How to Add a New User to my account and Set Permissions

            User Accounts is a feature in EasyRx that allow your lab/practice to create individual logins for your staff. This allows those users to send/receive messages via our new Message Center, have their own account to login with instead of using your administrator login, and for you to be able to add a layer of accountability to your staff's EasyRx usage. 

            User accounts are also important for Alert Notifications. You can read about what Alert Notifications are here. 

            Practices: In your account you can create and manage an unlimited number of user accounts. User accounts are individual logins that are linked to your EasyRx portal. This is a great way to track clinicians and other staff who might need to edit, create, or change prescriptions. 

            Login information is tracked in a prescription's revision history, so with these accounts, you can give view and hold your users accountable for their changes. Permissions can be set per user for certain functions.

            To access the accounts navigate to your accounts setting by clicking on your name dropdown at the top right corner of the screen, then choose account settings.  Click "user accounts" to create another account. 

            Only the main/admistrator login of your Easyrx account can add/edit User Accounts. 

            Then click [Create new Clinician Account] 

            The accounts do not have to be strictly for clinicians, they can be for Front Desk, your In-House lab staff, or anyone else needing a seperate login.

            Here are the following fields to fill

            First Name: Staff members first name the user account is for

            Last Name: Staff members last name the user account is for

            Email Address: This will be the USERNAME / Login email. 
            Be sure the staff member is able to login to this email, we will send a validation link after you save this that they will need to access. Password reset requests for their account will also be sent to this email.

            Status: Clicking [Active] is the same as showing the account will be active to log into. Clicking [Inactive] is the same as disabling/blocking the login
            If a staff member leaves the practice, you will want to [edit] their user account and mark their account is [Inactive]. This prevents them from, for example, going home and logging into EasyRx if they've left your practice/quit. Keeping your account secure from unauthorized entry. 

            You will have the ability to create an account with five types of permissions:

            Edit Prescriptions: This allows the user to both CREATE and EDIT Lab Prescriptions. Most of the time this should be enabling unless the person the account is for should ONLY be able to view cases already saved or submitted. This is usually enabled for anyone needing to work with lab slips.

            Edit EasyComments: This will allow the user to edit the "EasyComments" you've setup. We suggest leaving this unchecked unless the user is someone who you feel should help manage your overall EasyRx account. Read about EasyComments here. 

            Edit Templates: This allows the user to edit the names / drawings / information inside of your [templates] tab at the top of your account. Templates are the foundation of all your most commonly submitted Rxs so we suggest this not be checked unless the user is managing your EasyRx account.

            Finances: This allows the user to see EasyRx Invoices that are generated from labs that are invoicing customers for their appliances. Only some EasyRx connected labs have this capability so you may not get invoices from your lab through EasyRx--they may still mail or email them to your office. If you work with a lab that is on our Enterprise Lab plan  (Meaning they generated invoices to customers) then this user will have the ability to view/download them. 

            In House Lab: This is a very limited login where the user will ONLY be able to [View] lab Rx's sent only to the In-House lab. They cannot Create or Edit Rxs, access any account settings, or edit templates or EasyComments. Checking this will automatically uncheck the above options. If you have a lab tech needing to process in house cases and also create/edit Rxs, just leave this unchecked and instead check the [Edit Prescriptions] function. All users by default can access the [in house lab] area of EasyRx. 

            Be sure to click [save] when done.

            Once you click save, EasyRx generates an automatic email to the email address you listed for the user. 

            Please have the user check their email for a Validation email from EasyRx. They will need to click the link inside, which will allow them to setup their password for the first time.

            Please also check your Junk/Spam folders. The email is sent within 30 seconds so it shouldn't take long. If you did not get the validation email, email us at support@easyrxortho.com or call 1-888-340-3751 x2

            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 12:30 AM
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