab Dashboard

iTero Integration Enhancement

When clicking Create from the iTero Recent Sceans, the Create Rx Button now confirms if a patient exists. If a patient with the same first and last name is found, a duplicate patient warning is displayed.


October 24, 2020

New DSC column on practice Dashboard

We've added a new column tot the Practice Dashboard "DSC".  This is a mouse over displaying the parts and appliances on the prescription. Move your mouse over the tooth graphic to display the pop-up.


New Part: Crozat Appliance (Anterior Part)

October 17, 2020

We fixed an issue where Doctors marked as Inactive, still showed in the Office dropdown.  Additionally, we added an option to include Inactive Doctors when viewing the dashboard, allowing you view prescriptions assigned to doctors marked Inactive. 

We released a number of "under the hood" changes in response to the feedback from Black Talon, our cybersecurity provider

October 12, 2020

New Feature: Switch Practice 

We enhanced our SSO Integration to support "Switch Practice". Switch Practice, a user can be assigned to multiple practices and access these practices without having to login/logout of each practice. When enabled a user switches between practices via the Switch Practice link at the top of the page. 

Tweaks and Fixes
  1. The Office and Doctor list now support alphabetically on practice dashboards

  1. You can now hide / Unhide Inactive User Accounts, making it easier to manage this list and staff leave the practice

    We fixed an issue where saved appointment information on prescription could not be deleted
  2. We fixed an issue on when editing Shipping Types on the Live Site (Lab Enterprise accounts)
  3. We fixed an issue with Templates where Billing Items were not included in the Template Price
  4. We fixed an issue where doctors marked as inactive, could not be changed to active
  5. We fixed an issue where the dashboard intermittently did not honor the show count
  6. We fixed an issue with Stats where if you applied on filter on the Models tab, an error message was returned
  7. We fixed an issue on the IDB Form where saving Buccal Tubes opetions did not save properly
Part Changes and Additions

Part Change: The Soldered Spur / Rest shortened 

New Part: Crozat Crib

October 4, 2020

Tweaks and Fixes
  1. We fixed an issue where Completed should be abbreviated with a D, not a C
  2. We fixed an issue where the Zip Code did not print on printed Rxs.
  3. When fixed an issue where tagged scripts submitted to an Invisalign Tracker Lab did not show under Tagged Scripts.
  4. We tweaked the iTero integration where when saved cases are submitted, the queue date is updated to "now" instead of when the case was first saved.  This is to fix the issue where iTero cases do not attach to cases saved for an extended period of time (longer than 14 days). 
  5. We fixed an issue with EasyRx 3D where in certain situations, using the Custom Base Height option, the area marked for trimming was not removed
  6. We fixed an issue where Bridge information was inadvertently displayed on the prescription
  7. We fixed an issue preventing tags from being reordered on Templates
  8. We fixed an issue with the Dolphin integration where international dates were not being properly formatted in EasyRx. 
  9. We fixed an issue where extra quotes displayed when viewing the Universal Library 
  10. We rolled out changes to support recent changes in our Magic Touch Integration 
Part Changes and Additions

New Part: Hybrid Anchor w/ TPA

Hybrid Hyrax w/ Distal Driver 

New Part: Ripple Plus 

New Part: Lingual Tube Attachment with Flip Option 

Change: We added a Flip Option to the Crozat Clasp

September 4, 2020

New Feature:  Additional Language Support
We've changed the internal infrastructure and database to support additional languages in EasyRx.  We are adding support for these languages:

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. Italian 
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Chinese (Simplified)
  7. Chinese (Traditional) 
Only English is available today, but If you are interested in enabling one of these languages on your system, please email us at  You can help us translate also!

August 17, 2020

New Part: Motion Essix (with cutout)

Part Enhancement; AdvancSynch M2M

The upper and lower on the AdvancSynch M2M can now be removed individually, i.e., you can remove the upper and leave the lower or vice versa.  

Part Enhancement: Lingual Half Wrap

You can now remove the left or right side of the Lingual Half Wrap, allowing for more flexibility.

August 7, 2020

New Feature: Bridge Creator Part

As more and more dental practices implement EasyRx, we've had requests to simplify creating a bridge prescription. We've added a new part Bridge Creator with special properties.  On the Vertical icon page on the right side of the Prescription Workspace, you'll see a new icon "Bridge Creator.  

Clicking the Bridge Creator icon enables "Bridge Creator Mode", which allows the teeth to include in the bridge. 

There are three steps to create a bridge:
1.      Click on the Bridge Creator Icon to go into Bridge Creator Mode
2.      Define the teeth for the bridge by clicking on the first tooth and dragging the part to define the bridge
3.      Add the parts to the bridge, like crown type, pontic, tc.

Optionally, labs can add lookup items to the Bridge Creator part.  However, the most common usage is to use the Bridge Creator Part to define the bridge and add the parts to make up the bridge.   For more information, watch this EasyVid on the Bridge Creator Part.

Added Drag and Drop To Favorites

We now support drag and drop from the Favorites list.  Previously, the Favorites list required you to click on a favorite part to add to a prescription; drag and drop is hopefully more intuitive and allows you to place the part on the preferred tooth. 

New Prescription Option: Set Fields as Read Only
You can set Patient First and Last Name and Date of Birth as Read Only.  You would choose this option if you have practice management integration enabled, and only want this information updated via the practice management integration:

New Part: Z Spring

The Z Spring can be added to the Upper and Lower Arch, any tooth

New Part: Upper Spring Retainer Bow

We've added the Upper Spring Retainer Bow for the Upper:

July 25, 2020
More Part Changes:

Archwire Spring
Supports upper and lower and movements as needed.

The Adams Clasp can now be moved to the 8s

New Part: Labial Bow w/ Arch Springs

July 21, 2020
We rolled out a couple part changes:

Twin Block now has option to remove wire on lower:

The Southend Clasp now supports a movement to the lower arch

July 11, 2020

We've enhanced the refinement tools available in Bracket Removal software in EasyRx 3D:

We've added two new refinement options:
  1. Blockout 
  2. Cutout
And the size and depth of each refinement can be adjusted, allowing for more flexibility when using each refinement tool 

We put together a short video on these enhancements:

Other Changes

  1. We tweaked the iTero integration to fetch URLs more often to resolve some re-export issues recently reported.

Part Changes 

New Part: Archwire Spring

New Part: Transpalatal Arch w/ Omega Loops

On the Lower Miniscope Telescopic Herbst, there is now an option to remove the lower lingual holding arch

The Invisible Retainer now supports movements to the 8s:

The 3D Lingual Arch now supports movements to the 5s

The Compact RPE now supports movements to the 4s.

June 18, 2020

EasyRx 3D Enhancements

We've added several "big new features" to EasyRx, including:

  1. EasyBase - User a horizontal cutting plane to set the trim path
  2. Angeled Base - define an angel before trimming to create an angled base.
  3. Chamfered Base - adds 45-degree notches on the back of the model.
  4. Larger Drain Holes - drain holes now are sized larger when placed.
  5. The vertical cutting plane is now set 90 degrees to the occlusal plane.

You can see all these changes in action in this EasyVid:  

Program Changes / Enhancements 
  1. We fixed an issue with the Last 90 date filter on the In-House Lab Dashboard
  2. We fixed an issue where, after viewing a case on the In-House Lab Dashboard, page 1 of the dashboards loads
  3. We fixed an issue where the "Show Count" list on the Patient Manager did not show the correct count selected
  4. We fixed an issue on Commerical Lab accounts where the Submitted and CheckedIn Filter did not pick up Submitted Cases
  5. We fixed an issue in the Part Admin Interface where images for new parts did not show
  6. You can now Show  / Hide Inactive Parts on the Parts List (Commerical and In-House Labs)

Part Changes 

New Part: Palatal Plate

May 23,  2020

Program Changes / Enhancements 
  1. We fixed a few cosmetic issues with the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System  
  2. Austria is now available in the Country dropdown, along with states
  3. We refined the Clinical Notification email, making it more obvious the email is information only, and to follow-up with the lab with questions.
  4. We removed all references to email address in the application.  
Part Changes 

New Part;  Seating Lug

New Part: Hybrid Anchor 

This part can be combined with other components, like tubes, bands etc to create specific appliances and templates as needed.

Buccal Arm -
 You can now the Buccal Arm to the 4 and 5s, in addition to the 3s

May 8, 20202

Date Needed can now be edited on cases submitted to uLab Systems Lab
As we continue to refine the EasyRx -- uLab Integration, we've enhanced the integration to now allow Date Needed to be edited on cases submitted to the uLab Systems Connected lab. This gives more flexibility in managing your uLab Cases.  

EasyConnect Platform Released
We released the new EasyConnect platform. EasyConnect is our new open platform integration platform allowing EasyRx and Jenmar to support more and more integrations.  The first integration will be EasyRx and Jenmar VisualDLP.   You can check out a really cool integration video here

Connected Lab Profile Tweaks
We continue to refine and tweak the EasyRx Lab Profile setup page.  Every EasyRx lab can (and should) set up their Lab Profile, which is displayed on the Connected Lab page for Practices.   In this release, we fixed a bug editing carousel images and now support international phone numbers.   You can read more about Lab Profiles in the Lab Profile KB article:

April 22, 2020

Practice Dashboard now defaults to Last 90 Days

During this unique time, prescription submission volume has declined significantly.  We've changed the default date range on the practice dashboard from Last 30 Days to Last 90 Days.  Once we return to "normal", we'll evaluate if switching back to Last 30 Days makes sense.

Part Change:

The Part RPE now supports a contoured lingual wire

April 21,  2020

Mark Cases as Unable to Deliver and On Hold
We've added two new tracking options to the "Delivered" Status:  Unable to Deliver and On Hold, in addition to Delivered. These new statuses offer more flexibility when managing the dashboard

We've also added new filtering options:

  1. [All] is now renamed to [Yes/No] and includes all statuses in Y or N Status
  2. [UTD] shows cases in Unable to Deliver Status 
  3. [Hold] - shows cases in On-Hold Status
  4. [All] - shows cases in all Statuses: Yes, No, Unable to Deliver, On-Hold 

Also, when viewing a prescription the link is now renamed to Set Delivery Status

Mark cases as Received and Re-Sterilized 
We've had feedback the management of inbound packages will change post COVID-19. To help, we've added a new option "Received and Re-sterilized", allowing you to track cases which cases have been received and which cases have been received and re-sterilized 

After a case is marked "Received and Re-sterilized", the icon displays next to the Y on the dashboard and on the Prescription View Page:

Also, there is now an option "Set Received Status" on the View Prescription Page.

Maintain Occlusion in EasyRx 3D
There is a new option when saving files in EasyRx 3D "Preserve Occlusion".  If selected, the file is saved in Occlusion

When models are saved in occlusion, the original bite registration is preserved so that the upper and lower STL files will maintain the occlusal relationship between the maxillary and mandibular scans. When models are not saved in occlusion, the occlusal plane will be adjusted to be parallel to the printer build plate.

Program Changes / Enhancements 
  1. On the Patient page, we have renamed Prescriptions Not Delivered to Prescriptions Not Delivered to Patient 
  2. We fixed an issue with editing Favorites under Account Settings
  3. We fixed an issue where the default lab options did not load properly when opening the Universal Lab Prescription Form.
  4. We fixed an issue where tags could not be applied to templates on partner labs like Invisalign Tracking Labs
  5. We fixed an issue where aligner prescriptions did not print properly when viewing and pricing the PDF of the prescription 
  6. We fixed an issue with the Lab Profile preventing the Lab image carousel from being edited

Part Changes 
  1. We've added mobility  to Upper 5s / E's on the spring Jet 
  2. The RPE now supports a contoured option on the lingual wire:

New Part;  UPA (Upper Power Arm)

Hybrid Hyrax w/ Buccal Arm

April 4,  2020

EasyRx 3D - New Label Size Options
EasyRx 3D now supports larger label sizes!  There are now three label sizes available in EasyRx 3D:
  1. Small - Is the current label size 
  2. Large - A larger label size
  3. Auto - allows the label size to be set by dragging the markers.  As the space between the markers increases, the label size increases 

Check out a short "how to" EasyVid here:

Tag order can now be organized

Previously, when adding tags to prescriptions, the order the tags displayed on the prescription was fixed and did not correspond to the order the tags were set on the template or added to the prescription. For example, you could add tags say Tag A, Tag B, Tag C, Tag D, but when viewing the tags, the may display in order of Tag D, Tag A, Tag B, Tag C, there was no defined order. Now, tags display in the order added to the prescription.  For example,  if the tags are added Tag A, Tag B, Tag C, Tag D, the tags displays in this order on the prescription:

iTero Integration Enhancement: Mark Scans as Hidden
We've had requests to support marking iTero scans as hidden on the iTero Recent Scans list.  Many practices use the list as a sort of "to do" list and allow want to see cases that need a prescription and hide the scans that don't.   

There is now an option to "hide" scans, displayed next to each scan and a checkbox to show or hide hidden scans. 
If "Show Hidden Scans on this page" is unchecked, scans marked as hidden are not displayed.
If "Show Hidden Scans on this page" is checked, hidden scans are displayed
Scans are not removed if marked as hidden; the scan is only hidden from view.  
Scans marked as hidden can be set to "show" to show the scan if "Show Hidden Scans on this page" is not checked

One note on a nuance of the feature:
The iTero Recent Scans list displays 10 scans per page.  The feature does not change the number of scans on each page; it is only showing or hiding scans on each page. Let's say on page 1 of your list of iTero Scans, one scan is marked as hidden and hide hidden scans is checked, only 9 scans will show on that page, but the next page will show 10 if none are marked as hidden on that page.  

Part Organization and Refinement Work
We've added a few enhancements to Parts and Part categories:

  1. Alternate Part Names now show in the Favorites View

  1. Thumbnail images should now show for all parts when mousing over the image

  1. Parts that have been marked as Inactive will no longer show in the parts list when creating a Rx
  1. Copy Dental Parts. You can now copy Dental Parts, to create a similar-looking part with a different name 

  1. Copy part is available on Restorative parts like crowns, implants, bridges.  Copying a part does the following:
    1. Creates a new part with a new name
    2.  Assigns the new part to the same category as the copy from part
    3. Activates the part;
    4. Copies any lookups assigned to the copy from part to the new par
We've renamed Categories to Category Manager and re-organized this screen.
Categories is now named Category Manager and is the first option displayed on the Library Options menu option

We've re-organized the screen and added links to simplify managing parts
  1. The Main Category now shows on the left
  2. Subcategories show on the right
  3. Each category displays these links:
    1. View: Open a view only view of the Category
    2. Edit: Opens a edit view of the Category
    3. Deactivate: Hides this category. Hidden categories do not show to the practice when creating prescriptions.  
    4. Parts: Opens a view listing all parts currently assigned to this Category.  When the Parts List is opened, you can edit the individual parts in the Category

Program Changes / Enhancements 
  1. We fixed an issue with orphan bin numbers on Lab Enterprise accounts
  2. Commercial Labs can now mark cases as Completed, in addition to Shipped

March 25, 2020

Edit Tags: Rename and change the color

When editing tags, you can now edit the name and change the color.  

Added Date Needed to the Save Tab
To help manage your list of saved cases, we've added Needed By Date to the Saved tab.  This column is sortable.

Program Changes / Enhancements 
  1. We re-released the feature to download multiple files from the patient file list.  Scroll down to the February 12, 2020 update notes with details
  2. We've added the UK State codes when the United Kingdom is selected as the country
  3. For Connected and 3D Standard labs, cases downloaded via the download feature can now be marked as shipped
  4. We've added a little graphic in the upper left showing our appreciation for customers.
New Part: Hybrid Hyrax w/TADS
We've added a few sleep apnea parts, and have a few more in process

New Part: Hybrid Hyrax w/ Facemask Hooks

Hybrid Hyrax w/Intrusion Hooks

Lower Occlusal Half Wrap on 6s

Ember Light

Hook Rest 
Hook rests can be placed on upper and lower

March 17, 2020

Mark Missing Teeth

You can now mark missing teeth.  The Resets tab is now Resets/Missing, select this tab to mark Missing teeth.  Choose Missing Teeth radial button and mark the missing teeth. Mark Teeth display in gray on the Prescription Workspace, and are displayed on the Prescription View 

Search by Bin Number

You can now search by Bin Number on the Dashboard.   Enter the Bin number to find cases. Works for both practices and labs

Other changes

  1. You can now Show or Hide Inactive Clinical Staff on the Clinical Staff page:

  1. We improved the scrolling of the Dental Part Option Window 
  2. The Pontic Part now moves to the 6s

February 12, 2020

Tracker Lab Enhancement: Mark Cases as Received from Dashboard
For practices using a Tracker Lab (say to track Invisialign or SureSmile Tracker Labs),  you can now mark Cases as Received from the Mark Cases as Shipped tab. Previously, this tab only supported marking cases as shipped.    

We also added more data filtering options, allowing you to focus on specific cases:

  1. All Cases returns All Cases not marked as Shipped or Received for the selected date range.
  2. Needed returns all cases with a Needed By date for the selected date range
  3. Submitted returns all cases with a Submitted Date for the selected date range
  4. Not Shipped returns all cases not marked as shipped for the selected date range
  5. Not Received returns all cases not marked as received for the selected date range
Download Multiple Files 
We've had more and more practices ask to easily download multiple STL to support in-house aligner workflow.   We've now added support to select and download multiple files from the patient file list.   

Select the checkbox next to the files to download and choose [Download File(s)] or [Download Zip]. Download File(s) downloads each file individually. Download Zip bundles the selected files into a zipf file and downloads a zip file.

Some notes:
  1. Files are downloaded to the default download folder set in your browser
  2. There is a handy [Select All] Checkbox at the top of the list, which clicked, all files are selected:

  1. If you plan to use the option to download multiple files, check your browser setting to turn off "prompt on each file".  Here is a sample screen shot from Chrome

Bug fixes: 
  1. We fixed an issue reported earlier this week where Chrome Build 79 or higher impacted the behavior of our autosave feature.  That being said, we always recommend saving work when possible. 
  2. We fixed a few filtering issues reported on Tracker / Partner Lab accounts like Invisalign, SureSmile, etc
  3. We fixed a bug where the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System was not enabled on internal Tracker labs.

February 1, 2020 

Production Location Enhancement
We continue to refine the Production Location Feature. In this release, we've added an automatic email notification when a Prescription is assigned to a Production Location.  For users of the type of Clerical, there is an option: If checked, email alert when Production Location is set on prescription.   When selected, when a prescription is assigned to a Production Location the user is assigned, a notification email is sent automatically to the email of the user

Here is the email notification:

Sent: Sunday, February 2, 2020 4:29 PM
Subject: The W Lab has assigned a case to you.
Importance: High

 Congratulations! The W Lab has assigned a case to you in EasyRx. Please login to review the case.

Thank you,

The EasyRx Team

Billing Items Now Display on the View Page

For our Enterprise Lab customers,  Billing Items now display on the View Page:

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  1. We fixed an issue with EasyRx 3D where labels added to the based model were placed backward and/or upside down.
  2. We fixed an issue on the Lab Dashboard where Statuses did not filter properly
  3. Internal tracking labs, like Invisalign Tracking labs, can now remove Practice tags.
  4. We made some cosmetic changes to the Dental Part Option lookup screen: 
    1. Each customer lookup is now outlined in black
    2. Multiple select questions now display without selecting a dropdown
    3. We tweaked the look and feel of each question for consistency.

New Part: Verification Jig
We've added a new dental Part Verification Jig:

January 26, 2020

Dental Part Category Refinements
To continue to expand our support of dental prescriptions, we renamed and added dental part Categories.  The Dental Part Categories are:
  1. General Dental
  2. Restorative
  3. Implants,
  4. Dentures. 
We're also assigning parts to the correct categories.  You'll also notice all parts now have an EasyRx Universal Parts and Appliances Number assigned. 

Dolphin Treatment Card Enhancements - Now Displays  Saved Prescriptions 

Many practices, as part of their regular prescription workflow, save prescriptions.  We've now added an option to show Saved Prescriptions in the Dolphin Treatment Card.   By default, this setting is enabled.  Go to Account Settings -- 3rd Party Configurations to disable

Blank Rx Warning Message
 Several labs requested we add a warning message if a "blank" prescription is submitted.  We've now added a warning message if a blank prescription is submitted Blank is defined as no parts, appliances, templates or models selected on the prescription.   You can still submit a blank prescription, you are only warned if you are doing so. 

EasyRx Aligner Tracking System (EATS) Refinements
We continue to tweak the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System (EATS) based on user feedback:

  1. You can set a number of trays on upper or lower 0, allowing say 7 trays on the upper to be configured and 0 on the lower
  2. We renamed the label Trays Printed in Batch to Models Printed in Batch.  Currently, printing of aligner trays is not possible; you print the model to make the trays.
  3. We renamed the label "Trays Remaining" to "Trays Remaining to be Delivered"
  4. We changed the formula on this field to Total Number of Trays - Trays Delivered in Batch. Previously, it was Total Number of Trays - Trays in Batch, which was not always accurate. 

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  1. We fixed an issue where annotations were not saved if files were uploaded to the Rx after the annotation was added.
  2. We fixed an issue where files saved in uLab intermittently caused EasyRx 3D to crash
  3. We fixed an issue where if the lab edited a submitted Rx and applied a template, practices comments were removed. 
  4. We fixed an issue where the "Last 30 Days" date filter only returned 29 days.  
  5. We fixed an issue where if a lab edits a saved Rx, and selects [Clear All], only Lab Tags are removed
  6. We fixed an issue where Editing an Appliance displayed incorrectly if multiple part option lookup were configured.
  7. On Lab Enterprise Accounts,  User Accounts of type "Technician" now see tags applied to scripts.
  8. On the practice billing page, the start and end date and time date of the current billing period is now displayed.

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