How can an EasyRx user can connect with my lab?

            This guide will quickly explain to you how an EasyRx customer can connect with your Lab in EasyRx and a little on how the process works on the lab side!

            Just to quickly recap: A practice that uses EasyRx has the ability to send labs a "Connection Request" before they are able to start submitting cases to that lab (think of Facebook how you send a friend request before connecting to a person). They only need to do this once. Once you approve their request, they are permanently able to submit to your lab unless they remove your lab from their Connected Labs list. 

            The only instance where send a connection request to your lab is not required is if your lab Invites a new Practice to create their EasyRx account, it will automatically connect them from your invite once they create their account. You can see how to invite your practice here. 

            For an existing EasyRx practice user, he's the process:
            A practice using EasyRx must Login to their EasyRx account as their administrator / main user. Their "user accounts" do not retain the ability to connect with new labs. 

            After logging in, they need to click on [labs] on their practice dashboard as shown below. 

            Once on the [labs] page, they will scroll down to their EasyRx Connected labs list. This shows them all labs that accept cases through EasyRx, they simply need to search your lab name or go through the pages to find your lab. Once your lab name is found, they will click [Connect to this lab]

            Note: If your customer is logged in as a User Account, they will not see a list of other labs to connect with. You will want to advise them to login from their main/administrator login.

            This will immediately initiate a request sent to your lab inside of your EasyRx Lab account. You may also get an email and/or desktop pop up alert if you've setup an Alert Notification to receive these. You can read about how to review/setup new alerts here

            You may then login to your EasyRx lab account and from your main dashboard you can see the pending connection request and either Approve or Deny that practice(s) connection request-- letting you control who your lab does business with inside of EasyRx! 

            Helpful hints: EasyRx makes it simple to market your labs to new and existing customers! If you haven't done so, send us your lab logo and website so we can add it to our EasyRx Connected Labs page! 

            If you've negotiated paying for your customers EasyRx fees, you can enable the nifty "Pay for practice" feature that is available to all EasyRx labs! 

            If you or your customer need extra help, buzz us at 1-888-340-3751 x2 or support@easyrxortho.com
            Updated: 15 Nov 2018 05:44 AM
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