Adding and Linking Patients via Practice Management Integrations

            When launching EasyRx from certain practice management software products, like Dolphin, Ortho2 or topsOrtho, EasyRx takes the information passed from the practice management software and either finds the patient in EasyRx or adds a new patient record in EasyRx. 

            Patient exists in EasyRx
            The patient record opened is found in EasyRx, EasyRx opens the edit a patient screen. From here you can view the prescription history, create a Rx or attach a STL file and so forth:

            Patient not found in EasyRx:
            -If the patient is not found, the following screen is displayed.  This will happen if the patient is manually added to EasyRx from the Add Patient button in EasyRx.

            From this screen you can connect to an existing patient or create a new patient

            If the patient does exist in EasyRx, but EasyRx was unable to automatically link to the patient, you can manually link the patient.  Click [Select Patient] under Connect Patient Records, lookup the patient and click [Connect]:

            This will link the patient record in the practice management software with the patient record in EasyRx. Going forward, the patient record will open automatically when opened using the integration. 

            If the patient does not exist in EasyRx, click [Create] to add the patient.  EasyRx will add the patient record and update the fields in EasyRx.  And link the patient record in the practice management software with the patient record in EasyRx

            Once the patient is manually linked or added, EasyRx opens to the Edit Patient screen.

            For more information on the Dolphin integration, click here:  Dolphin Integration KB
            Fore more information on the Ortho2 Integration, click here: Ortho 2 Edge Integration KB

            Updated: 11 Feb 2019 06:20 AM
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