Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2019

            April 15
            Dolphin Management Treatment Card Integration Changes
            We've added options to show or hide the EasyRx Comments in the Dolphin Treatment Card. On the 3rd Party Integration tab, in the Enable Dolphin Treatment Card Integration section, you will see these options

            You can enable / disable as preferred.

            NOTE: The changes impacts already enabled integrations.

            Program Changes

            More Part Categories Added
            We've added more Categories to support the expanding library of dental parts we are adding.  You will now see

            1. Dentures
            2. General Dental
            3. Implants
            4. Restorative
            When working from the Saved tab, if you delete a Rx, the page now returns to the Saved Tab. Previously, it returned to the Submitted Tab
            We disabled auto fill on the Create Rx One Page Form
            We fixed an issue where template comments did not save when applied from a template

            New Parts
            Ripple Plus

            March 25

            Program Changes 
            For Dolphin Management customers, a Comment entry is now displayed when a prescription is marked as Received back from the lab. Comment entries are now displayed when the case is submitted, received and delivered to the patient

            Program Fixes
            1. We fixed an issue inadvertently where the "state of the sort" was not saved when viewing a Rx and hitting the back button.  
            2. We fixed an issue where "Show 100" on the Dashboard, running Internet Explorer, did not show the proper number of records
            3. If a staff person is deleted, they are now longer removed from any previous Rxs. The staff record is now marked as inactive; it can't be selected on new prescriptions, but is not removed from historical Rxs. 
            New Parts

            AdvancSynch M2M  now supports moving the bands to the 5s. 

            Braided Lingual Retainer w / Tray

            I-Bar and Y-Clasp
            We continue to expand our dental parts library. The I-Bar and Y-Clasp have been added. Each can be moved to any tooth, upper and lower

            March 11 

            Program Changes
            1. We worked on the readability of the printout of the lab dashboard
            1. For labs, if the security flag Disable CheckIn Prescriptions is checked, the user can't do "Written CheckIn".

            New Parts

            Mesial, Distal, Buccal and Lingual Rest Seat

            For AOA Customers, the Memotain can now be moved to the Upper

            Mara movement changes
            The Mara can now be moved 4,5, 6 and 7 upper and lower

            February 21

            The Received Filter is now defaulted to No on the Checked In, Shipped and Completed tab:

            For a Lab users, we added two new security rights to the Clerical login:

            • Disable Check-In Prescriptions.

              If this option is checked, the user can't Check-In Prescriptions 

            • Disable Mark Cases as Shipped
              If this option is checked, the user can't Mark cases as shipped

            Practice Management Integration Changes

            For our  Dolphin / Ortho2 / topsOrtho customers, we've adding a information message when manually adding patients, to avoid the risk of creating duplicate patients. 


            • We fixed an issue with with EasyFS where if two files with the same caused EasyFS to open the wrong file
            • We fixed a issue where the Resets Diagram could show the incorrect tooth numbers in certain situations
            • We fixed an issue where showing 8s on Appliances was not working properly
            • We've added the Lab Logo to the printed prescription form 

            New Parts

            Prezurve - Upper and Lower 

            We have added the Prezurve Upper and Lower part to the AOA Parts Library 

            Distal Finger Close 

            Rest Seats 

            We've added 4 new dental parts as we expand our library of Dental Parts:

            • Distal Rest Seat
            • Mesial Rest Seat
            • Lingual Rest Seat
            • Buccal Rest Seat

            Full Denture - Upper and Lower 

            January 25

            iTero Scan Status now displayed on Recent Scans List

            To provide more information on the status of iTero scans, the scan status is now displayed on the Recent Scans List.  If the Status is Completed, the scan is ready for download. If the scan is not ready, for example, a Ortho Modelling scan, it displays Ortho Modelling.  The integration can not download Ortho Modelling scans until they are complete, which sometimes takes 2 or 3 days.

            Need by default sort order changed

            We changed the default sort order on the Needed Soon tab so the cases due sooner are at the top of the list by default.  Previously, the default was to show to cases furthest out by default.

            URL now displays on Lab Accounts 

            The URL link added to prescriptions now displays on all lab accounts, allow lab users to view, click and edit the URLs:

            FDI Tooth Numbering System

            We've added some of the FDI Tooth Numbering System, for our international users:

            You can enable this for the entire practice or for specific doctors.  Go to Account Menu -- Account Settings -- Account Options --> Default Tooth Numbering System to set for the practice. Go to Account Menu -- Account Settings -- Profile -- Edit Doctors to set the default by doctor.

            GB used now displayed on Billing Page (Practices)

            Other Fixes and minor tweaks:

            • We continue to work on performance.  We introduced a few changes to (hopefully) improve loading speed on the Lab Dashboards
            • We added another ITero Integration Server to handle the increase in iTero scans being attached to Prescriptions. 
            • We fixed a bug with the EasyRx -- MoonRay / SprintWare integration.   If you are having trouble with the MoonRay integration, reachout to the Support Team and they can help you install the new EasyRx Web Extension 
            • We fixed a bug where the "right ribbon" sidebar was printing by mistake on practice accounts
            • We added more data validation to the Date Needed field on Lab Enterprise accounts, prevening 00/00/0000 dates from being entered when doing Written CheckIn
            • We added a Credit Card update screen that automatically displays if the CC on file fails twice.  
            • We made a few tweaks to the EasyRx -- MagicTouch integration 
            • A bounce message is now displayed when a Alert Notification fails due to a invalid email address. You are instructed how to correct the issue in the message.
            • When using the One Page Rx form, if you attempt to submit a case and any comments have not been saved, you are now warned to save and submit or cancel and edit the comment


            New Parts:

            4 Banded RPE without Lingual Arms


            January 8

            New Screen Mark Cases as Rec/Dec
            To make it easier and faster to mark several cases as received or delivered, we've added a new tab to the Practice Dashboard, Mark Cases as Rec/Del.  This screen allows you to select multiple cases that need to be marked as Received or Delivered.    

            Check the box next to the cases you wish to mark as received or delivered and click the appropriate button. If you are multi location, when mark cases as received, you'll be prompted to select the location.  

            Patterson Eaglesoft Integration -  Beta

            We are very excited to begin initial beta testing of our new Patterson Eaglesoft Integration. The integration links Eaglesoft with EasyrRx, Using the integration, you can 
            • Create Patients
            • Open existing patients
            • Easily Create Rx for patients

            Please contact us if you are a Eaglesoft customer and are interested in beta testing!
            Template Comment Displayed
            Template comments added to a patient prescription when a template is applied now show "Template Comment". Previously, the date the comment was added to the template displayed, which was confusing:

            We added a Print Button to the In-House Lab Dashboard

            For labs, we now display the Practice Note when Viewing or Editing a Rx:

            We fixed an issue on the Practice Dashboard with filtering on location.
            The Location filter is filtering on Ship To Location, but the Location column being displayed in the Appt Location.  It can appear as if the wrong information is begin displayed if the Ship To and Appt Location are different.  For example, in this screen shot, the Location filter is set to Woodstock, which is the Shop To location, but the patients Appt Office is Atlanta.   To help clarify, we changed the label to Appt Office:'

            All Practice accounts can now mark Standard Price to hide by default
            All practice accounts now have access to the new option Hide Standard Price.  It can be found on the Account Options page

            When this option is enabled, the Standard Price is hidden when Editing or Viewing a Prescription.  This allows you to show the page to the patient without displaying the lab pricing.

            Other Program Fixes and Refinements
            • We made some changes to loading of the Practice Dashboard to improve how the Dashboard loads
            • We fixed an issue where not all records were printing when printing from the Main Dashboard
            • We fixed an issue where when printing for the Needed Soon tab, the Delivered column was not printing
            • We fixed an issue with Show 10/50/100 on the Template page, which the show 10 would show every template on one page
            • We fixed an issue where Cases marked as received did not show on the different tabs on the left side of the Dashboard.
            • We fixed an issue where the Create Rx button in the iTero Recent Scans page opened the 3 page Create Rx Form instead of the One Page Rx From
            • We fixed an issue where when Create Rx is opened from the Patient page, the Bill To option did not display if submitting the case to a Enterprise lab
            • We made it more clear the Date Needed is empty if a case fails to submit due to a invalid Date Needed 
            • We fixed an issue with the iTero integration where cases failed to attach if in OrthoModeling Status
            • We fixed an issue where the Saved tab was displaying all saved cases, but the count was on showing count for saved cases last 30 days
            • For Practice Premium customers, we added the count of submitted cases to the In-House lab on the Billing page
            Parts and Appliances 

            Motion Essix:
            We added a Motion Essix which is a Essix with a movable cut-out .

            If you want to checkout last years work, visit the Software Enhancements, Updates and Bug Fixes - 2018 KB 

            Updated: 15 Apr 2019 11:29 AM
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