EasyVid Video Series: EasyRx 3D Edit Videos

            Welcome to the awesome EasyRx 3D Edit EasyVid Video Series
            These videos will guide you on how to use nifty cloud-based EasyRx 3D Edit software to open, view, trim, base, label, and save your STL files/digital models.

            • EasyRx 3D Edit is included for Practice Standard and Practice Premium accounts. 
            • For labs, it's included on Lab Standard, Lab Premium, and Lab Enterprise. 
            • EasyRx 3D Edit requires the Firefox Browser.  Here is a link to the Firefox installer:  Firefox Installer
            • EasyRx 3D is only supported on 64 Bit Machines (Not compatible with 32 Bit)
            • We also suggest adding a firewall and anti-virus exception to the EasyRxOrtho.com web handle, some anti-virus/malware programs that do live scanning will slow down / cause performance issues on the 3D Edit feature so please have your IT address this if you experience issues. 
            We recommend watching these videos in order for best learning experience. Grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and get your binge-watch on.  

            Have a questions or need clarification: Call us at 1-888-340-3751 x2 M-F 8am - 8pm EST

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            We recommend installing EasyFS (short for EasyFiling System) to give you seamless access to your files. You can review this guide here. 

            Current EasyRx 3D EasyVids:

            • What EasyRx 3D Edit does in a nutshell
            • Where to access the EasyRx 3D Edit software
            • Get Familiar with the EasyRx 3D interface
            • How to trim models/STL files
            • How to add regular and hollow bases
            • How to add labels to your models
              • adding label to teeth for slick looking aligner series numbers!
            • What the cutting plane tool does
            • Where to access the cutting plane
            • Positioning / adjusting the cutting plane
            • Naming the file after editing
            • How saving works
            • Where to access your saved STL files
            • Using EasyFS to quickly access saved files from different workstation

            Updated: 21 Mar 2018 04:56 AM
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