Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2021

Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2021

Welcome to the Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes 2010 - Knowledge-base article.

This is a summary of the exciting new changes and corrections introduced in 2021.  This KB is updated as each update is released.   If there is something in particular that you are looking for, you can search for a keyword on this page by clicking CTRL F on Windows, or Command F on Macs.

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As always, we're available to help and answer questions.

The EasyRx Team

Nov 18

Part Enhancement: Chessix movements supported
 Theroux Retainer, No Acrylic & Theroux Retainer support these movements. 

Enhancement: 3D Refinement tools now are supported on Easy Auto Based Models a long with labeling. 

Refinement tools for bracket removals were not compatible with labeling workflows with models that were automatically based.
They should be able to be used now.

Enhancement: STL Print list; STLs Should now import with teeth facing up
When users download the STLs from our STL Print list:

Bug Fix: Custom Aligner fields not loading 

For some users the Easy Custom Aligners were not loading when users could create an Rx. 
This should be resolved now. 

October 21

Enhancement: EasyRx Automated basing label change

Automated labels now are applied to the side of the models now. 
They were precious at the bottom of models. 

Enhancement: Bracket Removal button now redirects to the 3D Command Center

Our ABR button found on the Patient Rx or Patient Profile now redirects to the 3D Command center with that patients files only displaying so the users can select an automated service from here.

Bug Fix: Labels can now support special character combinations.

Tags like "(1) Emergency" would throw an error and not allow users to the tags , this is resolved now. 

October 7 

New Part: Diastema Closer

Enhancements: Quickly add tags & Tag sorting is sticky now

User can now quickly add Tags from the Dashboard or remove them by clicking on existing tags or the new "+" on the tag column. 

The Tag(s) sorting is now sticky per user session as well:

New Feature: Labs can create & invite practices with one button
When labs create a practice they can now create it & invite the practice at the same time now to make this process easier.

Enhancement: 3D Command Center UI Adjustment
We've widened our overall 3D Command center & widened the Messages column so users can read the automated system responses a bit easier. 

Bug Fix : ABR & ABS Files now appear on the STL Print list

When users would have the 3D Command Center process files for ABR and/or ABS the completed files would not show on the STL Print List, they should show now.

Bug Fix: Aligner tracking auto calculated dates should not be invalid any more

When users would manually change values on second batches in the EasyRx Aligner Tracker , they would get invalid dates. 

August 31

 Enhancement: Medit Patient name now displays on Rx

Bug Fix : Dental shaders are no longer hidden  

Bug Fix: Todays submitted Rxs would not show in last 30 , 60 & 90 days on Dashboards

Part change: Distal Finger Spring anchors are on the teeth of placement
We moved the anchor on our Distal Finger Spring part to provide a more accurate placement for the anchor.

Label Enhancement: Ship date now shows as an option

Performance update: iTero Exports improvements

Our iTero exports should be back to their regular export times we made changes to accommodate their server changes to handle load.

Bug Fix: Rxs submitted today not showing in 30, 60 and 90 day date range search

When practice users would filter by 30 , 60 or 90 days under All Submitted , the same day Rxs submitted did not show. They now show up on the dashboard.

August 12

New Feature: 3D Command Center

The 3D Command Center in EasyRx will allow users to have one command center for all EasyRx 3D tasks, including  Automated Services like Automated Bracket Removal,  and our new Automatic Basing feature.  

The 3D Command center will allow users to import files directly to their 3D Printers that have been through our Automated services like automated trimming , basing , labeling & bracket removal. 

The completed files should also display the history if the service request after its completed and users will be able to mark the files as printed like the STL Print list.

Users also have an Rx preview incase they would like to see the prescription that the scans is attached to. 

Users will also be able to request files to be processed through our automated services for automatic bracket removal , trimming , basing , labeling & drain holes through their account settings.

There will also be an on-demand feature if users would like to queue scans manually. 

If you would like this feature please contact or

New Feature: Logos display on Lab URL Logins 

New Feature: Patient Profile displays tags now on Rxs

Enhancement: Medit integration supports multiple users & displays the user names 

New Part: Leone Fast Back 

New Part: Spring Aligner w/ Lingual Extension Movement

New Part: Tremont Cantilever Herbst (with movement to the lower)

New Feature: OfficeID or QuickBooks ID now displays on Rx Print outs

New Feature: Scanner Integration with Medit Scans

Medit, a scanner brand that has been gaining popularity due to it's compact size, quick scan time and ease of use, now integrates with EasyRx to where scans captured with your Medit will now show up in EasyRx. 

When this Medit Recent Scans list is refreshed (either manually, or automatically after ~4 hours) and displays your newest scans, you can attach scans to the Rx OR create the Rx based off of the scan at the click-of-a-button.

Creating the Rx based off of the scans will fill in the Patient's name for you and have the scan automatically attaching to the Rx without you having to do anything.

This screenshot below shows where to add your Medit credentials. You'll have to login to EasyRx with your admin email and password, and then go to Account Settings>3rd Party Integrations. This is how it should look once you enter in the credentials for your Medit account that Medit can provide to you.

Enhancement: More Intuitive Color Chart Selections, showing Limited Selections for that Design

When a color chart is uploaded to allow you to select acrylic colors when filling out an Rx, the tile selections will now reflect what choices are available.

You'll need to put in a request for us to make these color combinations available, and by default multiple colors will not be able to be selected until this is added by to.

The notes section under that acrylic selection box can be used for instructions, or the Lab/In-House Lab can list acrylic selections out by category.

Enhancement: Additions of Patient Name/Practice Name Fields to Print Label

Bug Fix: Duplicate Tags within Templates Fix

Prior to this update, when Templates that contained the same Tag were applied to cases, that case would then display duplicates of that Tag. This should now be fixed.

Enhancement: Lab Logo added to Clinical Notification
Now when a Lab account sends a Clinical Notification to one of their Practices, the Lab's logo should display within that Clinical Notification.

Enhancement: Case Status Abbreviation Changed to "CK" for Checked-In and "CP" for Completed

New Part: Habit Crib separated from Appliance

New Part: Basket Spring

July 30

Enhancement: Lab Logo now included in Clinical Notications 
We added the lab logo to the Clinical Notificaiton

Show screen shot

Tweaks, bug fixes etc

New Part: Basket Spring 

July 10

New Enhancement: Template Panel Changes
We've made a few changes to the Template Panel below the Prescription Workspace:

There are two sections:
  1. Practice Assigned Templates - This the list of templates you are used to seeing in this panel. Templates assigned by the selected to the practice display in this section 
  2. All Other Templates: This section shows all available lab templates.  These templates also show in the templates on the left under Templates. 
Also, to make it easier to add a template to a prescription, you can now click on the template name to add the template.

New Enhancement; Filter Cases by Completed / Shipped
For Lab Standard accounts, you can filter cases by Completed / Shipped on the Favorites tab:

New Part: Homeoblock

New Part:  Temporary Crown 
Supports Upper and Lower and placement as needed

New Part: Crimp Surgical Hook
Supports Upper and Lower and placement as needed

New Part: Archwire 

Part Changes

  1. We added mobility to the the 7/8s on the Upper and Lower Lingual Wires
  2. When a TAD is removed, the supporting line is removed
  3. On Scalloped Lingual Retainer,  new "Flip" Part Option added

June 25

Warning message when deleting a Rx
We've added a better warning message when deleting a Rx, including entering the initials of the person deleting the Rx:

Fixes, tweaks and such

  1. We fixed a long-standing issue where "Clear All" did not remove the Template Name from the Prescription.  Now, Template Names are removed when all parts on the template are removed from the Rx.
  2. We made a few changes to our iTero integration to improve connectivity
  3. We fixed an issue with sorting by date on the View STL Print List
  4. We fixed an issue where when a case was marked as "Shipped", the "Completed" status returned errors on the Lab Dashboard
    We've added Aligner Notes to the EasyRx API, for integrations 
  5. The Prescription Option "Show Template" list is checked, on new Lab accounts

New Part: Maryland Bridge

Part Change; Buccal Arm can be extended to the 1s

June 17

Part Changes 

Inman Distalizer 
We added a part option to remove the unilateral left or right via checkboxes

New Part: Soldered Labial Bow w/ Hooks

June 10th

EasyRx 3D
When using the Refinement Tools, we made it easier to change the Size and Depth;  now you can type in the desired measurements.  Or, if you prefer, you can use the slider bar to adjust the measurements. 

We also fixed an issue where long files names would bleed off the 3D canvas

Dolphin Treatment Card Integration Changes
For our Dolphin customers, we've enhanced the Dolphin Treatment Card integration to optionally show when Aligner Batches are Delivered. To enable this feature, go to the Dolphin Integration Setup page: Account Settings -- Third-Party Integrations -- Enable Dolphin Treatment Card Integration 

When enabled the Aligner Batch Deliver Treatment Cared Entry displays

Time Zone Fixes

We fixed a few issues with our recent Time Zone changes, causing dates/times to display incorrectly if the time zone was other than Eastern Time Zone. We also fixed an issue with our 3D Printer integrations caused by these Time Zone changes. 

Big fixe and minor tweaks:
We fixed a formatting issue on the Template Screen

  1. We fixed an issue with the EasyRx Aligner Tracking Sytem where data entered on the Lower would revert to the same information entered on the Upper.
  2. We fixed an issue with Chrome causing intermittent "infinite redirects". 
  3. We fixed an issue with Stats where it returned an error message resulting in a Time Out
May 14 - June 1
From May 14 to June 1, we upgraded a number of our internal technologies to keep our infrastructure current, Recent upgrades include PHP, MySQL and computer services we're using at Amazon AWS.  These upgrades, although not visible in the UX as new enhancements or features are necessary and critical to the technical health of the application long term.  Now that we've finished these upgrades, we can get back to enhancing EasyRx with additional features, refinements and bug fixes.

April 30, 2021

Part Changes

We modified the RPE to allow movement of the bands, without the supporting wire moving with the band.

We added mobility to the 7s (back springs) on the Hilgers Pendulum

We added a new part option "Add Bend" to the Pendulum Spring

We added additional interproximal mobility between 1-7 U/L to the  Distal Finger Spring with option to remove either side. 

New Part: Lingual Holding Arch w/In-Step
In this example, we combined the Lingual Holding Arch w/In-Step with bands on the 6s. 

Spring Loaded Distalizer
The Spring-Loaded Distalizer now supports these movements:

  1. The bands on the U5 are now moveable to the 4s
  2. Bands on 5s can be replaced with Rests for both sides.
  3. Bands on 6s can only remain as bands, but can be moved to 7s.
  4. The center of the appliance, as outlined in the PR sheet, has acrylic in it. 

April 15, 2021

Enhancement: Time Zone Support, Practice Accounts

We've added Time Zone support to practice accounts, to support 3rd part integrations like practice management integrations.  Go to Account Settings to set your time zone.

Area Impacted by time zone:
  1. Practice management integrations, displaying the correct appointment time.
  2. Displaying the time on the status bar
Other fixes:
  1. We fixed an issue where the Lingual C Clasp would disappear are submitting the case
  2. On Lab Enterprise accounts, the Invoices tab can be set to display 100 cases
April 2, 2021

Enhancement:  New view in Stats

For our Standard+3D and Enterprise customers, we added a new view in Stats "Practices".  This View displays practices added for the selected date range. 

The page displays Practice Name, City State, Date Connected, If Pay for Practice is enabled and the number of submitted cases by this practice since connected to your lab.  If you are using Lab Enterprise, their assigned price list displays.  Quick view the practice using View Practice.

Other Tweaks:

  1. We fixed an issue where if a Clincial Notification was denied, you were unable to create a new Clinical Notification 
  2. We fixed an issue where user accounts with Edit Rx disabled, were allowed to click Create Rx from Patient Profile and Edit a Rx
  3. We fixed an issue where the Checkout Button under Actions was not responsive (Lab Enterprise customers)
March 26, 2021

Enhancement: EasyRx Aligner Tracking System
We made a couple of changes to the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System, based on feedback from current users

1. We added a new field "Print Date This Batch", allowing you to see a print date for each aligner batch
2. We replaced Print Date - Next Batch with the new field Print Date - This Batch; the feedback we heard it is more relevant to show the Print Date for the batch being displayed, not for the next batch.

New Feature: Assign Admin Rights to Users (Practice)

You can now assign admin rights to users, given you the flexibility to have more than one admin user on your account.

You must be logged in as the practice's primary admin account (we now refer to this as the superadmin),
To assign rights, click "grant admin" 

Users granted admin rights inherent all admin rights.
Once granted, the individual rights options are hidden since the user now has admin rights.

March 12, 2021

Cloud 9 Integration Changes

We released changes to the Cloud 9 Integration to support integration changes released by Cloud 9. These changes should be transparent to customers.

Part Changes and Enhancements

Part Change: Unilateral Distal Jet w/Bands
We added part movements to the Unilateral Distal Jet w/Bands (R) and (L):

New Part: Deluke Expander

February 26, 2021
New Feature: Custom Print Label Layout
For both practices and labs, we've added a new interface to customize the printed label.

For practices, go to Account Settings -- Practice - Print Label Setup
For labs, go to Configure -- Print Label Setup

Fields available for labels:
  1. Barcode
  2. Patient Name
  3. Doctor
  4. Practice Name
  5. Appt Date
  6. Date Needed
  7. DOB (Date of Birth)
  8. Office
  9. Line Break <br>

Drag the fields from the left column to the right column to customize the label.  Insert the Line Break <br> to insert a line as needed
  1. Set the preferred font size for the label
  2. 3 Label sizes are supported: default, 1 x. 2.5, 2x
  3. Set horizontal and vertical alignment
  4. Check the Preview on the right

New Feature: Create Refinement on Aligner Prescriptions

For Aligner Prescriptions, we added a new option "Request Refinement" to facilitate aligner prescription workflow.

When Request Refinement is selected, the original Rx and the new Refinement Rx are linked, allowing you to easily reference back to the original Rx. It is also more obvious this is a refinement Rx, not a Repair or Remake.

Automated Bracket Removal Refinements
We continue to refine Automated Bracket Removal:
  1. We tweaked Automated Bracket Removal messages when choosing to send or not send scans to ABR.
  2. Undo added.  If you have automatic ABR processing enabled, and you've marked an Rx to not send scans to ABR, you can now undo this by clicking on the Do Not Process ABR link on the Rx

New Feature: Sintered Bands
For labs, we added support of Sintered Bands

Tweaks and Fixes
  1. We fixed an issue where the option to hide the lab's standard pricing was being ignored on the Edit Prescription page.
  2. We improved the styling on the Reset Password view page
  3. Clinical Notifications now support Per Doctor Email Addresses. Clinical Notifications are sent, in order:
    1. Doctor email address, if entered on the doctor profile 
    2. Main practice email address, if the doctor email address is not set
  4. We fixed a few issues with Stats not loading 
  5. We changed how Aligners are counted in Stats, Now:
    1. Upper only returns counts if the Aligner Rx is Upper only
    2. Lower only returns counts if the Aligner Rx is Lower only
    3. Both only returns counts if the Aligner has both upper and lower entered

  6. We fixed a few issues with EasyRx 3D causing errors or a yellow bar to display during processing
  7. We fixed an issue with the Invisalign Tracking Lab where if the lab was a commercial lab, the workflow did not process correctly.
  8. We fixed an issue where on the Patient profile page, the sort options were not working in the file section.
  9. For Lab Enterprise customers, the invoice export option now includes the Lab Number 
  10. We tweaked the drill hole functionality in EasyRx 3D
Part Changes and Additions

Part Changes:  Bilateral Distal Jet

We added options to this part to support removing the Left and Right Gear and add lingual Sheaths

New Part: Flat Habit Crib-

February 7, 2021

Automated Bracket Removal (ABR) File Processing Options 

For customers using Automated Bracket Removal (ABR), we added some options to give you the flexibility to control which files do or do not get processed by Automated Bracket Removal.  If ABR is enabled on your account, a new menu option displays under Account Settings, Automated Bracket Removal (ABR)

When opened, the Automated Bracket Removal (ABR) Options page opens:

Under ABR Processing Type, there are two options:

Scans are sent to ABR automatically unless the prescription or scan is marked not to send

With this option enabled, by default, any scan with brackets is automated evaluated and brackets removed, creating a new STL file with brackets removed.    If there is a prescription or file you don't want ABR to run, you can exclude the Rx or file.

With this option enabled, when creating or editing aRx, the option to No Process ABR is displayed.  By clicking this, scans are not sent to ABR

When viewing a Rx, the option displays on the left menu panel:

When a file is manually uploaded to a patient record, a prompt appears asking if you want block this file from going to ABR:

Click Yes to send the scan to Automated Bracket Removal 
Click No to not send the scan to Automated Bracket Removal

On Demand - Choose which scans are processed by ABR at prescription or individual file level

With this option enabled, scans are not sent to ABR automatically, you must either mark the prescription to send the scans to ABR or mark the file to send to ABR.

With this option enabled, when creating or editing aRx, the option to Request Bracket Removal is displayed.  By clicking this, scans are sent to ABR

When viewing a Rx, the option displays on the left menu panel:

When a file is manually uploaded to a patient record, you can request ABR by clicking the ABR link next to the file:

Select Labs to Not Process Scans

For practices, practicess can also designate certain labs as labs you don't want ABR to run, regardless if the Automatic or On-Demand Option is enabled. For example, you may be using a Tracker lab and don't want ABR to run on any scans sent to your tracker lab. Or you may wish to only have ABR run on scans sent to your In-House lab, not to any commercial lab you send cases.   

Check the box next to the lab you don't want ABR to run

Updates to the EasyRx Universal Libary of Parts and Appliances

New Part: Peak Retainer

New Part: Distalizing Lingual Wire

New Part: Double Recurve Spring w/Double Helix

New Part:  Double Hook Rest (VLP Expander)

Part Changed: Soldered C-Clasp supports movements to quadrants

January 8, 2021

Enhancement:  Scan Type shows on iTero Recent Scans Screen
The scan type now displays on the iTero Recent Scans page:

Other tweaks and enhancements
-You can now print the patient's date of birth on the printed Rx.  To enable, go to Account Settings.

-We fixed an issue with the validation link on new practice signups
-For Lab Enterprise customers, we now any Rx Comments on the CheckIn Page

-For Orthotrac Office customers, the Office - EasyRx integration now supports integrating with 2 Orthotrac databases from one EasyRx account.  Please contact Support for more information. 

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